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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Last training week for the season?

I am torn between being excited I am practically done with structured training for races - and sad at the same time. It is always a weird feeling. Structure defines me in my daily life. I need a goal, a plan, an attitude that I can do it, and I am good to go. It is safe for me, to have a routine. I turn to it (routine and structure) when things go sideways and I am facing difficulties in any way, shape or form. That's why taking time off after a season had always been a problem for me. Heck, taking time off and laying on the beach for a day is a problem for me! But after a break-down last year, I decided I'll build in a break before it catches up to me. Interestingly, I feel it was a perfect timing, as it IS catching up. I can blame the general business, but I am never NOT busy - this is just a lifestyle I long for, operate best in, ever since I was a teenager (simply don't remember much from before in terms of routine). If I don't wake up in the morning and instead of heading out the door get (much needed) extra hour of sleep - my whole day feels like it's going to garbage. So I wake up. And within first 5 minutes of activity I am happy I did...

RRCA was awesome. A weekend of 8 hrs a day to be with like-minded individuals and talk running is almost as heavenly wonderful as running 8 hrs a day itself:) 99% of information was known - and 80% of information was already used by me, but it is always, always good to have reminders, and the woman who lead a seminar was delightful in her speaking ability. I do have to say that by Sunday now I was pretty exhausted and collapsed once home (which lasted for all of 10 minutes before I had to get back into chores of life). There is so much to do, so so many opportunities and possibilities!

Speaking of built-in break and the safety of routines, I visited Coach Mo and his partner Coach Drew. You know what happened within 2 minutes of conversation? Mo worked with Joe Prusaitis and his groups a few years back! You'd think our small pond of ultrarunners and their small pond of body builders have nothing in common - but here you go, crossing paths, sharing love for fitness and for helping others figure it out. Both Joe and Mo spoke highly of each other and Mo got a boost in my eyes as a coach. Connections are like that:) I am scared of what lies ahead and excited to test my own limits in such a new way.

In a meantime, it's still training. Checked off mile repeats last week, 1200's this week, Larry and I put a long run in on Friday at 3:30am - yes, you read it right, with a weekend overbooked, you do what you've got to do. While I ran covering ground in a neighborhood, he ventured to State Capitol, leaving me salivating over a picture he texted. Next time, I am in to see this beauty in a nightlight! It's been a cold front here, in Austin, and I enjoyed (LOVED!) some 50's for the day - and 40's for the eerie morning hours. A couple of workouts, a couple of easy runs - and off to San Diego, on a single track of PCT, to be free for some 10 hrs of running through wonderful views with awesome people...Short recovery, backpacking trip to AZ - and taper for OD100. Told ya, my training is nearing its end...my life, though, never stops.

A teaser of what Texas is...at times and in places:)


  1. Good luck Olga! You will do great!

  2. have fun Olga! I can't wait to do OD someday...

  3. No one could ever say you don't live life to the fullest! Best of luck for your end of season races!

  4. Good luck Olga, I am excited for your next adventure too.

    I am the same, can't sit still. Need to be doing something or I just feel useless. Gift of curse, depends on who you ask I suppose. No matter, clearly you operate well when busy. Keep it up.

  5. Anonymous15/5/11 11:51

    Congrats on your win at PCT!!!