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Monday, October 16, 2006

Russian Parties Pictures

Last summer - with my kind of "healthy" food! The more the better, I rather run extra few miles!

With Stephen last Sunday before the "fun" began.

The "process" of becoming a beauty queen

Girls after - I can be a star...if someone puts a "face and hair" on me:) Now I know how all the models and actresses look so good! It takes 2 hrs!!!


  1. Beautious,
    I just hate doing my hair also. It just takes so much time.
    ps just shaved the knoggin yesturday :-)

  2. Whoa, Olga! Gorgeous!

    Luckily, most of the men I know think a strong, fit and sweaty woman who just put in a solid run is every bit as beautiful as those who spend hours getting all gussied up. Then, when they finally see you "done up" they are stunned!

  3. You are a star! : )

    Let's see, 2 hr hair/makeup or 2 hr run/exercise. I know which one I would choose. : )

  4. I, of course, think you look wonderful without all the make-up and hair done, but you look wonderful as well with it. It's good to do those girly things. All though I think running 100 miles on trails is girly as well, in an empowering way. Girly should be a strong term and not a term that we use to make it sound less important.

  5. Ah, you don't need it! But it's nice to do something to make yourself feel good like that every now and then.

  6. beatuy is in the eye of the beholder.....miss you muchly....

  7. Oooh Olga, you look so pretty :) Showing us some more versatility, is that it?

  8. Which is harder, 100 miles, or 2 hours of makeup?

  9. So you look great without makeup. You look great in makeup. Must be nice to know that you can't ever look bad.

  10. Fabulous photos!! I like the Russian food... And the Russian beauty queen isn't bad, either! ;-)

  11. hey, the pie does look healthy. at least you're getting your servings of fruit!