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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last training week

If I can call it "training", but would you believe 3 weeks are left till Bighorn 100?!?!
Anyway, while my legs feel somewhat understandably heavy (actually, not really understandably, since I really slacked - I ran totally even splits in Silver State 50, I was at mile 23.5 in 5:30 and at the finish in 11:16, what is almost faster, and I walked last rocky hill a lot down, and the second half had a monster climb, what means - slacker! in ultras even splits considered when you have 10% add-on in second half!), where was I...my chronic compartment syndrom is seriously kicking and debilitating my runs. For years I thought I can live with it, it most likely takes under an hour for the pain to subside from unbearable (ask Lisa how talkative I was at Chuckanut in first stretch) and only a few times it went up to 2 hrs. I mean, common, in a race that takes me over 10 hrs to finish (or over 24) why would I care for a couple of hours? If anything, it lets me start slow and save myself for later. But the thing is, as the "peak season" approaching, the pain gets worse, and my training goes down. How would I run intervals either on track or on hills well if I need like 5 miles to warm up? My daily runs of 6-8 miles twice are all (or most) non-enjoyable till the last couple, when I am ready to go home (you can see why I can easily skip my daily runs and stick always with long weekend adventures). Of course I learned little tricks of special shuffle, where to walk, how to put my foot down, how to push off with the power of hip flexors (I am unable to flex at the ankle during the "bad times"), but p-l-e-a-s-e I am so freakin' tired of it! When I need to focus for the "A" race for the last few weeks, I get into worst scenario with my legs! I'lll have massage and Graston, but these are nothing, just to relieve pain at rest. I am ready. I think I am finally ready to get my mind around surgery. I need to pick up time. Me think right after Thanksgiving (I just got comp entry into Luis' Santa Barbara 9 Trails ) would be good, I could take December off...although if I get into WS100, it will leave me with a mere 5 months to train and I'd need to begin with walking...Another option get it after Grand Teton races in early September, but only if I manage to finish a 100M this year as a qualifier so I can forgo Dick Collins' Firetrails 50...what I don't want to do as I heard tons of good stuff and have great friends in SanFran...but one thing I am positive about - I am calling my OHSU doctor who tried to convince me 2 years ago and making appointments.

Other than that life is wonderful. Since I didn't push all that hard, the hormonal screw-up (a.k.a. post-race depression) was practically non-exsistent, just tired. I ran 4 times so far this week and will do a couple of more shorter (argh!) runs tomorrow, take off Friday, as for the weekend I have a neat plan: on Saturday I will run in the Gorge for 30+ prescribed miles with a couple of hill repeats and on Sunday I'll participate in Forest Park Trail Run 50k put on by a great group from CA PCTR. This will alow me to test "running legs" after using them as "climbing/downhill legs". And especially good because my two faithful running partners - Gail and Mike - are leaving for the weekend, so this will ensure that I put on the miles.

And when I am ready to come back after surgery, I'll contact a coach and listen and obey! Oops, sorry, back to "broken CD". Never mind me.

The weather is awesome. The flowers are blooming. My lab is going hiking to Dog Mountain on Friday (photo by Ronda). And I keep my smile fresh and pretty:) Here you go again:)


  1. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about your leg, Olga. When we define ourselves by a certain thing, and that certain thing doesn't go perfectly, it gets tough. It seems like you are handling it well, though.

    Thinking of you,

  2. It's a tough decision to make Olga. And the thing is, there is never a "good" time. You just have to squeeze it in where it will hurt the least. I hope once you get it done all things are better!

  3. Olga,

    Wow, big decision. I can't imagine how tough it must be to run through the pain. I've seen others collapse crying on the side of the road with the same condition. I wish you a quick recovery once you have the surgery.

    I'm sure you are going to enjoy the racers and the race at Bighorn.
    That first climb looks brutal!

    Stay strong!

  4. That really is a tough decision, Michelle is right - there is never a good time. Stay tough!

  5. Sorry about your leg! That sounds brutal. You're one tough cookie. : )

  6. Olga, I am sorry to hear about your compartment syndrome causing you so much trouble. While I'd love to meet you at Dick Collins this year, I think you should get that surgery as soon as you can. From what I have heard the surgery is usually very successful. Good luck and best wishes with everything!

  7. Hey Olga!

    Enjoyed your Silver State 50 write up, way to hang tuff out there! Keep going strong at this weekends 50K! Sorry to hear about the leg issues, sounds like you have a good handle on it; I hope things work out for the best!

  8. Your guts and training are not lacking. I'm a big advocate of rest, especially as I get older. Don't forget to rest a little and taper for the 100. Best hopes for your healing, now and after surgery. Take care of your self, my friend.

  9. Anonymous24/5/07 13:46


    Sorry to hear about the compartment syndrom. On the good front it will be nice to see you again at forest Park.

    See you Sunday,
    Bryan from boise

  10. I feel your pain with the leg, Olga. But it sounds like you've got a great head on your shoulders about it. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  11. Olga take care of urself hun and ya never really a good time to do the surgery but I guess it's past necessary so please get it done sooner then later...

    remember I am a newbie and NEED you out on the trails with me for many years ahead :-)

    FOCUS, Breath & RUN with Purpose!

  12. wow, that is a big decision! i can totally see why you'd skip weekday runs!

    hoping you are well ((hugs))

  13. have a good race this weekend olga!! I'm still trying to grasp the idea of runing 30+ on saturday then a 50k on sunday!!!you rock!!!

  14. Don't listen to Steve. You don't need rest. We know that rest did not get us faster times. More running got us faster times.

    As for the surgery, yes, I have heard this "CD" before, but I understand the decision is tough for you to make. I would like to see what a pain free, healthy Olga could do.

  15. I would go ahead and get that compartment opened up. It sounds like torture the way it is now.

  16. congrats on your even-splits at silver state! you should be proud of yourself for making the tough but wise decision to go for the surgery. (i call those "grown up decisions). waiting 1 or 2 hours into a run to feel no pain must be awful! you deserve to run pain-free from the start.

  17. sucks about the compartment syndrome. hope to see you at the grand teton 100 - but if not i'll see you soon at big horn 100!

    see you soon and thanks for the encouragement on my blog!