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Monday, June 15, 2009

Alive, but hardly kicking.

Pardon my silence. Had no inspiration to post. I mean, I'd think of things while on the run, but the time is such an issue these days, by the time I get around the blog - I don't want to write. And I always told you I don't like to post just for the sake of posting. Every minute counts. Even now my boss has me on a short leash:)

After putting 6 weeks of 80's I am officially tired. What is ridiculous. Usually April and May go around 100's and I am fine. But, unlike Ronda, who had a small dip with her inner athlete, I let my inner athlete to go away for a year of sabbatical. So, nobody to talk to. I am just tired overall. Last week I finally gave in, took 3 days off, and with 26M in the Gorge hardly managed 52 total. But - Gorge is in the picture every week, even if not nearly as long as it used to be in years prior. May be also my body rebels because for the previous 4 years I had a June 100M to do, and by now should be kicking my feet up. What they (my feet) decided to do on their own.

So, I slogged today like I had them (legs) filled with lead. All I could do just laugh at myself. Then again, Bushwhacker always hikes/powerwalks last 3 weeks before HR100 anyway, since it is a Hard Walk, so who cares whether I run now or not. I am pretty confident, banned unforeseen circumstances, I am capable of finishing this thing in CO at 2 mile high. And that's all I want this year.

Since it's not like I will get anymore time (or inspiration) soon, I am just going to let you know that, with one more Gorge run left in me, I am off following Thursday driving to sunny CA, visit my friend Rick in San Francisco, then we are driving to Squaw Valley for the Big Dance, where I plan on making first 20-25M of the course "sweeping style" with my friend Jacki, then joining Bob for crewing Dave James (a top 10 hopeful, rumor is, I got "hired" because I yell tough at people when they decide to slack on - too bad it's not working on me, ha!), then after he is done (17 hrs?) I am back at Green Gate to pace my friend Howie last 20 miles. Then it's party time in a hot field at Placer High.
Coffee in hand (and lots of it) - on the road again, this time all the way to Silverton. Course marking and scouting, Hardrock Camp, beer and open mountains...and time to line up. Honestly, I want it to be right now, but since it's not happening, might as well enjoy my way before that:)

I'd share more, but really, folks, Talk Less! I am finally following my own advice, or at least half of it:)

See ya in a month or so, may be! No promises!


  1. You're sweeping at WS? I sure hope I don't see you on the course. I'll look for you at the pre-race stuff instead.

    Safe travels!

  2. See you in a couple of weeks up at Squaw. If you are crewing a 17-hour finisher, I definitely won't be seeing you out on the course!

  3. Yikes I hope I don't see you until the party in the field!!!

    The nice thing about being you is that you can be lax and let your inner athlete kick back and snooze and still come out strong and steady.

  4. Sorry you're so tired .. I've been there and just hate that feeling. Have fun at Western States and we'll be rooting for you at HR!

  5. Olga, look for my friend Lynn at HR...if he doesn't get in via waiting list he will probably pace Joe P. Good grace out there...

  6. Then it's party time in a hot field at Placer High.
    Ya Baby :-)

    HR coming fast now huh...well look forward to seeing you and doing some crew butt kicking, we are going to have some good laughs!

    See ya soon!

  7. Yours was one of the first blogs I secretly admired. Well, admired period, let alone secretly. :) So it is apropos that you would leave me my first comment back. Thank you, dear. And can I just say that my summer absolutely looks drop dead boring now that I've read about your plans? It makes me feel good just reading about all you have in store, though. Run more, live more, laugh more...but please don't talk less. >:)

  8. You have so many adventures to look forward to in a few weeks. One huge road trip for you. Geez, I just wish July would hurry and and get here and not just the beginning of the month, but the whole month! ;) "Talk Less!"? You're kidding, right?
    -signed, your very excited HR pacer

  9. See you in Silverton. It should be a ball.

  10. I knew something was missing - Olga posts !!! I'm glad you are back to posting

  11. What a great road trip! I wish I was going to either WS or HR--you're lucky to get to experience both! You're ready--80 mile weeks are plenty--means you'll be slightly more rested and healthy.

  12. Maybe your time with Bob and I will bring a little more life in your legs. Bob is always funny and I'm always about moving as slow as possible when not racing, "What the freakin hurry, where's the fire?!" Oh good times, good times. I can't wait to see the both of you.

  13. Olga talks tough to tired people? Say it ain't so! Really?
    Olga, this close to HR, there's nothing you can do to get stronger and faster. You should just keep the circulation going. Decelerate. Do some so-called junk-miles. Make sure your resting heart rate is bottomed out before the race.
    I may skip the Leadville marathon just to get to HR on time. Ya know... To talk tough to your tired ass.

  14. Wow! What a month in store for you! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  15. Hi Olga!

    I bet you get just the right amount of rest during this "tired period" to make you rock at HR and helping out at WS. I might go up and see some of WS so maybe I'll see you there!

  16. Have a wonderful time at HR!! I'm so jealous! You will do great, Olga. I will see you at States. Have fun pacing Dave! You guys better be ready to fly with the crewing duties. I know he will do great. I am pacing and so I just might see you up there. Hope so.

  17. Anonymous29/6/09 00:27

    Olga, thanks for everything you are the best, sorry i didnt listen to you more on friday. good luck at Hardrock! You are going to do great! Stay in touch -- rundavejames@yahoo.com

  18. Olga,

    Lovely to see you and your crazy self last weekend! Enjoy your time in the San Juan Mountains!




    YES you are a HARDROCKER Baby!!

    Way to Go !!

  20. Anonymous13/7/09 20:36

    How was Hardrock?

  21. Can't wait to read your perspective, even though it may be a few days, since you're still on the road trying to make it back to Oregon.

    Awesome to watch you gut it out and glad we are both alive after the midnight lightning and hail storm that almost took us both out for good on top of Porcupine Ridge. Made the lightning and hail storm on Grant-Swamp Pass not seem so bad even though that was very scary, too.

    Very proud of you... !

  22. Read your post and was in awe! Intuitively get how busy you have been with LIFE and how you have no time to post to your blog, read this one. took it in and thought about it. All I can say is You Rock!!! Maybe one of these days I will get it together and at least finish a 50m in the flatlands....I love the San Juans...I just love it in those mountains....

    You Go Olga!!!!!!