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Monday, September 29, 2008

Update status on no-running.

Yup, no-running is in the plan for a long haul...Thanks to Michelle who threw the idea of stress fracture, which I guess I dismissed subconsciously. So I called Gail as soon as I read that comment (Gail had a hip stress fracture a few years back) and she told me to do a "hop-test" (hop on one leg). That sent me to crippling, and the pain lingered for a long time. Well, this explains worst running on downhills, doesn't it? So I then called Tom R. and asked for an MRI, knowing that my doctor is overbooked and I only was able to get an appointment for October 22nd. Tom is a good friend, and we squeezed a test between my busy over scheduled plans. He didn't see the obvious signs of stress fracture, although the books, science literature and later my doctor all say that it is possible to not see it even on MRI. Tom promised to ask his radiologist to read the film, and I was able to get on the phone with my sport medicine doctor (the one overbooked) for a chat. Besides stress fracture that he still thinks is 80% possible (by pain description and that very hop test that I keep trying out of denial), MRI found obvious labrum tear that I was diagnosed with in February of 2007 (and had it get worse during first 3 miles of Zane Grey that year). Coincidently, my doc searched my records and found same diagnosis, and told me that it is very likely I have complication of femur acetabular impingement. Either way, whether or not it went "south", the call for surgery made last year is now openly shouted. We will do more tests (when he can squeeze me in, he is also going away for vacation) and make a decision at the end of October. For now it is a clear order - no running, no weight bearing cardio. Perfect! And I mean it in sarcastic way. Oh, don't you worry. I am still going to Grand Canyon on October 18th, hell or high water! Of course, I am not a complete idiot (just a little bit), so R2R2R is out of question, but I can hike one way down and back, and even if I will be bound to sit on the ridge and watch my friends to have fun - I'll be there! After all, it IS my birthday run, along with a few other's birthdays! Wasatch Teammates decided to get together for everybody who was born in October, and we invite ALL OF YOU to come join us in celebration! There is no reason to cry, it's all good:) And besides, it still all might be just guesses, and I am totally fine, right?

So, what do I do now? Here: Stairmaster 3xweek for 45min, weights 2x30min, walking uphill treadmill 1x30min, 1 power yoga class, 1 Bikram class, 1 hike on the weekend - that's all I can fit around work, especially since depending on bus schedule to get there and home and Stephen's schedule and massage school classes 2xweek. Running for for certain easier to do - lunch, early morning and on the way back home. Gym is 20 min away, and I need to drive there and then back to pick a bus to work. Ronda was awesome, as always, and offered her diet plan for loosing fat. Reminds me Atkin's. No carbs? Not even normal fruits? But boy, do I need it more than ever. Let me tell you, I put on 9 of those 15 lbs I dropped back in the spring - back! Looking nice and fat now:) Well, I am not too obsessed but definitely worried about getting anymore extra, I wouldn't be able to fit in my clothes and can't afford to buy any new ones:)

That's it for whining, and I hope you got the idea that I am somewhat OK with all this. I mean, I am ticked off it happened, since I can't even blame myself for overtraining or anything like that, but getting mad is not going to heal me, is it?

Larry came to visit, and it was a highlight for the weekend. He helped me get through and over the hump of realization of my injury being more serious than I was trying to make myself believe, and to accept it. We spun around with chores and fun stuff like crazy, and I am sure he'll write a much more detailed report in a day or two, but in short and exciting news - I introduced him to Ashtanga Power Yoga and Bikram yoga (which both humbled him), made him signed for a road 10k (which I planned to run myself, and BTW, at the time of picking up the numbers I broke to tears as I finally came out of denial - I can't even run a stinky 10K, not because I choose not to, but because I can't! I did help with registration though). Larry ran a great time and placed somewhere like 15th, what I totally predicted and expected (out of some 300). We met Monika and Stan (while holding a PCT50 meeting with ORRC Jeff the VP and Margie the treasurer). We dined with my Russian best friend Anna and her husband Steve. We browsed through Powell's books store. We ran (well, he ran, and I walked) in Forest Park with Gail. We walked in local Tryon Park. We drove to the Oregon shore and played "on the beach that meets the forest at the water line", and then watched the sunset. We took Stephen to soccer game - which his team won handily! We met with Oleg and all shook hands and had a small chat. We took an air tram at my work to look at Portland from up high. We came to work and did some tissue culture. We cooked. We bought Stephen a new computer. We talked. We laughed. And it was all good...

So, to answer Thomas' question - would I want it the other way around? Hell, no! But I do intend to have it all in a near future, good life complimented by running on trails! Trust me, "I'll be back"...(my best Arnie voice)

p.s. pictures are courtesy of Larry since my camera did take shots but refuses to upload them on the computer.


  1. Sorry to hear about the seriousness of the injury. I hope there's no surgery, I guess that depends on what the additional tests will reveal. You're still really active though which is great.

    Ah I remember Powell's book store. My mom didn't live too far from there. I'd walk down there and spend many hours. Not too far from there is a bar called "Marathon" and my cousin and I would shoot pool, throw darts and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon all night. I wasn't even running then.

    Congrats on Larry's 10k, I didn't realize he was so quick.

  2. Hang in there Olga and my thoughts are w/ you for a speedy recovery. I hope to seya soon somewhere out there. My B-Day too is in Oct, won't say how many miles I will do to celebrate.
    Positive vibes!!!

  3. I love Powell's. So overwhelming at first! Sounds like it was a great time exploring around Oregon. I have no doubt you will be back in due time!

  4. Dang! I wanted to hear that I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Well, you've got good attitude, and you are a smart cookie, so I know you'll get healed up and back to it. I get your worry about weight - so hard to control without running. You've got lots of good ideas for keeping fit though, so I think you'll be fine. Sounds like a busy and fantastic weekend - yay for you!

  5. Olga, sorry to hear that you will be out from running for a while. I know how hard that must be for you to accept. I know that if you give your body the recovery it needs that you will come back even stronger in the future. It sounds like your attitude is great. You will just have to find other places to focus all that extra energy of yours. It shouldn't be hard with all the wonderful people you appear to have around you!

    Being an October B-day, I wish I could join you guys at the Grand Canyon as R2R2R has been on my "to do" list for a while. However, I will be going to Costa Rica and then running Firetrails 50 as my birthday run when I come home. Have a great trip!

  6. That's terrible ! Rest up and heal so you can get back out there !

  7. Rats. My birthday is in February. Hope you have a great time on your birthday run. Is a stairmaster work out considered "weight bearing cardio"?

  8. Sorry to hear the news, Olga. Rest up and hope you recover quickly.


  9. You are not gaining weight...its just you are putting on your winter coat!
    Enjoy the down time...you will be "back" soon...I know this.
    Beers soon with Gail and I.

  10. I'm glad you have a plan of attack on this while you have to wait to heal. My stress fracture in my right foot has kept me from doing virtually any decent workouts without being in some pain. Thankfully, I'm near the time of being recovered close to 100%, so I can finally start running again...it only took 2+ months! Argh!!! Hope you'll recover faster than I did!

  11. No hopping on your leg. Ok? Please? It was great getting to meet all your friends and experiencing so many places while I was there. Я тебя люблю много много

  12. still planning on being there in october...((hugs)) on your injury/possible surgery. i'm so happy that you have found happiness in a relationship!!!

  13. So sorry about your injury, Olga. It's tough, I know, but you have the right approach of engaging in other activities.

    Have you tried biking? I never thought I would love anything as much as running, and while I still like running more, biking is an excellent alternative that may keep you going while you recover. Or, I suggest just taking this opportunity to get into the most excellent core shape. Fab abs! Yep, that would be sweet! :)

    Hang in there. We love you for who you are and not what you do. So, running, hiking, yoga, biking, nothing....it's all good to us.

    Hugs, Lisa

  14. I hate to hear about the injury, but glad to hear you are as upbeat as possible about it.

    I love the beach photos. I went to that exact same beach this summer and we hung out near that little pool of water in the photo where you are taking a picture. It was quite windy that day, but beautiful all the same.

  15. A stress fracture in your hip? It's bad enough having to worry about our feet. At least it should heal 100%. It seems to me that's not so serious. When cartiledge is gone, it can end your running. A break just grows back.
    I'll never love biking, but that got me through my stress fracture on my foot. Plus situps, pushups and weights.

  16. Olga,
    I had a hip stress fracture in medical school (from running). It was missed (by myself) until I had a bone scan 4 months after the fact. It took me about 4 months to completely recover. That's when I got into swimming, yoga & biking. I also did the elliptical (probably way too much and might have prolonged my recovery). In retrospect it was a great time in my life because I opened my mind to doing things other than running. But if you would have asked me at the time, I thought it sucked. I would have gone back to running in an instant if I could have.
    And, just thought I'd mention I didn't gain any weight when I had the stress fracture. Mostly likely you'll be less hungry and just eat less once things normalize (that is, of course, if you continue to do exercise of some sort).
    I'm thinking of you. But somehow I know you'll make it through this fine and probably come out the other end an even better athlete.