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Monday, December 11, 2006

New look.

OK, this is cute. I mean, it is fun! I was playing with templates on the weekend, and then get an
 eamil from Bob offering help with setting up my blog page. Hmm, most of you have gone to his 
blog by now, and it's fun. And he already had helped Lisa S.B. with that as well, and it looks 
wonderful. What do I have to loose?

All of Sunday night was spent on trading emails and going crazy. OK, I was going crazy because I couldn't simply wait, and kept nagging at what's wrong, and Bob was going crazy at my impatience and the fact that when two of us logged on at the same time, it makes the matters worse and takes longer. It was quite a mess - I change, he changes, we email each other, I apologize...eventually, I logged off and let the man do the work he knows (unlike me). But once it was set - this beta-blogger is quite an adventure! I can't keep my hands off it:) Thank you, Bob, for introducing me to the world of computer geeks and for setting up my page so adorable! OK, I think it's adorable.

My run on Sunday was painful like hell. And to think it was a mere 15 miles! I went to Forest Park for a Maple loop. It was a bit windy and a bit rainy, but nothing too bad. First 4 miles went in misery and desire to turn around. Then I kind of fell in a groove and moved more swiftly. There weren't many people on soaked trails, and I liked been lonely. I actually do like to run alone, like it a lot...weird, huh? Me and my i-Pod...Anyway, I had a couple of urges to turn around before the loops started, but promised to myself to keep going. And it paid off - there was a stretch of about 6 miles when I felt wonderful...all submerged into my own being. The last 2 miles were a struggle again, even though those are the easiest in a whole loop. I was just tired and tight in the back of my legs.
But I made it. I fulfilled one goal - ran every step - and didn't reach the other - I was 5 min over time I hoped for. But that's OK, I've got a serious work ahead of me...

So for 2006 so far I am at 2954 miles. May be I can take another break... On another hand - I better not. It is hard enough to get back, no matter how great the break was! Man, if I knew I'd be struggling...what makes me more committed to work hard to get where I was. Hopefully, I can still manage it. But if not - I'll be running nevertheless. It is one thing I can promise you:)

p.s. hey, why is the first paragraph all screwed up? 


  1. YOUR Site looks GREAT MISS impatience pants :-) that was kinda funny last night...

    I was like give me some time to work on this woman, I get emails back like I don't like it can we go back to the old one... I am like I am just starting, go watch TV I think I told ya once-- WHEW--LOL...

    Well the GOOD thing is it all worked out and now you know how to move things around add pics/links etc. so WAY TO GO...

    ANY PEEPS on the OLDER Blog, you SHOULD UPGRADE to BetaBlogger it is really much easier.

    Now let's talk 3000 MILES Olga.. your SOOOO Close at 2954 now...

    So let's check off this ACCOMPLISHMENT for the End of the YEAR... That will be your way to THANK ME for helping you, for you to REACH 3000 MILES logged in ONE YEAR -- Very AWESOME and Inspirational!

    OK Olga Webmaster :-) I need to get some work done now.



  2. I like the new look! You inspired me to finally switch, although I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet.

    We did 16 on Sunday, but just on a flat section of WW. I need to try that Maple loop!

    And I have no doubts you can manage whatever you set your mind to! : )

  3. olga, i love it!

    and way to go on your painful run. you are so close to 3000 miles!

  4. The new look is great! And congrats on approaching 3000 miles. Don't forget to change your oil. :-)

  5. Hey are you going to hit 3000 for the year?? I love your new look by the way - and especially the quote!!

  6. The new blog is a nice look. I tried to switch to beta-blogger, but it said I couldn't do it for some reason. Maybe I need to try again, or maybe I need to upgrade my computer. I don't know. I'm going to reach 2000 miles. I guess I am a slacker compared to you.

  7. The new format is great! Way to go on the mileage. I have no idea...

  8. Hi Olga..I like the format too!

  9. ahahaha that must have been a funny exchange...from Oregon to Florida. You kept Bob up huh. I can see it in my head.

    what's another 46 miles!? you can do that in one afternoon can't you? ahahaha, don't bristle I'm just yanking your chain.

  10. I've switched to the beta but haven't had the courage to play with it yet. Your site looks great.

  11. The new format looks great!! That's a lot of mileage for the year, nice work. Thanks for checking in on me. I've been really busy and have encountered some "snags" over the last few weeks that have kept me from posting. I'll have something by this weekend. :)

  12. I like it Olga. In fact, seeing the fresh changes here and over at Michelle's has helped push me over the edge to upgrade to Beta.

    Love that header: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." John Eldredge?

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog about the ultra link. New blog looks great, look forward to reading your future post as I enter into the crazy ultra world you call home.

  14. I like your new site as well!