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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I ought to write something, right?

Right. Juts something would do:)

That 28 miler went well. I mean, relatively speaking, last year I wasn’t any near this distance in January, and my first long run was Hagg lake 50k. So I think I am already in a better shape than I was. Gail started with Mike and I on a further end of Wildwood and stayed with us for 10 miles or so. She got really strong with the fact she quit working last summer, less stress shows results, and I was really afraid I would slow her down. But we chatted a lot and caught up on latest while Mike ran ahead. When she pulled off the trail, we continued to talk and met up with Kyly and Tom and stopped to enjoy some perky conversation - and a piece of PBJ Kyly shared with me. I think it was what I needed to stop growling stomach's noise, but soon after Mike got really quiet - and it always means his knees tightened up from my shuffling pace and it's time to let him go. I plugged my i-pod into my ears and ran to the sound of music for about 8 miles all by myself. The weather was pretty cold, and I got frostbites on my cheeks (they were actually old ones that usually get numb and blue with temps dropping). Mike waited for me at the top of Pittock hill and we ran/walked last 2 miles together, happy to be done.

I had a dentist appointment that afternoon, so I only had enough time to take a shower, grab Stephen and drive out with wet hair. I love my dentist, the whole office knows about my running (I first attended it when was in training for WS100 in 2005, and they even offered a team to crew for me), so I had laughs as my doc was telling me about his 2M runs and asking me when can he move to 3M. Then the tired body succumbed and I fell asleep while he was drilling my tooth, prepping it for crown work. That was something they never saw before:) I guess my poor body is still adjusting to a jump in mileage and workload.

Sunday I was left home alone - Oleg took Stephen to Olympia to his friends, and I had to paint a kitchen. Since one wall had this ugly dark "picture" painted, it took 5 coats to cover it up. After first 2 layers I went for a little recovery run, breaking the day, then came back, finished my job and cleaned some garbage (old stuff) from the house. We are putting house on the market today, thus we have lots of things to do.

Monday - thankfully a day off work - we worked more, Oleg - building new rails for the entrance, and me - power-washing the decks. Who picked the coldest day of the year to work outside with water?? I should have thought about it when my rear got frostbites on the morning run! The water was freezing as soon as I'd turn to a different corner, but eventually the work was done (this is where endurance training comes to play, focus until you're finished), and the decks look lovely. I was so inspired; I spent another 2 hrs there painting the railings!

On Sunday night I joined Monika and Hashes for a little run (how can you call a run this thing when you jog a mile, drink beer - or wait for others to do so since I don't like beer - and then walk for another mile?) and a Naked Lady Party. This is an annual clothing exchange they are holding, and I got away with full bag of new clothes (everybody brings whatever they don't use, but instead of Goodwill, others can pick up items to taste). I am so frugal, I had nothing to bring, but came out a winner with a skimpy black dress and a few shirts. Now I need to figure out where to wear this dress:) Obviously not for a run...

My offer for a condo was accepted, so now I am riding that scary edge of unknown. Since I have not a penny to put down, I need to come up with ideas, but the APR is great, and I intend to move in after February 28th. Oleg graciously offered to cancel his apartment and stay in the house until sold so we don't get strangled with too many mortgages. We're doing pretty well on this new friendly basis, much better than before, and working together on fixing the house. As long as I don't have to cook dinner every night...

This morning the temperatures dropped even lower (OK, it wasn't much lower than 25, but we're spoiled here with above freezing). Friggin' protruding parts of my behind got frozen again! May be I should buy a fury underwear to save it from happening? OK, may be I should just stop complaining, there are people running in Maine, WY, MT and even Minnesota! Suck it up, darling, and move faster!

NUUN ultrarunning team has been confirmed and it'll have an announcement on Matt's blog soon (as soon as we write some props about ourselves - what the hell I am supposed to write when I join such an elite crowd?

On a different note, I had questions by email and phone about Oregon 100 miler. Yes, if you remember, a year ago I came with this wild idea, but due to personal issues didn't follow up. However, whom I talked to, the idea was received positively, and eventually last November I dragged Mike Bushwhacker into joining me of co-RDing this thing and do the presentation to Oregon Road Running Club for a cover. Couldn't have gotten a better reception! So we are game, with the date (last weekend of September), course, sponsors, club and agreement from Forest Service and Indian Reservation (where the part of the course will lay). The bad news is that we were late in applying for that Forest Service Permit (they changed the rules and now hold these only in Sept-Nov for the following year), what means we won't start working on it until 2009 (I mean, we are working on it, and the website should be coming up in April, but the race won't be held this in 2008). Hold your breath, please. May be it's not so bad and will give us more time to prepare, and not to go in my typical "rush-crush’ try to survive" fashion!

And the last quickie - Lisa Smith-Batchen had asked me to post this.

Lisa had sent me this email on behalf of another friend of hers who is making a website with inspirational stories about ultrarunners. She had asked me to forward it to those of you who's been running near or at the top of the game and is willing to share your life. The story should be about 1 page long, something of a bio, how you started running, how you got into trails and/or ultras, what inspires you to run long and train for it. Please also include a picture of yourself (I am sure each of us got a bunch from races). The website will be used to collect donations for kids in need.

If you'd like to participate, send email to Lisa (lisa@dreamchaserevents.com).

Thanks a lot, and I hope it won't take much of your time and effort - for a good cause too.

Now bundle up and go for a run, stop procrastinating!


  1. i just came back from a lunchtime run, yay!

    ok - good news on the oleg front, glad you guys are getting along

    and yay on the 100 miler!! that's so cool!

    and yay on your running! and the new clothes! and the nuun team!

    ok, enough exclamation marks. glad life is going well :)

  2. Great recap, Olga! By the way, what music do you have on your iPod when you are running?

  3. I can't wait for the 100. Do you have any course information that you can share?

  4. Great to hear that things are working out on the home front. I like the "run a mile drink a beer" concept !

  5. Nice job on the 28! Wish I could've joined you. : ) You worked hard all weekend! All I did was make cake. Speaking of cake...you want cake? I'll make you a cake. But I have a feeling you really don't want cake. ; ) : ) Stay warm! : )

  6. Congrats about the condo! Good luck with everything. Stay warm!

  7. I am excited for Oregon 100 miler, but I must admit that I am sort of happy it will not start until 2009. I need some time to build up my resume and my fitness so that I can consider myself a "real" 100 mile runner. I am thinking that maybe 2009 can be a PNW 100 miler quadzilla if I can organize a 36 Summits. I know, get my butt out and run.

  8. ummm would u accept my application from a flatlander from FL for the OR100 miler ....Please :-)

  9. Sounds like you've been busy. I didn't sleep through the drilling for my crown.

  10. I had a day in December where I had two crown preps and two emergency root canals. I managed to doze for part of it - I was so tired, but mostly bored!

    The Oregon 100 mile sounds good - and I think it's a good thing it won't be till 2009. That gives you lots of time to pull together the details for the first shot at it.

  11. The FS is just being lazy. There is plenty of time to review and approve a race application for Sept. 08. Too bad, but I'm definitely excited for it in 09!

  12. Congrats on getting your Condo! Now get that house sold quick.

  13. Lots going on, Olga! I do intend to respond to your msg about Lisa's project: neat! I think furry underwear sounds like a good idea. Maybe with the fur on the cheek side? Notice how usually the nicer side of the material on stuff is on the OUTSIDE?! And yes, I have to give you crap for complaining about any temperature above 15 degrees, my dear. It's my Montana right, gawdammit! No, I know: you guys have a WET cold. We have a DRY cold. >:) Or something like that. And only you could win over an entire dentist's office. I don't care what [unmentioned shoe company] says, you're a true ambassador of the sport! :) :) :) nuun knows it!

  14. Cool about the Oregon 100M! Let me know if I can help!

  15. Olga - stuff some handwarmers down your bra - that'll help with the freezing potruding parts of your body! Seriously keeps your core warmer :)

    I can't even fathom having to move...I'm impressed by all the hard work you're putting in on your house in the middle of winter. This is a huge change, glad you are running to keep stress at bay.

  16. Thank you for posting the information..I know things are going to go your way..you deserve all the goodness:)

  17. Very cool about the Oregon 100 Miler. Too bad that you can't hold it this year! Though, now that we all know about it so far in advance, we can plan!

    Nice job on the long run!


  18. Congratulations no Nuun. That will be exciting but more exciting for me is the news of a possible 100-miler in Oregon. That will be cool. The date is perfect.

  19. NUUN Team? COOL!

    Glad to hear you are happy with your level of fitness. The condo should be a nice retreat for you.


  20. Good luck with your new home. I am glad that things are going better with you and Oleg. Divorce is so difficult!! Good luck with the NUUN team. Hope to see you out on the trails this year.

  21. my blurb shouldn't intimidate, you are an amazing runner and you and many of the ladies (Krissy, Alison, Kendra, Leah....to name a few) out there running are a true inspiration to me. I am excited to be on the same team as you!

    And I totally get the falling asleep in a funny circumstance, when I was getting my last tattoo I feel asleep on the table. I was just glad I didn't twitch!