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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Short answer for gluten questions

I am gluten/wheat intolerant, but I don't keep the diet in every day's life - too lazy to commit when the family eats it all. But it did helped me to get on it before the race, so i didn't have to deal with usual problems.

Also, here is another report on Zane Grey from Dave Crockett with descroption and pictures, if you're interested to give it a try one day.



  1. Just caught up on your race report and analysis... congratulations, Olga, you had such a fantastic race. You are so strong and determined and utterly amazing!!!

  2. I just read your race report...I'm a bit late. Great report - amazing run! Congrats!

  3. I just read your race report also.
    Your one tough woman Olga mentally and physically.
    And proud too!

    Cheers R2B

  4. congrats on the 50 miler! Sounds like you did great!