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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My friends

I love my friends!!! What would I do without them? These pictures are taken at Monika and Stan's early Christmas party. I went resourceful with my family's presents (Stan says: it's the thought that counts, we, in Russia, say: poor people can be very resourceful. So I was.) Hope they like it when they open it up.

I've been running some. I ran to work on Tuesday, went to the gym on Wed, and then ran my boxing loop (Stephen is back to boxing since soccer season is over) that night. 7 miles of non-stop running, no matter how slow, on roads, proved that I am a Queen of "too much, too soon". On Thursday morning my hip was hurting, and the run in Forest park with Mike turned into mostly walk. So did my trek to work on Friday. So did my outing on trails of Marquam hill on Saturday for 8 miles - boy, did it bug me, so I hiked ups and shuffled downs rather at a snail pace. So today was nothing, sadly...

The food diary is scary, as it was last year when I just started. Makes me realize what I put in my mouth - and it surely more than I should. Wanna know details? here ya go:
10am: 1 cup rolled oats/10 almonds, 1/2 cup blackberries, coffee/1tbsp creamer
1pm: 2 cups pasta (bow tie), 1 cup mixed veggies (eggplant/mushroom/pepper) and beef - bad Olga, 2 cups is too much!
4pm: 1 corn ear
7pm - Monika's party! 1/2 glass wine (I remember for sure). About 6 wheat crackers. 2 slices rye (or dark, anyway) home-made bread. 1 tbsp brie cheese. 4 small meatballs. 4 tbsp artichoke deep (home-made). 4 tbsp asparagus pie (it did have a crust and lots of eggs/cream/something). 2 tbsp tomato salad with greens. 2 thumb-size pieces meet from grill. 1 tsp cake stolen from Gail:) I bet there was a couple more items I can't recall, but for the most part this is it!
So, not only Gail is my check-in person, now I dragged Larry into it too, just to feel more guilty for my choices. But the pants got on me easily on Saturday, so at least that much is good.

Next Tuesday is a big day. My younger kid is becoming a teenager, and my older kid is becoming a somewhat young adult. Yup, they turn 13 and 18 respectfully. Today we are having some fun with Stephen, Max and Marty. Ice-cream cake is in the fridge, danger zone!!! Well, I don't really like ice cream, so I should be safe.

I want to run!!! I want to run, train, race...my God, I am tired to be at the stage I am in...


  1. Friends are great !!

    Good to see you running again. Soon you will be back to full heath and ready to go full steam ahead. Enjoy the holidays !

  2. I can identify with the guilt, but I am nowhere near as disciplined as you are. I guess I like feeling guilty.

  3. You'll get there, Olga, you'll get there! When do you leave for Russia?

  4. Anonymous8/12/08 13:58

    Nice Party, Great Friends, Excellent Food and new Girl Friend. This is what I call starting the New Year right. Thanks for documenting the event Olga


  5. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Time with friends is really nice.

    Mark is making us keep a food log for boot camp. For every ounce of crap (stuff not on the plan) we put in our mouth the other team members get punished and the eater gets double time. We found this out this morning when we had to stay 20 minutes longer and sprint with a 20 pound medicine ball over our head. We all were bad on the weekend. :( But, now that I know others will suffer for my stuff I will be good. :) We have a 20 year old girl on our team and you know what 20 year olds do...PARTY! I told her I would have to hurt her if she played anymore drinking games...just kidding but serious. :)

  6. Wow, both of your boys are reaching a significant stage. Good Luck handling them.

  7. You are blessed with an awesome network of friends! Very admirable. While you are not running the way you want right now, per se, you do more than most with the gym, yoga, and almost daily jaunts to work. You have made a lot of lemonade over the past few months! And, please, don't get any ideas regarding Rooster's comments about punishment for bad food choices. That could get bad really bad really quick for me. One of the reasons I don't voluntarily keep ice cream in my freezer: because it mysteriously vanishes. And, in case you don't realize it, you've still got it on the trails. I witnessed that firsthand two weekends ago. I started having flashbacks of our 6 to 7 hour run at the Gorge and how you led me all over the place that day. Still, it was fun getting my butt kicked and I'm certain it will happen again, sooner than you think! :)

  8. Hang in there Olga! Get your endorphins some other way.
    It is great having lots of warm, crazy friends, isn't it?

  9. Friends & family...nothing is anywhere ever even close to being so important to us. You got it, sweet Olga!!

    Don't worry about the running. That comes back. And if you ease into it, it will stay.

  10. There is much joy to be had in celebrating with friends.

    And "breaking bread" with friends is part of these social, special times. Don't beat yourself up too much. Enjoy it.

  11. oh a food diary! i need to do that!