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Friday, December 15, 2006

Still connected and Hard core:)

I woke up and mingled with computer far more than usual. My mornings start with taking Charlie out, feeding him, waiting some time to process food (him, not me) while I browse blogs, then taking him out again to poop - and only after that do I go for a run. After yesterday's storm the weather seems to calm down - but in a time sitting at the internet it started raining again. I considered to go to the gym. But then I thought - it would be appropriate to run last time here, on my lod grounds. Unfortunately, all the running clothes happened to be moved! Actaully, all "small and loose" stuff is moved. I only had a fleece shirt for Sat, what I wore on the run.

It was raining on and off, and then after 3 miles started pouring. But - I always pick loop courses for my runs, so I can't turn around and shorten them. Avoiding paddles was non-exsistent (the shoes were the only ones left too). I tried to look down so the sheets of water don't scare me. And it was fun:) Felt like I am a real PNW runner! Cold and wet, I made it, and because of cold and wet, I made my last 8 miles in Tigard pretty fast.

Brr! Good bye, old house. Below is the picture of the old house:)

Hello, new home. Will have pictures later!


  1. Olga, U Wet Wild RUNNER :-) Way TO GO to get that last RUN in at your old neighborhood...

    Watch OUT new House and TRAILS, Olga is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!! and this Girl can RUNNNNN and WILL kick up YOUR Trails - lol

    Be safe and have a great weekend, Bob

  2. Once you're out there, running in the cold rain isn't as bad as the thinking about it! : )

  3. Olga,
    Your new house looks wonderful! I bet it's fun moving furniture up those stairs.

    You are hard core running in the rain! On Wednesday's hill run in the blowing wind and rain I commented that I liked it and was told that I am strange. I still like it though!

  4. Old house was cute. Cant wait to see the new one! Not the PNW here but might be 50 and rainy on our 14 miler tomorrow morning...

  5. Whoops! I got the wrong house. Well, you're old house is cute and I bet it's hard work moving furniture down those steps!

  6. Nice job. At least for me, cold rain is the hardest weather to run in. I'll take snow over it anytime.

  7. Happy to hear that you got through yesterday's storms unscathed. My friends in Seattle took quite a beating.

    Good luck on your move.

  8. The new blog looks fantastic!

    Hope you enjoy your new home too!