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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Badwater Updates

Valmir Nunes finished in a smashing CR of 22:51. Akos Konya is second, also under old CR, in 23:47. David Goggins moved to 3rd, 25:49. Jorje Pacheco is following 4th with 13 miles left, the climb to Whitney Portal.

Women: Jamie Donaldson holds 1st at mile 90, then goes Tracy Thomas and Noora Alidina. Lisa Smith-Batchen is on the heels of 3rd woman by 5 minutes, I am sure she'll move in top 3! Lisa Bliss is in 5th not far behind! Greg Pressler is in solid 14th place throughout the whole race, moving steadily - wow, like a metronome!

The weather held on awesome for this course and race! 112F and overcast, 20 degrees lower than last year. Why wasn't I there?? Because next year it'll hit 135 again:)

As they come:
Jorje 4th in 26:41, Charlie Engel 5th in 27:42. DK has showed up in 11th place with a road to Whitney Portal after been lost in timing devices for 80 miles. Rumor is Jamie and Lisa S-B are straggling a bit. Send some strong positive vibes!!!

5 pm:
OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Lisa Bliss moved to second 2 min behind Jamie at Lone Pine, mile 122! I KNOW she can run up that freakin' road to Portal for 13 miles, especially with Glenn on her side! Go, Lisa!!!

7 pm: Press is done in 32:51! Rockin' hard, Greg!

8:30 pm:
I told ya! Lisa Bliss has 3 miles to go and is 30 min ahead of 2nd place female (who is now Noora) and is about to finish 1st gal in 34 and change! Spit over left shoulder, knock on wood...Go, Lisa!
I am signing off for today.

No, I couldn't - 34:33!!!! Holly Cow, Lisa!!!

Wed am:
Lisa Smith-Batchen finished her FIRST part of BW double in 41:54. Yey for coming back to life!

All the pictures from official Badwater website you can see there.


Rick Gaston said...

So the cooler weather brought on some faster times eh. Amazing runners, foreign guys too for the first two spots. Wasn't Akos Konya the guy who was supposed to duke it out with Scott his first year but wasn't able to travel for the race? I wouldn't be surprised if Scott comes back and trys to break the record under normal conditions next year. It's been a summer of incredible running. Happy for Lisa Bliss, don't know her but she's always on hand on the ultra list to help people with their health issues. I also found her report (complete with gruesome operation pictures) on having your big toenails taken out for good. Still thinking about having that done.

Anonymous said...

Get real! The weather had nothing to do with it. Nunes and Konya ran faster then Scott. period.

Sarah said...

I just checked in again and saw how far Lisa B. had moved up. Go go go! It's exciting, isn't it?
: )

Backofpack said...

Olga, thanks for the updates - I'm so excited for Lisa B! Hope she can hold it!

Backofpack said...

Lisa is in first right now!!!!

Thomas said...

Valmir Nunes' time is just out of this world. I bet Scott Jurek is annoyed now that he didn't do it this year, he dreamed about cracking 24 hours, and now two other guys have managed it instead.

christine said...

hi olga, you are a stellar reporter...
was wondering if you could stop by my blog...i have some questions regarding speedwork and trail running...was hoping to get your opinion.. thanks

christine said...

thanks for the speedwork pointers...i knew you'd tell it to me straight. regarding the relationship stuff goes..no, i'm not a counselor...but compassion and empathy are big components in what i do as an occuapatioan therapy assistant...lots of depressed sick folks for sure...i'd suggest starting with your medical professional they'd know what's available in your area. my husband and i considered couples counseling and got so far as a consult...we both thought she was constipated. what did help was the individual work we've done apart. knowing what you want is the first step and it seems you do. best wishes to you:)

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the updates Olga. I can't believe 112 is called "cool" weather, but I guess it's true for this race! Which is why I will NEVER do it. (Yes, quote that back to me if you ever hear otherwise!)So exciting for Lisa, and new course records!
Are you doing Badwater next year??? Well hey, let me know if you need crew!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olga!

Oh my goodness I can't believe you are running that many 100s in August and September. You're a stud!

The Tetons are sort of home turf for me. Let me know if you need any help with logistics of racing the Teton 100, or if you have time to play before/after the race. I'll be up there racing also!


wendy said...

Hey olga, for the record, I like reading the long posts, makes me feel like I'm there too! I can live vicariously thru y'all. ;-)

But, i do understand about lack of time, so good job keeping us up to date on all that's going on.

Am I understanding this right, did you have toenails removed?

Jon said...

So when is it going to be your turn at Badwater? :-D

You know Mt Whitney is whispering your name. Olga...Olga...

Greg Pressler said...

Metronome, eh?? ;-)

Badwater was an amazing experience for me...one I'll never forget. An abbreviated report is now up on my blog at http://gregpressler.blogspot.com.

I was rockin' hard, but it was my feet that were taking the pounding. The blisters under the balls of my feet damn near brought me to my knees around mile 105 or so. I just put my head down and kept up the pace.

Let me know if you want a runner-by-runner account, since I saw just about everyone in the race save for the 12 guys ahead of me.

Just an average athlete who kept moving forward. Nothing more.

Olga, thanks for sharing the Badwater updates with your groupies. I know everyone appreciated the info.


Love2Run said...

Thanks for the reports and links. I can't wait to see your name on the finishers list.

Anonymous said...


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