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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Short response

Who said I don't listen to coach? Coach said videotape - I am working on it. Coach said run little and easy this week - I ran easy and little this week. Coach said drink lemon juice (actually, I asked her for help) - I did. May be for only 4 days instead of 5, but I am only human. Coach said x-train - I do that too, as much as I am not a fan of perpetium motion on a machine. I even did a cold baths 3 times before AR because she recommended, and I hate cold water! You had to hear me scream:) And now I am off for another easy as coach said, and it's pouring rain out! You think I wouldn't rather sleep??
As for paying...because it motivates me to stick to the schedule as much as my rebelling nature allows and puts me in a smart direction, because I respect my coaches. It makes me feel like someone actually cares about my running besides myself. Twisted personality lagging from childhood...


  1. You sound like you are not too upset about the anonymous comment, but I would add that you have the right to pay any coach you want and you have the right to listen to the coach if you want to, or not. And your twisted personality is why we all love you. And you get naked in front of people who rolf.

  2. Anonymous8/4/06 11:16

    Apologies! We "anonymous" folks enjoy your bloggings and want them to continue for many years. You have natural talent and passion for running. From your racing, it is clear you will push your body beyond its limits & thus you have a high injury ratio because you are still relatively new to running and you "outran your physiology" by using your natural talent. My anonymous comment was meant to address the fact that you are repeating the mistake of pushing the intensity on "feel good" days. Not sticking to the workouts and learning what works and doesn't work will not help you break your injury cycle. We all wish for you many years of success...the best kind, without injuries.

  3. Who cares? We all care about your running Olga! Keep up the training and great racing but listen carefully to your body talking back to you ;-)

  4. good job listening to your coach :)

  5. Olga, I so love and dig that you're twisted! That's why I'm obsessed with your blog. ;)