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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wake up!

I slept for a very long time...like, almost a year? But Insane Grey gave me some hope. If I could pull off a rocky climbing 50 miler on lollygagging, I am probably still OK. I guess, as always, I have two things going for me - endurance and experience. Don't you think we often underestimate the condition we are in in regards to regular person? I honestly often say "50 miler is nothing", and I don't mean to be mean or obnoxious. Don't take me wrong, to race a 50 miler, or a 50k, or a marathon - it's hard. But to "do" such thing, well, not so much. You just need to be patient, know your body, eat and drink smart and adjust to the terrain. No rocket science...

I am so proud of myself today. I went to the track! I haven't been to the track since last June, what makes it a year. I promised myself a way too many times this season to get my ass there, but I never did. Today I had a dentist appointment at 7am, and what do you think - I made it to the track before that! My best strategy has always been giving myself a lee-way out. I'll just jog over there. I am here, now I'll just jog around a track once. Now I'll just make one lap without a bottle and see how it goes, and as long as it is under (whatever not a small number) time, I am fine. Well, I did it 3 more times, and all times were 9 seconds under "allowed". That was good. That was same as when I did it last year, granted, last year it was 3 months before May. But, whatever. I am awake...

I even made it to the gym last week and this week for a super-heavy workout. Another one after a long break...over a month I haven't squeezed a dumbbell. I was so sore last week, I was hobbling for 2 days in a row! But today, after Monday's attack, I am feeling well. Heck, I even made it to the track! :)

I was feeling perky on Saturday run, somewhat medium distance, much perkier than the previous 3 days. And on Sunday...oh, on Sunday Gail and I went to the Gorge, and instead of "prepared plan for miles" we wandered...trails I haven't been to since last summer. The snow is gone on most of them, we'd just get on a trail "to check it out", go for as long as it's clear (or until we come upon a washed out bridge with raging water flowing) - and turn around. We wandered so long, I put 1.5 hrs extra of what I thought I would. It was awesome, just the core of why we do it - no certain ideas what's next, drinking water from the creeks and sharing food. And yes, of course, talking...

You loose some, you win some. Life's circle. Oleg's Father died last week. It was a long fight and the end was expected - in fact, Oleg was there for 2 weeks, but it is never easy. Stephen took it pretty hard. This Grandpa was a fun Grandpa. He'll be remembered as such...On Saturday Stephen won a boxing fight. He hasn't had a match in 7 months due to all this weight-age-bouts thing, and even this time in Eugene it might have not happen - the other kid was 10 lbs heavier. But we begged, and ate some more and drunk water to put an extra pound (have I mentioned Stephen had 5 teeth pulled out that week?)...and he faced "the music". My knees were buckling under me watching it - I was so nervous. After the first round it was scary Stephen may loose. But he is my kid. You know, the "second half runner". He got himself together and attacked - and every punch was delivered to the destination. It was crazy. It was practically professional. With all the rural folks who came over for entertainment to watch it and screaming "Go, Stephen, go, blue!" - my God, "crewing" is so demanding...and so rewarding. I am so proud of him. So, so much...

MacDonald Forest 50k this weekend...another early start. You win a little, loose a bit. I am ok with an early start. I like to finish when there still lots of food left:) You pick your battles. I picked mine.


  1. Like I said about ZG, I was expecting you to come around the bend and tap me on the shoulder. I had no doubts. Of course, now, I'm training even harder for the next dance at the end of this month. I know I'll be trying to hang with uphill and downhill Bitch. You had awesome 400 times today! I know this past week has been a tough one. It's life and you seem to adapt exceptionally well. It's all life and you live it well!

  2. There's no doubt that you require very little to jump back into racing rather than just finishing -- since you can finish in your sleep!

    Sorry to hear about grandpa :( Boxing is fun though.

  3. Insane Gray! LOL
    With my injuries not liking speed, ZG50 was actually easier than the simple 50k I have coming up on smooth trail.
    You're getting your legs back. Won't be long and i'll be struggling to keep up with you.

  4. Yes, sweet Olga, ya' still got it!!

    Love Stephen's victory picture.

  5. Wow, Stephen is really growing up - not that skinny little guy anymore. He's stockier and muscled up. Watch out Olga, he's growing up on you!

    I'm sorry to hear about Oleg's Dad. Even when it's expected it's hard. And hard to watch your children grieve. The flip side of grieving though, is love...and that he got to know his Grandpa and has memories to cherish.

    Keep on moving through life Olga - in that great Olga-style!

  6. Love the post!!

    Good luck at the 50k and also good job hitting that track. I hit it today and that makes it 2 weeks in a row. That is pretty much a record for me.

  7. Why are you taking the early start at Mac? I need you to be my pacer! And don't eat all the food at the finish for us back of the packers!!! See ya there.

  8. Olga,
    No doubt you are a great runner; you can tackle wonderfully long distances and get so much out of the scenery, the experience and the physical challenge.

    Also, recenttly I have loved hearing about how you still get along with Oleg's family. As you know SR and I were both married before and isn't it so important to have positive ties to the past (especially when kids are involved)? Just glad to read about your experience with that.