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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gettin' around

Hey, I ran today! Whole 5 miles! OK, I walked some hills at first, but then my legs just begged to keep running, and it felt awesome, especially flying on a long downhill and feeling wind on my face! You know, I am a normal person and get lazy often, so the last 10 days I haven't even hit the bike, and kept postponing the "trials". Thanks to a friend yesterday who kicked me out:) The pain in my hip was minimal at first and then kind of gotten stronger, but moved around from the inside-joint to outside over greater throchanter, like in bursitis. If it is that, I can live - been there, done that, no long term/permanent scare, as long as it's not cartilage (I have no time going to doctors and doing MRI these days). So I am excited. I'll rest tomorrow and hit trails on the weekend while cheering on my friends at McKenzie 50k in OR.

It's amazing how refreshing for not only body, but mind this little run is. Nothing is daunting as task anymore, and yes, I am making some plans for the month too. Obviously, this all can change or get adjusted, but it's fun to be optimistic. I just need to see dentist - this toothache became horrible last couple of days, bummer!

OK, it's a quick note on my status. I'll check back in after Sunday. Good luck to Wasatch runners and Plain hopefuls! As well as to all of you guys. Smile on!

p.s. Taking on challenges keeps our lives full, but to serve others is the highest achievement. Thanks, Steve, how true it is. I can make a couple of posts out of it - I wonder why fewer people interested in reading/commenting of the other side of the coin as opposed to a race report? Wish more of us could help a friend, or a stranger. In any way we can...

Update: root canal and a small abcess...nerve is out, drugs are in.


  1. I saw your comment on Sarah's blog. Still thinking about the Bear are we? LOL you are non-stop. Glad to see you are up and running again. Runners are not as happy when they can't run.

  2. Good news Olga, your feeling better! Looks like the Bear is in the bag. Are you going to SD100M? A few OR folks are going this year so it should be fun.

  3. I'll see you at McKenzie! Glad the hip is better.

  4. Great news! Hope the appt goes well.

  5. Olga,
    Maybe that 10 days of total rest is just what you needed. Hope you get your tooth fixed up soon and run like the wind this weekend!

  6. Great, great news! Like I said before, I saw you running around last weekend and it didn't look too terrible. ;)

    I'm glad to hear that it was refreshing for the body AND THE MIND.

    Have fun cheering on more friends this weekend!

  7. Hey Olga!

    Glad to hear you RAN today!! Isn't the first run after a layoff due to injury one of the best?! :)

    Best wishes,

  8. I'm glad that you are back at it. Hope that means your recovery will be quick. I hope you will do a couple of posts on the quote from Steve.

  9. Olga - I'm so happy you're getting out and running, getting your hippy-hippy shake on. :) Isn't it amazing that when you can't run, it becomes not a chore, but a miracle just to be able to run, even if it is just a little? I'm rooting for you and for a fast recovery!

  10. caroline7/9/07 12:43

    Olga, I'm so glad your hip is better! Sorry about the root canal. :-( They are never fun, but once the pain subsides, you'll be all set.
    See you at McKenzie!

  11. YEAH Olga, Glad you got out there and ran a few miles....good to clear ur head a bit & relax...NOW push it, OK!!!!

  12. Good news Olga!!! 8)
    Take care of you...