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Friday, July 06, 2007

Up and running

I believe I am fully back to normal. The way it worked this week was that I had done all my runs on the way to work in the morning, what accounted for 5M each day. I had decided to go with "easy/hard" idea, so Monday was a hard day and I pushed all the way and wore HRM. I ran all the hills including last monster straight up to Marquam hill and made it in 50 min. I don't have a precise measurements of the path, I just guesstimated my routes back long time ago and keep track of times, so 50 min was actually exactly my best time here, and I was happy about it. On Tuesday I power-walked the hills and ran relaxed the rest, and the time was 56 min, what kind of surprised me. As I mentioned in comments to Rob, I can either be happy I walk fast or be upset I run slow. I often joke I have one pace for any distance, sometimes it's not even funny anymore, because this "one pace" is getting slower for every distance. Oh, well. On Wed, since it was a holiday, I ran trails in Tryon park, getting out just as the heat came, and kept a good effort. What I found out, wearing my HRM and looking at it often, was that I run flats at 160 bpm and hills at 170-175. Looking back at my own post it is my T pace (treshold) or at least above M (marathon) pace, what is reserved for longer track intervals and hill repeats. I am not quite sure what to make out of it, any slower and would have been crawling. I spoke to Van "Pigtails" and she mentioned that her HR is always very high on the runs. In fact, I don't think my "easy runs" are any lower than 150 bpm, what is Zone II and just over proposed easy effort. At the same time, I can never get higher than 145 bpm on elliptical or bike when I cross-train. Speaking of which (cross-training), I had a great one on Monday night, complete with lots of various squats (thanks, Ronda, for hints on how much to load, the form and how many), machines, jump-rope, walking lunges and step-ups. I spent an hour on elliptical too, trying for intervals at 130 bpm for 5 min and 145 bpm for 10 min. My legs felt it the next day. Thursday was another easy day, and I didn't even time my way to work, while today I ran hard again and got another 50 min. Back time ago that was the time I only hit twice, so I think rest and absence (for now) of long runs gave me some spring in the step.

On Tuesday night Van came over to stay before her Flat Foot Traffic marathon in Portland, and we had great time chatting and catching up after Bighorn. She is a crazy girl indeed, not slowing down after her last years Trail Runner magazine Trophy win. I highly recommnded to her to run a "flattish" 100M as I truly think she can crank her high leg turnover and speed into amazing time there, so we discussed all the ones around the West Coast (driving distnace is her prefference), picking what she should do. Next morning she got out and ran a 3:30 marathon, placing 6th! taking it "easy" for her prep to go after CR at "Climb the Mountain" 50k in Spokane this Saturday. She is something:)

I haven't done any official speedwork as of yet, so all thing good should try next week (consider this week getting base). I want to run 15M on the weekend as first venture back to long going (I am sure I can get out for more, but don't want to) and I also have something else on my plate "to do", what I leave out for now in case something stays on the way to completing it.

Working full time took away my day-runs (or second-a-day) because all I can manage now is drive home, change, get Stephen and drive to boxing (where, yes, I excercise) 3 times a week, and other 2 days I need to cook dinners. I had entertained the idea of not eating after 6 pm, and yesterday was my first day at it. It will be hard on those days with boxing classes (can't eat before, come home 8:30 pm - what do I do?). I did drop 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks, what was weird for not doing much, I just hope it wasn't muscle, although my pants fit looser and my face got cavy.

There are many interesting things coming up (in terms of races) next few weeks, but I'll post on those as they near. On another note, last few weeks had been difficult in many respect, yet showed that support and help comes in many ways. I say more than enough, I am blessed with dear friends, and they make my life much brighter every day, but also sometimes that support comes from where...not that you don't expect (it would be like saying you don't think those people aren't supportive), but where you don't look to ask - yet recieve. While some time ago I argued with Michelle and Craig in his post about generosity of strangers, I stated even there I did it more out of "liking the opposition to find the truth of the argument". In my life I truly believe one should never assume negative things about anybody until it proven (seriously) to be so just based on gossips, outside judgment and because positive things haven't happen directly. I am confused myself when I say that the world in general is going astray with greed, envy and laziness, yet I am amazed how anywhere you turn you see great people with kindness, understanding, will to help and great support of total strangers (or not, it's not the point). It's like individual separately is wonderful, but combine a many, indifference strikes. I don't know why I am even talking about it, I am not the "know it all" in this area, it just something I've been thinking a lot in my life, and by no means I am going to begin another argument here:) What I did want to say is thank you to all I've met on the path we call life.

Enjoy the sunny days of July, PNW! And if you need to be inspired, go over to Bob's and take a see at this clip inside the post. What is YOUR best TODAY?


Backofpack said...

Last time we drove through Portland we looked up the hill where the tram is and Eric told me he thought that is where you work. If that is the hill you are running - then WOW!

You sounded very mellow and content in this post. Glad to hear you are feeling good and back to normal!

Gabe said...

There is absolutely no way I could go without eating after 6pm,,,well unless it only goes until midnight!
Those eliptical trainers are evil. I have the same issues with not getting my heart rate up enough on them, Stay Strong.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back out on the trail and that things are back to normal.

We are blessed when friends go out of their way to lend a hand and offer support. Maybe we are doubly blessed (or at least pleasantly surprised) when that support comes from unexpected places.

Either way we need each other and it's nice when the support comes.

Journey to a Centum said...

But really Olga your normal isn't really the same as our normal. I think your normal could be considered FULL THROTTLE to many average runners and athletes.

That said it's great to hear that things are going well and that you still see yourself running Cascade Crest. We look forward to seeing you at the new ultra in Gig Harbor next week. It sure would be great if you could join us the following day for our climb on Mt. Rainier to the base camp at Camp Muir. Nothing like going from 5000 to 10000 feet in four miles to get those legs and lungs barking at you. Heck you could probably run up and down twice while we trudge up the Mt.

Bob Gentile said...

OLGA Said:I am confused myself when I say that the world in general is going astray with greed, envy and laziness, yet I am amazed how anywhere you turn you see great people with kindness, understanding, will to help and great support of total strangers.
ahhh the mystery of LIFE, the seen and UNSEEN...I do believe DEEP inside MOST people will HELP, you SEEN it with 9/11 the outpouring of support and love...but with that said the DAILY Demands grinds away on a lot of people and THEY LOOSE Faith & Hope... SO it's Important (and I am preaching to choir here) to KEEP believing in OTHERS even when it seems they LOST the FAITH & HOPE to Become more.

Good workouts and glad ur getting ur GROOVE Back...

Thomas said...

Olga, don't worry too much about the HRM. Just go by effort. The HR will follow eventually.

DawnB said...

glad you are back Olga and you are doing well I too agree with you regarding the negative things. And there are times when things are never proven, but who are we to judge!!

Jamie said...

Fantastic you're feeling better. Nice! And thanks for posting a link to that clip. Very inspirational. What would life be without sports?

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear you made it back to running this week. I had 3 "Hard" runs this week and am starting to feel like I am back in the groove all though still much slower than before.

Oh wait, this post is about you not me:) Can't wait to see you. Hopefully sooner than later.

Ryan said...

Very happy to hear your up and running strong ;-) Running to work is the way to go!

Great thoughts on life and people. I agree -
You can't judge a fish by lookin' in the pond
You can't judge right from looking at the wrong
You can't judge one by looking at the other
You can't judge a book by looking at the cover

Phil said...

Ogla ... you ARE the complete runner. You're just inspirational.

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angie's pink fuzzy said...


sounds like things are looking up, always good.

Julie B said...

Hey Olga, I'm glad things are going well for you in the running department. You are back at it, I'm glad!

Sue J. said...

Olga, glad you are back to normal. Great post, especially the second-to-last paragraph which I whole-heartedly agree with!! :)

Sarah said...

I hope you had a nice day on the trails! It was a beautiful day.

I'm confused about people too. As a whole we seem to be getting more rude, demanding and self-centered. But individually, I see consideration, generosity and kindness every day. Like you, I'll just keep thinking that most people are basically good. It's too depressing to do otherwise!

rick said...

You are a fast walker! Awww you are swell too, thanks for being there for us lady.

I just saw that video on Bob's blog. I'm happy to say I lived it today. Not bragging or anything just gave my best on the 50k and it felt great. I'm satisfied.

It was great to finally meet Van, so was her husband Ken(?), fuzzy right now. Really nice people.

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