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Friday, November 16, 2012

Back to basics.

Sometimes...well, oftentimes, I do things backwards, and it takes time to realize it. You know, when I take on a running client, I set him/her up with base miles, build the strength phase, endurance, speed, put it all together...As someone who had been competitively racing for a dozen years, I have this either obnoxious idea of "rules need not apply", or a simple fear of loosing (fitness, desire, goals, body composition...) so rarely give myself a break. I remember when Scott Jurek, the best coach I ever had, told me that he, himself, takes 4-8 weeks of not running  - practically at all, or at least nothing long and/or hard. What do I do? Finish a race, and as soon as my feet can feel the ground, get into a swing of things right back.

 And it always - always! - catches up to me. Past summer, after having quite a recovery (almost seemed that my endocrine system went on strike and shut down) from Blackhills 100, I only sat back 6 days. That is less than a week. I decided, you know, Texas, summer, I won't be going long...but I'll be going hard. Like that's done any good!

So I trained, and trained, and all the way into the end of September was having a great time at it, with my feet turn over improving, distance elongating...and then I got some breathing problem, and then I went on elimination diet, and then I rolled into personal kaboom, and running stalled.

Well, good! Life is always ready to give you lessons, no matter how many times you thought you learned!

Last week I ran every day. Not long, nothing specific, but ran. Some days were better than others.

Then my older son came to visit, kind of on emergency, and I missed couple of days, and now am running, again. I decided to simply build my base. I was the one who always said that consistency is the key to improvement. So, I run, every day. There are times I feel like an elephant, and with dark hours here and the need to use headlamp on rocky Austin trails I often feel like a drunk cow too. But I run, meeting sunrise over Hill Country's horizon, or seeing the light fade away into the trees...and I let myself feel it, and not judge it. I am extremely happy I can do that - just run, and running is, once again, my sanity keeper. Sometimes we train, sometimes we use it for our mental health, sometimes for physical...

With falling off the Whole30 and hanging a few days close around, I, while being overwhelmed by life, made some crucial choices not good for my body, and got yet another, lesson - hard. The reaction (may be due to being clean inside for quite some time) was brutal and sent me to curls and cries. So, I am cleaning it up again. Seems that for me, it's not Whole 30 (days) - it's Whole Life. And now that I know how it feels when it gets only what is positively enhancing my body, it rejects everything else violently. So, I need to re-focus and figure out how to make adjustments - not for a short period of time, but for good.

I am still planning to go to TN and participate in Lookout Mt 50M - with not a single run of any "longish" distance since September. I am hoping my experience and my body's memory will carry me through - and how fast or slow I truly don't care. I am looking forward, even more so, to it now, than I was when registered. There is a lesson somewhere there too...

Enjoy a few shots of my kids - where did the time go? They will be 22 and 17 on December 9th...
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Danni said...

But don't be too hard on yourself, even if it's for always being hard on yourself :-)

Carilyn said...

We like to run, so we keep doing it eve pen if we need a break - I completely understand you. Sounds like your working it out with yourself. And love the pics of your kids - they look like handsome young men!

Julie said...

Do they have the same birthday? You have two gorgeous boys. Have fun at Lookout Mt. You have the right attitude and will have fun and do well!

Gretchen said...

I had a similar reaction after my whole 30 ended - 2 days of still eating on the plan except wine with dinner, coffee with breakfast and two desserts. I immediately came down with a cold and my stomach pains from the summer returned. I am crushed. I am still about 90% on whole 30 now but afraid I will have to go back to 100% for longer than just 30 days to really heal my innards. I can't even run right now, so be sure you enjoy every mile and appreciate your health! (But don't overdo it. Time off my dear, time off! Not a bad thing when it's by choice and not forced by injury.) Keep it up, Olga! You're a great inspiration.

Olga King said...

Cheap mom, obedient younger child (was!) - set in extra 10 days. One birthday for years:)

Olga King said...

I hear you, Gretchen! I hope it all works for both of us. Rest, yes! God knows, sometimes it's good for us:)

Erin Earle said...

I have done so much reading on the Whole30....just not sure it is right for me, as a vegetarian. I DO know that I have a major sugar problem which needs attention. :(
I admire your strength and honesty Olga! Hang in there.... :)

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

Great to see the photos of you and your boys! :-) Good luck getting back on your plan. Sometimes just being strict 80 or 90% of the time works. But of course, if you have an allergy or true intolerance then 100% is the way to go. I know you can do it!

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