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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Piling miles

I am trying to squeeze in as many miles as I can into these 3 days because I will have a forced rest from Thursday to Sunday. Not that Dallas's weather scares me (what it does, heck, I can't breathe in Portland in 105F, what's going to happen with added bonus of 80% humidity?), but because the seminar I am attending is scheduled from 8 am to 12 midnight every day, and no breaks - unless I decide to run at 3 am, what I won't...I am still hopeful to meet up with Craig for a bit on Thursday night, but only if there is air in Dallas:)

I haven't slept for 4 days with this stupid heat! We were ready for buying AC - and all stores ran out of them! Finally last night I slept on the floor next to the open door to the backyard and managed 4 hrs.

Anyhow, Monday I tried to take it easy with 10M and upper body/core gym thing in light of Tuesday track session. I am serious about speedwork! I pulled out Cougarbait's proposed sheet with various intervals that he promised (back in December) will make me a speed demon and studied them (finally). So he suggests to start with 1.5M trial for refference. I did it 3 times back in 2003 (yes, I am now keeping that log book close by) in 10:35. I was sure I won't break 11 min this time. So after 3 miles warm up off I went. It kept steady by every split, and luckily for me there was another girl doing 400m repeats. So when I was on my last lap, she passed me (again) and I tried to hang on to her - and did 10:56. It's OK, I hope I can lower it after 8 weeks.
I followed this with 6x800m (just 'cauz, so I won't waste this week on no intervals), all in 3:35. Last one slipped to 3:40, but I was dead tired with another 10 miles on my legs by then and my hamstrings definitely feel flatness and speed. I guess it's my Achilles heal.
I have a trail recovery run for an afternoon (please, let the temp cool off below 90!) and two more runs for tomorrow. Even though this might bring me into 50 M for the week, I won't have a long run, nor will I have it next week (same schedule with same travel days). Then I'll have one weekend left for a semi-long 3 hr half-taper run - and Waldo! I can say for sure I will be well rested:)

Oh, yes, the rooms are painted and look very pretty. We'll revisit all this house stuff later in August for more.

I can't believe Badwater webacst! It is slow, and makes me worried sick. Some dude already finished, but he had a 2 hr head-start on Jurek, so many people are on pins and needls. Will add later.

p.s. Yee-haa, Jurek won! 25:41! So very happy for him!

p.p.s. Lisa finished her one-way trip in a little over 49 hrs aftre battling stomach issues. She should be going back to Low point to complete a double.


  1. oh I know, the badwater webcast is driving me nuts!!! I'm biting my fingernails.

    Wow, Dallas will be intense! But you will have ac there, right? So in a way, it's better :)

    I can't believe you guys are living in that kind of heat with no ac at your home, youch!

  2. Olga, yikes - that seminar sounds like a long, long day! I hope you get a chance to meet up with Craig, even if it's just for coffee.

    We've been sleeping with the window open and the fan running. I hate the fan noise, but not as much as I hate the heat!

  3. Three days off running sounds like an eternity for you, that will certainly give you a huge amount of recover, let's see how it goes after it.
    Just can't believe stores ran out of AC can't believe they didn't see it come! Wish you can sleep on your bed!

  4. That heat must be hard. It's a comfy 20 C or 68 F here today in the sunshine...nice breeze. No need for A/C at my house.

    I hope you have a good visit and have an opportunity to meet our sage-of-a-friend Craig. I think we'd all like to relax on a leather sofa and share some time with that great guy. Take care Olga.

  5. Yeah the webcast was slow to update. It was driving me crazy waiting! :) Hope your Dallas trip goes well!

    Oh and by the way - my best friend is just outside of Portland. She flew in there Thursday and leaving Thur or saturday. She's actually just over the border in WA at Washougal.

  6. Anonymous25/7/06 17:31


    We don't have AC either, but our house only got up to 84 on the hottest of days, so with windows open and fans running all night, we've been ok. Still, I am SO glad the heat is finally coming to an end.

    I haven't run for six days and have PCT 50 mile this coming Saturday, so don't stress your upcoming weekend off! I'm trying to convince myself it's a special training technique designed to get rid of any little nagging overuse issues. :-) The truth is a longer story which I'll put in an email sometime. Have a great trip!


  7. Jurek just seems to keep on winning and winning and winning....
    I travel a lot to conferences as a grad student and I find it next to impossible to get runs in, they are so hectic!

  8. Have a good time in Dallas. Those are some long seminars and if you see Craig make sure to say hello from all of us.

    The Badwater webcast was much better last year. They must have had some technical difficulties. I was a little worried this morning when I checked and Jurek was an hour behind at lone pine, but I figured he would catch that other guy.

  9. Have a great time in Texas. Lucky you, getting to meet Craig!

  10. I'm so glad its finally starting to cool down! Hope your trip to TX goes well.

  11. Yeah Jurek, I've been following the webcasts too, exciting! I have had a lot of trouble sleeping too the last couple weeks due to the week. It's starting to wear me down. Have fun in Dallas!

  12. I'm done with the heat. Sorry you've been living in it. Have a great time in Dallas and I'm glad you'll get some rest.

  13. That sounds like one marathon of a seminar. But then, you chew up marathons for breakfast. I hope you'll have a nice trip, and won't be too worn out.

  14. geez, forget about WS or Badwater...that seminar sounds way more grueling...yikes!...did you say 8am to midnight??? everyday???

  15. Whoa! Those are long days- doesn't sound like you are going to get much time outside at all! Hope you enjoy Texas, the little bit that you do see!

  16. Are you coming back in a Cowboy hat and boots? Maybe a pair of wranglers? Yee haa...

  17. omg, olga, 8am thru 12am seminar? 16 hours? geez, do they wanna kill you? i hope you can get some sleep and many happy runs in, even if not very long. you're doing a good job juggling your mileage. nice going!
    (who will stop complaining about her 85-degree temps...)