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Friday, February 10, 2006


Woo-hoo, it finally worked! Thank you, Lady Lurker!!!

Avalon 50 with Jorge!

Columbia Gorge in a snow


  1. Damn you're a blog queen, new treats everyday. I was thinking of scrapping my run tonight but I thought of you and now I'm inspired again.

    Anyway I've never run in snow, I can only imagine. Hopefully I don't encounter this year what you WS runners encountered last year.

  2. You did it! Good job. That run in the snow looks awesome - I can't believe you have shorts on!

  3. nice shot of you in the snow....but I want to see more leg! woohoo.

  4. I got to see Jorge up close and running sub 8:00s. He's one of the nicest people, even when he's cranking out world record paces.

  5. Nice! How you are wearing shorts in the snow? Glald to see ladylurker has helped you out! Now Rob needs to learn how to put photos in his :)

  6. Cool pictures! It's taking me a while to realize I can post comments by clicking on comments. Duh!

  7. I love the picture of the snow, even though I have seen it before. However, I cannot believe that ironayla is taking shots at me on your blog and I cannot believe that you figured out how to post pictures in the text before I did. Now I want to see you add in pictures along with your stories as well. One of these days I will catch you on the learning curve.

  8. GREAT pic of the run in SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Inspiring! :-)