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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The full weekend.

Fast shower and a house clean-up (all in 20 min for next day's Open House for Sale) - I was off to Monika to drop my ski gear (plan for Sunday) and then off to the city for a night out with Russian Girls (birthday party).

Managed not to fall asleep on the table with my face in sushi, although did scare the people around by consuming all plates before the rest of our party had a chance to pick chopsticks. Took/drove all to their homes, back at Monika's, watched movie "Elizabeth" with Stan and her, Google'd more history, turned to bed at 11pm.

6am wake up call for a ski trip - the 3 adults in the house (the kids didn't even move) set in the kitchen and looked at each other for 30 min...nah, back to bed.

8am wake up call - get Monika to her Pilates instruction classes, feed the boys, and with Stan, Stephen and Max make a trip to OMSI. Dino's! Awesome!

Back home (mine) to grab swimming things - took boys to the pool (at Community center we have a great one with slides and fountains). They spent there 2.5hrs. I tried to swim - I am really indifferent to water (in other words, I hate swimming) - went to the gym and did weights/stairmaster. Then set in the hot tub.

Back to the house (where we had people for a show) - snuck in and took dry clothes, fed kids at the Market, back at Monika's, played around, then we all went out for dinner. I didn't fall asleep yet again:)

This week is incredibly busy. Have to pack my stuff for the race in AZ, pack my stuff for the move to new house in a week, have to deal with bankers/loaners/insurances/blah...closing on my condo tomorrow. Oh, yeah, work got to fit somewhere there too! Stephen has a boxing tournament this weekend as well - lotsa practice to take him to. I ran 8M and felt good, but this morning had an ache enough to bag it after 30 min.

I bid goodbye. If you're local - enjoy this crazy weather spell. If not - be jealous:)


  1. Although it's exciting to move to a new place, I hate the dealings with bankers and stuff. Good news is it'll be over in a few days. A new condo is cool!

    Have fun in AZ and run well.

  2. Anonymous27/2/08 21:42

    At first I thought, Damn, you fit a lot into one day. Then, when you mentioned Old Pueblo, I thought, Damn, it's almost March already! Time (for all of us) to get hopping!


  3. Have a great race at OP 50! Congrats on number 50 at Hagg Lake as well. Looks like it was a lot of fun, but I don't think I am man enough to wear a skirt.

  4. You should have tried some pool running! I'm not a water person at all, but I'm enjoying the occasional pool run and will try to keep it up.

    Good luck at OP 50 this weekend! : )

  5. It's nice here too -- it was 40 degrees this morning!

    Just reading about your weekend made me tired.

  6. Wow, your time is even crazier than mine. So hectic. I let the bills and bank staements pile up until critical-mass, then i sit down and it takes me an hour to go through the pile. I hate paperwork! I'd rather be running. Late from work, birthday parties, parent-teacher conferences, chores, meals, when am I supposed to run? I run a lot, but then other things don't get done. Sleep, meals, catching the news,...
    You manage much better than me.

    Have fun in Arizona.

  7. Good luck at OP!! I hope you don't freeze there. I remember how cold the start can be. I can't wait to read your race report. Have fun.

  8. Olga, best of luck at Old Pueblo! Do not forget to pack your iPod this time. Looking forward to reading your race recap!

  9. Good luck at OP! Bring more sunshine back to the PNW!

  10. Yes good Luck at Old Pueblo. Run like hell. Enjoy that beautiful desert.

  11. Yo, crazy russian......have fun at OP. Reading your blog makes me tired. nap time.......Billy

  12. Good luck with all the great forward motion! I know it's hard to do it all and work too. Also, isn't it weird how some music motivates others and puts others to sleep? >:) I guess variety IS the spice of life.

  13. I am jealous! Enjoy your nice weather, heck, it will be even nicer in AZ. It's not so nice in MN. Boohoo.

  14. Nice run of negative splits at Hagg and I hope OP 50 went as well. Please stop in Longview on the way back from Chuckanut. It would be great to see you and we will appreciate the support.

  15. I don't know how you keep it up Olga. I admire you, and others, with kids who are able to balance everything. Congratulations on closing on your condo! That must be a huge relief. Again, can I say, can't believe you fit running into all that.