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The heart of the difference is not ability or even talent, but desire

The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out of shape

I think I ought to write something random, so here it goes.

I lolly-gagged enough. Since Bighorn I haven't done much in terms of making my body to feel uncomfortable, a.k.a. training, and that lead to 4 extra pounds that I was so proud of not having before. While it's not all 15 that I dropped, it still bugs me that they are there. I guess there is no easy ride for me, huh? And, on top of it, I kind of remembered I have AC100 in September, and even though I have no set goals, and rarely train for a second 100 in a season (but rather kind of drift on past fitness), I thought it would be nice to do something for my own mental sake. That and a schedule let up on me.

Post-PCT is still lingering, with drop bags to return and results to fix (manual labor produces human error, thanks for patience, everybody!). Lots of emails flooding our mail boxes, but it's all good, nice to hear responses. We do put our hearts into the race, you know:)

Anyhow, I hit the gym Monday pretty darn hard and did things I haven't in 2 months, and as a result was sore overall by Tuesday afternoon. Not to mention I returned to the track on Tuesday morning. Oh, first lap was the longest ever! I couldn't believe it's a mere 400m! But I survived and committed to get back to it from now on every week. Besides, next 2 weeks Stephen and Max are going to be at the day camp, what means I have to drive them for a 9 am start, and no trail runs for me - road and track. May be I'll re-learn that running nonsense...

I couldn't laugh on Tuesday, my abs were sore. My ass talked to me too. So did my shoulders - window rolling in the car was a task. I loved the feeling, I forgot all about it. So I went back to the gym on Wed night and shook up some booty again. After morning road run, which I can actually call a run - I didn't walk a step. That doesn't happen often...Thanks God I decided on a day off today!!!

I am hitting the Gorge on Saturday, and on Sunday Mike and I are off to scout the south part of PCT trail going through Indian reservation - it will be the second half of the 100M race we are putting on next year. Need to figure out how accessible our aid stations positions and whether or not we should be marking the course. I hope not - it's too remote. If you can't follow a single track of PCT, why are you there, right? So with all that I may round up with some 80 miles - at least it's not 35 as it's been hanging the last 7 weeks with a rare exception:)

I had registered for my fall semester at the massage school, fun times. Believe it or not, I actually was reading the material when I was in Colorado! I picked 2 classes, they start October 2nd, and will go for 2 months. I am excited to find out what's this thing is all about.

I am also done with mortgage payments for the old house I used to live in. Long story, but I don't own any part of it anymore. I like the sound of it!

What else is happening? I am eating healthy and hating the scale. I have a new body art and feeling funky and giggly about it. I am trying to catch up on blogs and leave a comment. I am reading a really cool book on Buddhism and loving it, finding more and more it been very attractive to my way of thinking. I am running around happy and looking forward to live each day in a moment listening to my inner voice and following it...

As long as you stay unconscious, asleep at the switch of your own life, true happiness will prove elusive. Lama Surya Das


  1. Olga, I seriously doubt you are really out of shape (or even close to it). Besides, we have an intense "pacing competition" coming up at Headlands and I know you are always motivated by competition. ;-)

  2. What's the title of you book on Buddhaism?
    By the way, I think my inner Buddha is a pair of stinky, dirty running socks. Maybe that's what I'll be in the next life?

    Yeah, I hardly think +4lbs. means you're out of shape. Besides, what are you measuring?
    I stopped losing weight but I'm still losing inches and fat. I'll bet you're doing the same thing - but woman-meat is way better looking than man-meat.

  3. Actually I think running and Buddhism go together very well - it's the spirituality in running, and the inner peace you get from it.

  4. I'm stuck in-town myself for runs most of this week - gosh I wish we lived closer by each other...then we could suffer the roads together! :)

    Buddhism and running go splendidly together. Happy reading and running.

  5. Have fun scouting the course. Don't forget that not all who want to run a 100 miler are true trail junkies. Simple confidence markers might be all that is needed. I imagine your race will attract some 1st time 100 milers as well as some newby trail runners.

  6. You might just be bloated rather than having "gained" 4 pounds. Don't be so hard on yourself! And, if you did gain 4 pounds for real, you know what to do.

    I think it's impossible that you're "out of shape." Silly! If you're out of shape I'm a hopeless blob of lazyness!

  7. Sounds like life is wonderful for you and I am happy for that. Don't worry, I had gained two pounds by the end of Bighorn from eating all that bacon, haven't lost it either. See you soon, have fun scouting the course.

  8. I'm with Rob on this one, please put some markers out there on the second half. It's nice to see a reassuring ribbon once in awhile. I get paranoid when I don't see one, especially at night, "did I miss a turn somewhere?". Good luck with training for AC100, oy it's a hard one too. See you soon at Headlands.

  9. new body art ?!
    Nice but you forgot to post the pic for proof :-)

    and ya my FL ass needs trail markings since the ONLY time I run on trails is during a race.

  10. Throw away the scale. You're one hot momma! Oh, and don't be hard on yourself. :)

  11. I wanna be out of shape like you. : ) Just kidding....I know how it is when you don't feel like you are how you want to be. But you're moving in the direction you want to go in...that's what counts. Have fun scouting this weekend!

  12. Oops, why didn't someone tell me that 35 mpw will only keep me out of shape! :)

    I'm sure your body responds quickly enough, Olga, that you'll be feeling fit as ever in no time.

    Glad you're scouting the OR100 course. Can't wait to run it. Forget trail markers....can't you just light it up for me?? :)

    -Lisa (who's trying to kick herself back into shape too)

  13. You'll have to have Larry give you the play by play of Lance in the Tour during Headlands! That should fire him up.

    OOOHHH, I can't wait to watch the pacers: Olga vs. Steve play out next weekend.

    See you next weekend!

  14. It sounds like things are going well for you, Olga, and that you are happy. I'm so glad for you :)

  15. Olga, you sound so happy! Good for you. You look hot no matter how much you weigh, so just relax. We women are so funny! You continue to inspire me daily. Wish we lived closer. I would love to join you for runs. See you this weekend?

  16. One big contributor to my happiness was trashing my scale;-)