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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sick, sick...

..but still managed to have a great weekend. I felt something is coming down (as in a cold) on Wed, but Thursday I had stuffed upper respiratory tract and nose, by Friday - began coughing, and Saturday my lungs were gargling and spitting stuff out. That part suck. But Larry came over to Portland for a visit, and we managed a bunch of runs. Of course, the Gorge, where I, no doubt, got us lost on the way to the top of Larch Mt. (the trail was under the snow and everything looked alike, while I have no sense of direction whatsoever). We added a favorite loop of mine once came down from Larch. The weather started not so pleasant, but turned out to give way to a gorgeous day.
We went for a spin to the OR shore, and it treated us quiet if cloudy. We drove all the way to Smith Rock Park in Central OR (since I was determined to show different varieties Oregon has to offer, from heavy green wooded mountains to high desert to rock creations to, certainly, Mt. Hood). Ate and drank at famous local pub Rogue. Took onto Forest Park trails. Talked a lot and had an awesome time. If I wasn't so sick, it'd been better. I am paying for it all now, as I can't even sit straight without bending over in hacking, so I just wanted to say Hi, I am alive, have lots of work to do, new project at work, books came to study, apartment needs painting, kids fed and the rest of the stuff. I'll add on pictures once I get them emailed, and for now am going to lay in bed and feel sorry for myself...
Nothing serious, I'll return to normal broadcasting next week:)


  1. Rest up, Olga, and don't over do it! Great pics. That one look out is amazing. Very lush looking forests.

  2. Aw Olga! Feel better soon, alright? Rest up, girlie.


  3. Hope you're back to normal in no time!

  4. wow this is the shortest post I've ever seen you written. You must be sick, have a good rest and feel better soon.

  5. Get well girl. Lots of great pics as always. Out to Kettle Moraine for me next week. I'll check in when I get back.

  6. Hey SICKO! Get BETTERO! I hope you were'nt blowing gobby snot rockets the entire run! And I really hope you didn't get any pictures of that if you were!

    Sounds like an aggessive "tour de Oregon" over the weekend.

    What books are you studying?

  7. Sorry you are under the weather. Speaking of weather, you still got snow. Summer is here so I'm envious.

  8. Hey Olga!

    Get well, soon...

    Huge thanks for initiating me into the ways of an PNW trail runner. You all are spoiled to have such a variety of trails and terrain. I'm officially jealous! ;)

    The Larch was quite the "adventure". I'm glad we found our way off the mountain. And, who knew snow could draw blood and mess up my chin so bad when I post-holed? Smith Rock was an awesome surprise. Talk about steep trails!!!

    Take care of yourself.

  9. Hope you are feeling better! :)

  10. feel better girl! i want an update!

  11. So running hills, drinking and yakking didn't make you feel better. Hahaha crazy sick girl, feel better...soon.

  12. Sorry you got sick. I just got over my cold a week ago.