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Monday, April 10, 2006

Lets work together

Well, after been spanked more than numerous times this past weekend for not listening my coach(es), explaining to me, oblivious to common sense, how mad and frustrating it makes them trying to put me on schedule and oversee the big picture when I constantly screw up the little picture, even comparing this ill relationship with parenting (and how I, as a mother, get frustrated when my children misbehave), as well as reminding me that in principle I can be my own coach, but there must be a reason I hired one, - all of that made me use those curvy things in my brain and I had come up with decision: lets work together. I will do my best to stay on track with prescribed workouts (I actually don’t consider myself too terrible, I don’t stray away more than once a week), as well as communicate any upcoming own desires to help my coach to accommodate me and plan around it.
That been said, I am off today. My only concern for this week is that I am sweeping half of CapPeak 50, and there is no way I can make it in 3-3.5 hrs, so here is what I come up with: I will run as I am told for 3.5 hrs, and the rest of those 27 miles will walk as a long slow cool down.
Pray for me. Who knows, I also made a resolution to get on healthier portion control (sigh) and drink more water instead of coffee, and I only had a protein shake and a banana for breakfast. Mainly because almost all that I lost last week is already back.
May be I’ll even do yoga at home, on my own? Lets take it one step at a time…


  1. Sounds more like what you want is to do what she says, "plus" what you want and like, that at the end will anyway do!
    I tell you it is the combination of so many thing that leads you to achivement.
    Anyway, you are already there!!

  2. Olga, you crack me up! It's awfully hard to keep an irrepressible, vivacious personality like yours down. I do kinda feel sorry for your coaches... I think trying to get you to slow down is like telling a kid not to wiggle or laugh!

    I can't figure out why you are dieting. You have a wonderful and strong body that can carry you far. You look great. Are you trying to slim down, or to fuel better or what?

  3. I recently cut coffee out of my diet completely, except for the occasional treat, and it seems to be helping me feel better, although I did replace it with tea so I'm not caffeine-deprived! As for the rest of the dieting though, I am as puzzled as backofpack, why do you feel you need to restrict yourself? You're in great shape!

  4. Olga,

    I can understand cutting back some on the caffeine. I've worked that direction myself. However, I don't see the need for your dieting. While I don't believe you need to drop any weight, just reducing portion size a small amount with your level of exersize will have to lead to a few lost pounds. When I first started running marathons, I dropped to 159 lbs. I was sick all the time - no reserves. I don't worry about my weight now and hold between 164 and 167, depending on my level of training.

    As I'm sure you're already aware, allow yourself some recovery time between runs.

  5. Have fun at Cap Peak. I will let you know about this weekend soon once I talk to Michelle and see what is on the schedule. Good luck keeping everything in check. As for substituting water for coffee, better you than me. I have studying to do and I need or want my coffee. And I don't think you need to diet either, but I understand how you feel.

  6. Olga, not following directions...bad bad! Kidding, you know yourself better than anyone else, so I don't think there's too much harm in changing it around a bit.

    You'll do great at CapPeak.

  7. In the pictures from the last outing you look like you are in great shape. So why the diet? At least your coach can't fault you for slacking.

  8. diet, schmiet. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. no more subsisting on lemon juice. Fuel it well, and you will continue do to great, and feel good, too.

    baby steps, girl, baby steps! if you try to do only what your coaches say, plus eat smaller protions, plus drink more water and less coffee, plus yoga at home - well, it won't work! so start with coaches plan this week and maybe next week. see how it feels. then maybe you can try to drink more water and less coffee - adjust to that for awhile. then maybe (and according me, MAYBE) look at portion sizes. Then you can think about yoga at home. Baby steps!

    Okay, I'll get off my soap box now :) Most of all, remember to have fun

  9. Bushwhacker11/4/06 15:33

    I just knew that Black Saturday invitation would work out to your advantage. Now the rest of the Portland runners can see what a Wacky Ultra Dudette you really are.
    You sure have alot of great Blogger friends. We all love you very much especially since you are so anxious to please everybody else. Now is the time to please yourself for once.
    Capitol Peaks is going to be a hoot!!

  10. Have fun at CapPeak, boy you sure are active. As for diet woes, I can relate. Being active also puts your appetite on overdrive.

  11. Diet? Oh, no!!!!! You don't need to diet, you look great in those pics..

    Good luck with CapPeak!

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