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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coming around the bend.

I’ve been a lousy blogger – but I did have great runs and workouts past week. But before I get to them, take a sneak peak previw at . that ! Glenn and Wendy are putting up a new calendar yet again (this preview is preliminary, pictures are not set in stone yet). Using Glenn’s wonderful shots of runners and beauty and listing races in PNW and around the country. I’ll post more and links once the calendar hits the stores!

I rejoined forces with Lisa S-B to work on my build-up and injury prevention, and between Ronda’s workouts and eating plan with her never-getting-tired encouragements and Lisa’s knowledge of my past racing and running experiences I am stomping at the beginning of a new season. On Wednesday I was assigned a hard run, what actually did happen and made me happy! I worked my tail off in the early morning to the point I felt sore legs the rest of the day. My gym workouts are progressing so well, I am surprised. I picked up on weight and intensity and don’t get bonky anymore, and the load piles up. Friday was a bit of a tough day as I didn’t get a wink of sleep and was dragging it once I hit the gym at night, but as I slowly got into it, including single-leg presses, it turned out I can do more than I did last season with both legs. How weird – in a good way. Then after a 30 min on an Elliptical machine I had to do first official hill work – 20 min at grade 4, and I kept at it easily! OK, the pace I set was 10 min/mile, but I kept hitting the front of the belt, what meant I could have gone faster, I just wanted to make sure I can get through the whole thing and didn’t up it. It felt awesome!

Saturday was a day off, and I employed Adrien with me to hit a car dealership – my old car was about to die any moment and was plain dangerous. Our team work paid yet again, as were able to bargain big and get a great deal on a trade-off (thankfully they forgot to open doors and trunk that weren’t opening anymore and only drove a bit around before realizing the transmission is out flat dead, not to mention the rest of the abuse I put on this Subaru through 6 years and 130,000 miles). I drove away happy owner of a 2005 Honda Civic with 10,000 miles on it!

Sunday was my first “long run”. Yes, I know, calling 17.5M this name is a sign of weakness, but it was, indeed, a back-introduction to the distance build-up. Bushwhacker picked me up and we drove to Germantown trailhead on Wildwood to meet up with Adrien and Mike’s friend and my Montrail teammate Billy Simpson from Memphis, TN. Dude is cool! One more crazy ultrarunner with dirty talks on dirty trails – just the way I like it.

Getting ready to rock the trail.
We hit the trail at 7:30 am, and took it nice and easy – all of about first 10 min. The mojo of the guys along with my competitiveness kicked in rather quickly as we started to accumulate speed and weaved along the luxury green on soft dirt covered with leaves. The talk was endless, so I guess I was still going at conversational pace – what I was prescribed to for the first long outing, but we sure pushed it! Boyz were ripping the trail! and I was wondering how long I would be able to keep up and still come back for the second half after turn-around. We came to Saltzman Rd, just a touch over 8.5M in, in 1:32, and was I a happy camper with this time! That’s what I am supposed to do “in-season”, not now!

A customary mid-run break - look at these serious athletes stretching:)
After a few minutes break it was obvious we’re getting stiff and cold, so we quickly bagged standing around and took off back to the car. While I lead for a mile or so, I soon realize my boundaries and let Mike and Billy take it on, seeing them disappear around a bend. Adrien stayed at my pace – after all, a mere 3 weeks ago he finished his first 100 at San Diego, in a fine time may I add! We caught up on happenings of the past weeks and went into the usual “sharing times” – where and when else would you open up as much as on a long trail run? While we took more walk breaks and gone slower, it was still 1:40 for the way back, and it made me smile, although horrible hurting in my hamstrings.

I made healthy muffins the night before for the occasion, and guys shared them (while I pictured Ronda and stayed away, waiting for the real food deal). Some 20 min later Billy had to depart – he was leaving for home next day – as in “I had it up to here with you guys:)”, and we took a road around to meet up with Ronda’s group doing their run at another end of Wildwood. We didn’t stay long enough to see them, however we did get to laugh with Kyly as she ran into this point some 5 minutes later! Speaking of Kyly (woohoo, looking hot, girl!) – she is looking for a home to a cat who wandered to her house not long ago, and I’ll post a picture once get it. Please, help! We parted and went to down some calories in. More chatting provided, it was an awesome day.

The funny part was when I came home – for the first time in years – as in YEARS – I felt tired, and even fell asleep, first in a bathtub, then on a couch. Last it happened was when I trained for my first marathon! Was it a lingering effect of sleepless night on Thursday, my emotions from Friday’s submitting divorce papers or a combo of hard “longish” run, I don’t know, but I only felt back to myself by 6 pm. So here you have it, make fun, laugh at me, I am at peace and happy.

Greatness is not where we stand, but in what direction we’re moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it – but sail we msut and not drift, nor lie at anchor. (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

p.s. From Kyly: I found this stray kitty a few days ago. I believe he is a neutered male. Very sweet and affectionate, gets along with dogs and cats. Littered box trained. Please help find him a home.
Thanks !


  1. Olga,

    It sounds and looks as if you really enjoyed that 17.5 mile run. That and the hokey pokey is what it's all about!

    Keep up the great progress!

    Trail Scat

  2. Sounds like a great week of training but I hate to be on your shoulder preventing you from indulging in your favorite foods :). Keep up the good work.

  3. Another great day on the trails Olga! Working out those emotions will tire a body out for sure, plus a super run with friends. Keep moving forward - in life too, friend!

  4. so do find that treadmills work well for your hill workouts??

  5. But when do DO blog it is fun to read!

  6. You're bringing it on, girl! In more ways than one. : ) Love that new smiling picture on your blog. I was too lazy to even make it over to WW this weekend. I'm jealous!

  7. Olga, I'm smiling with you. I'm so happy that you are and peace and are happy. YOU deserve that :)

  8. Bushwhacker12/11/07 16:46

    It always a pleasure sharing the trail with you. See ya next Sunday for a slightly longer one.

  9. Olga,

    I love cats! I had cat for lunch today. Great source of protein!

    Just kidding of course... hope Kyly or someone reading your blog can find a home for the holstein looking feline.

    Trail Scat

  10. Nice work burning up the trails! Hope you can find a nice home for your stray cat. He's cute!

  11. I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for you. You should be good and focused for next season now that you've cleaned house so to speak. Looking forward to your blogs amd race reports in the near future. I seen your race schedule for next year except theres no Kansas races on it? I might do Bighorn next year but won't know for sure until it gets a little closer. I'm trying not to think to far in advance. Talk to you later.

  12. I miss those hard work out days and the feeling of exhaustion. The closest I have gotten lately is after a long day at work. You're an animal!

  13. Thank you Olga. Good Karma is coming your way for this.

  14. i am so happy you are at peace and are happy!

  15. Blogger is being goofy and not letting me comment. We'll see if this goes through...

    Hope kitty finds a good home!


  16. OK, girl, you make me laugh... and cry. When you write, "calling 17.5M (a long run) is a sign of weakness"

    Oh my... I suddenly feel very weak, indeed. :-(

    I am glad you are feeling strong and energetic. You deserve to feel happy!

  17. Not as lousy as me.congratulations on the new car.

  18. Reading your post made ME tired! Nice on the new car with so little miles, it will have more soon:) Good to have something reliable especially with winter coming. Rest up.

  19. Olga, you look so pretty and relaxed in these photos--your life must agree with you these days.


  20. Glad to see all the wheels are turnin again. My car has 170,000 Miles on it.. I put on 105,000 in the last 4 years! I'm in trouble.

    Happy running olga!

  21. olga,
    great running with you last week. just made it back to memphis after a few stops. keep the faith. billy