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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Short stats on AR50

Official goal at the beginning of the year: 8:30, top 10 female
Deep hidden personal goal at the beginning of the year: break 8 hrs and PR.
Pace chart 2 weeks before the race: 8:20, hope to run under 9 hrs.
3 dyas before the race: compartment flaired up, may be I shouldn't run at all.
Day before the race: take it as it comes, run strong, fuel properly, have fun and love the fact that I can come to the finish.
Outcome: 8:58:28 on one of the muddiest days this course saw (though nothing Oregonian can't handle), best crew anybody can wish for, strong run start to finish (especially second half), even pace, great fueling throughout, never bonked, picking runners on trail section like flies, did I mention fantastic pacers?, lots of friends, sun tan, 10th female and 4th AG, and fun - loved every minute, always smiled and did I say FUN?

More to follow...


  1. Good Job Olga and way to "chick" runners on the way in. I have yet to use a crew or a pacer.

  2. Nice job Olga! Have a safe drive home.

  3. Sweet!!! Doesn't it feel great just to run solidly after all the problems!? Way to have fun.

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  5. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  6. You rock! rock! rock! Way to go, Olga! I can't wait for your incredible blow by blow report when you get home safely. Take care and rest the tired body. It deserves some TLC in extra doses.

  7. Awesome. Very cool. Great job. Can't wait for the details.


    I'm so excited for you!!!!

  9. You were awesome! Great footwork on the technical part of the course, it looked smooth and in control. Will send picks that we took of the race tomorrow (Monday).