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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home, sweet home.

I suppose, I need to write something...I just need to collect my thoughts...or, better yet, find time to put them down. Thankfully, I type fast - may be I should find a job as a secretary:)

It had been a wonderful week. Stephen and I spent every minute with people who love us and care for us as nobody in this world, and we enjoyed the attention and warmth without any guilt feelings. Nice to be home...a little girl in a family, no obligations, lots of hugging and yet soliciting advice and help to my folks and sister. Where did the time fly? Why is it so lonely out here? How can I make it to see them more often? Every time I say good-buy, I am scared, though I push this thought away. Every time I hold them a little tighter, and my Dad, 50 years in military, has a couple more tears, my mom actually says she loves me and my sister...her whole world is focused around my family as a (not very good) substitute to the son she lost...

We've actually had done lots of things, visited Oleg's dad (in a Moscow subburbs), saw my sister's new place (she'll be renting out and under construction now), went to movies and circus (famous Russian circus), went to meet with my girlfriends - can't believe it's been 20 years since we've met...and neither one of us changed, not in the way we look, nor in style, talk, priorities (we are quite different, by the way, and it's always interesting how we connected) - and Stephen played with one of their daughters (hardly speaking Russian - my fault, my kid has a very limited vocabulary). But mostly - we set together with family and just talked, or been quiet. I ate all my mom's favorite foods (forget goals), but managed not to gain weight somehow. I promise I'll post pictures once I actually download them from the camera - life is swirling around here.

Speaking of life. We are closing on our house today, and a week later closing on a new house. Then packing and moving on 16th. A mere week after that we are going to Montana to get Alex. Can't believe it's so near!!!

My running is good. I've been reading your blogs and trying to get scientific about the terminology, so I'd say I am keeping my miles at aerobic level (what is below 65% MHR). I am enjoying my runs without watch. The weather is been perfect here the last 2 days - crisp with light snow, just the way I love winter time. Too bad the snow won't stay long.

Our pets are great. Puppy Charlie is crazy and learning to poop outside, but for now we wake up at night twice to take him out and then Oleg drives home once to do same. He is curious about the cat, who decided she is the main queen and shows it with fussing and hussing. Hopefully, they'll become friends eventually.

Montrail had sent out next year's contract and a request for a rcae schedule. It made me think of the runs I want (and allowed) to do, and put down 9 races. Thanks to United and my free tickets - I have 4 of them for next year!! I won't spill the secret quite yet though:) Montrail is sending us the best goodie bag yet - I am so excited! OK, it's not all about free goods, but common, I am a girl, I love lil' packages coming to my door and seeing new stuff! I don't shop anyway, so this way I can satisfy my feminine gene of buying clothes...

OK, I managed not to fall asleep while typing:) Time change on top of sleep deprivation is a dangerous thing. I am looking forward my next visit home already!

p.s. brain injury...today is our wedding anniversary!


  1. I spent two weeks with family in Arkansas. Ate my momma's cooking but unlike you did gain some weight while there. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. There's nothing like family. The next few weeks will be busy for you. Wish you the best in the move and getting Alex home.

  2. Hey girl! Good to hear from you. So much positive stuff happening...how can you stand it all ;-)

  3. can't wait to hear those finalized plans (you know what I want you do do!!!)

  4. It's good to have you back. Can't wait to see some pics. Day two of no running for me. It's easy so far.

  5. Olga,
    It's great to have you back! I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. Visiting far-away family is always bittersweet. I'm also excited that you are coming so close to getting Alex. Good,good,good!

  6. Now I have to comment again to wish you a happy anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    And I'm glad you had a good time.

  8. Welcome Home Olga..and happy anniversary! I want to see what you received in your goodie box..isn't it the best!!