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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gym workouts.

In case someone didn’t read the comments - go visit Ben’s blog (did I mention I am computer impaired, so I don’t know how to link him in my write up, but I believe we all know each other pretty well by now). Ben posted his regular workouts, and it includes a TON of weights. Thank you, Ben! OK, he is a guy (you do know I am not, right), and all guys spend time on upper body. I don’t. I mean, I do stuff, but don’t care about it. There are two reasons I ever bother with arms: first is a general appearance in sleeveless shirt, and second is so my biceps don’t get tired to carry water bottles (that happened before). But - I am a somewhat muscular gal and tend to bulk up easily. So my upper body routine involves 2 sets of biceps curls, 2 sets of overhead push ups, 2 sets of bench tri deeps with feet up, always push ups with feet up, and some alternatives depending on my mood would be: chest flies, real triceps deeps (I can make 2 x 5!! and very proud), whatever else I spy and try to repeat and it never sticks around (neither name, nor exercise). Back in NY I hired a personal trainer for a month, he had me using every single muscle group, I couldn’t drive - I was weak and shaking. Then I fell in my own routine here, under guidance of Scott Jurek, rarely deviating (though getting bored and unmotivated time to time). Last October I had another dude training me before SD100. He was good, I liked his idea about going back in time when there were no machines, only body weight, and body builders were stronger (may be less developed, but stronger). I am quite scared of machines myself, always feel I am doing it all wrong. So I inherited his love to free weights and push ups/pull ups (OK, the last ones I do with legs diagonally on the floor, unless someone can hold me).

Long description. Here is how it went today (and used to be and hopefully will be again): 1 hr total. Start with legs, I do leg presses in 4 positions, each leg separate. Then set of 200 jump rope (weighted handles). Squats with Olympic bar alternate with Romanian dead lift, 2 sets. Set of jump rope. Walking lunges with dumbbells. Standing lunges forward, backward, stationary, one leg up on bench. Jump rope. Military squat jumps, 15 one way, walk back, 2 sets. Wide leg squats 2 sets, 10 jumps on the bench with two legs in-between sets. Last jump rope. I don’t do anymore quad/hams curls and stuff, minimum machine involved. 3 sets of back extensions/oblique abs on that thing. Pull ups (those diagonal). Biceps, triceps, flies and so on, always with abs in-between sets. I finish upper body quite fast, with push ups. Holding legs parallel to the floor while pushing off the floor on arms sitting upright is my latest challenge, I can count to 10 now, twice. Then I do a few moves on the ball, and stretch. Hour.

Since I was off this regime for at least a couple of weeks, and even before it was flu, before race, after race, man, was I aching this morning! I finished great, and then couldn’t walk upstairs for 2 hrs!! It went away, but came back after the run. I ran on trails in Tryon park at 2 pm. Where did the sun go?? At least it’s not raining, and the trails are dry. Now, about roots and rocks. That would be overestimate for the parks around me, though you do run across some things. You can find those in Columbia River Gorge, the weekend warrior runs, but still, after I saw a picture of HURT 100 - we have it easy. I also started my trail running back in NY, and the Escarpment trail in Upstate needs a special attention!!! That’s why I will take my time to ever try for Massanutten 100 in VA...The run was easy, recovery pace. I came home and discovered that my legs are burning and couldn’t remember why. Ha, pit-stops in raspberry bushes! And I still have lots of marking from Capitol Peak 50 last June and this winter’s after-snow storm wild Gorge run (I will try and attach the picture).

Whew, I am winded to write...now time for grocery shopping. Sheesh, this blogging thing is addictive!


  1. you go girl!!!! maybe you can give me some weight tips when I see you....

  2. I do thousands of push ups, crunches, dumb bell curls and dumb bell shoulder presses. That's it, no more. I don't want any bulk, it weighs too much. I would rather have all the bulk in my quads and calves. I carried water bottles for the entire race and never noticed them.

  3. You're trying to make me feel guilty for not lifting weights aren't you?

  4. Awesome workout you got there!! I love free weights too--gonna add some of your exercises to my routine! Thanks!!!

  5. I hate, hate, weight training but I realize the need. I've been going in for half hour sessions, 2 to 3 times a week and all lower body. I'm deciding now whether to start working the upper body as well or use the time for core exercises. In March I'll cut down to once a week as I start the track workouts...can't wait!

  6. I need to lift some weights - I gotta get rid of the wiggle in the upper arms. I like the idea of doing it through push ups and pull ups, or using the exercise band. I just never get around to it!

  7. see, I need to do that! I just don't know how to get motivated.