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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A week in shorts

What an awesome treat for Portland! We had a great span of weather here past week. Yes, it drizzled here and there, and even rained at some times, but it was warm and I could finally wear shorts throughout the whole week!

This along with turning to trails due to light mornings brought some good running to me. It felt great! I didn't hesitate any of the days to head out, I ran with our puppy Charlie twice (I was a bit apprehensive before as he is very fast yet jerky and pulls on my shoulder, but I figured how to tie the leash around my waist and we had grand times!), I did lots of weights in that little gym, hit the track on Tuesday after morning's 6 miles to get another 8M and a good workout of 4x600m with 300m rest and 8x300m with 100m float in-between (the times finally came down a couple of seconds and felt almost easy!). I felt so good, I didn't even take a day off.

So if a week had any prediction, I was looking forward running a Maple loop in Forest Park with Gail on Saturday. However, my compartment syndrome hit hard (it's been back since the week before Hagg lake after a 6 months of sleeping in on no training, I guess), and the first 45 min I spent in misery of listening to the pain and battling it mentally, emotionally and physically. I am back to square one on that one...After the pain subsided, I just lost the will power to push, the legs felt heavy, and it didn't seem that Gail was bothered by my slowing down, so we talked the rest of the way, met a few friends on the trail and slogged back in 3 hrs (my goal was 10 min faster than that). At least neither one of us felt pooped.

Sunday was another glorious day outside, and despite the time change we both got up before dawn and drove to the 12 mile loop in the Gorge. Gail agreed to do it with me (her schedule called for a longer run). We took in stride up to Multnomah falls, and she pushed me this first 0.8M (mind this piece features 800 feet of elevation gain) in 18 min (what was 2 min faster than last week). Having caught up with her, I decided to give my best effort to run the loop in 2:30 - the times we used to do the previous 2 years (to compare, Sunday before was 2:45, althought that was snow crawling for over 2 miles). So I pushed and kicked and worked, with Gail on my heels, all the way to Devil's rest - wow, 1:10 (20 min faster from last week's time)! Without stopping, I yelled: Western States, Gail! (she is in this year) - and took off down. We hardly said more than 5 phrases through the run, something like "Are you ok?", and "I am working it", or "Hot, sweat". We ran all the inclines and flats and even some short climbs, we hassled, I manage to scream the greeting to the Gorge at the ususal spot, and with 3M to go I turned my head and exclaimed - we can do 2:30! Gail kicked me to run ahead, and boy, we were cruising!! We made last three miles (two and half of them are loosing 1600 feet I believe) in a touch over 20 min, and that included over half a mile flat at the end (hate this part), some rocks to watch for, 2 slippery bridges and one broken bridge (with crossing over messed up logs). 2:14!!! Darn! We were so happy, I even shed a tear (my emotional unstable self). All I could say - it felt like 2 years ago...Gail thought a moment: you mean when I was fitter? No, Gail, I mean when we both were fitter and pushed each other on every Gorge run without letting to slack down. Well, what's stopping us, lets do it again!

It was a good week (67 miles, solid). I wish I could firmly say it is an indication for my race at Chuckanut, but more likely it is still not. However, I can tell you that much - I plan to put an honest effort into this run. Can I make any time prediction? I ran it in 5:22 in 2005 and in 6:00 in 2006 (really different days I had). I would like to say I aim to break 6 hrs next Saturday, but I am still scared. Unbelievably scared to say that, even though it is not even that fast of a time. I'll be shooting though. I will work on it. I am game. I want to kick my butt.

p.s. Scott Mason’s and Karl Meltzer’s new 50k race in Utah, appropriately named Get High, is up and running with applications. Check it out!


  1. WOO HOO!!!!! Go, baby, go!!!

  2. You will kick butt and it won't just be your own! Shorts, it must be nice. Will you do a taper this week?

  3. Oh, aren't those kinds of runs (the one you just did today) the best? Flying, sweating, grunting- you totally captured it. I am sorry to hear about your compartment syndrome. I now know enough about you to know that for you to actually mention it, it must have hurt bad. Well, dear, I don't know if I'll make it up to Chuckanutty but I will be (appropriately, for Mar. 17th) green with envy <:)

  4. Well looks like we will need to ply the competition with large quantities of vodka the night before the competition if I want to stand a chance of finishing before you. Unfortunatly I know that you are smarter than that so I'll just have to endure and see how things turn out.

    Michelle and I look forward to seeing you next week!

  5. I got to wear shorts twice this week - once being today! It is gray and cloudy and the wind, she is a-blowin, and yet, it's 66 degrees. Very strange.

    I love that you had a fast run, got your shout to the Gorge in, and most of all, that we'll be hanging out in Bellingham next weekend. Cool!

  6. Anonymous11/3/07 21:33

    Shorts! Yes! I ran yesterday and today in shorts. It was marvelous. Made me feel faster. It was in the mid-high 50's. And get this...no gloves either! Woo hoo! Spring is a-comin'. C ya at Chuck, Olga (at least before and after the race).

  7. It's been a glorious week, hasn't it? I was in shorts all week too. Today at WW I had to take my hat off (I thought it might rain) in the first 10 minutes or I would have overheated.

    You're on a roll, Olga! Good luck at Chuck. : )

  8. The weather has been warm and I hope to be enjoying it soon in my shorts and running shoes. Great run at the Gorge. I was glad to read of the excitement. I wish I could join you at Chuckanut.

  9. Great Miles logged Olga, You will kick butt!! and Glad you had some nice weather over the weekend!

    PS: Oh My God this is my FIFTH WORd Verification attempt...gosh I really hate this word crap


  10. Olga! I'm coming to Chuckanut after all to help out and hang out so I'll see you there. :)

  11. I hope the compartment syndrome is not causing any more pain. I so admire your ability to run through that pain, I can't describe it.

    You certainly make it sound like a fantastic run!

  12. Nice run, Olga! You got me excited just sittin here reading about!! What was that you were complaining about? Speed? Uh hmmmmmm.

  13. It looks like you're putting some pretty killer workouts together, GO OLGA! You'll fly like the Western Kansas wind at Chuckanut!

  14. Good luck on Saturday! I'm looking forward to reading about it!

  15. GO OLGA! Chuckanut doesn't hold a candle to your flame. GIDDY-UP! & GIT ER DUN!


  16. Olga,

    Nice coupla runs all strung together there. I'm happy to hear your encouraged about running again!

    Now, is your plan to race or train through/use this weekend as a training run?

    Yes, shorts weather! We love it!


  17. Sounds like a great week with some major gains. Good luck this weekend.

  18. Olga- solid miles and I love how descriptive you are about your runs- great stuff!!

    Have a great race next week!

  19. You shed a tear over a run, it must have been awesome. I'm trying to imagine the downhill right now, 3 miles and a drop of 1600 feet for most of it then some technical stuff in the end - sounds perfect. My legs are twitching just imagining it.

    P.S. Maybe I got the Dean Karnazes thing on my post from yours. Got into my head you know.

  20. We finally got some good weather here too. It really adds something to working out. It becomes way more enjoyable to be in the warmth and sun and working out then just going outside because you have to get in a workout. Geat mileage, keep it up!! You'll have an awesome run next Saturday!!