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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stress test.

This morning I went for stress test per Jason's description. I had few problems going into it. I don't think it advises to do it so soon after been sick and not fully into training. I have no idea of my prior max HR as suggested so had no idea how to warm up. And I surely wasn't fresh enough after yesterday's workouts. But for what it worth...I ran for 1.5 mile somewhat slow, than went for 800m thing. The way I understood it I had to go into it with 400m effort and then hold on to it. Since I had my watch set at HR instead of timer (I am technically impared), I don't know what pace I went with, but it seemed I rather started at 200m effort as by the curve I had my eyeballs up my forehead, by 400m my heart went to my throat, and at 600m I couldn't move any longer, so I stopped...However, I did manage to look at my wrist and the HR went like 175-180-182. Taking this all in consideration I'd have to guess my max is 185 (?) and will repeat the test in a few weeks when (if) I have a recovery week scheduled soon. For now I'll take it (it's also close to Thomas's). It means my 80% (is it the one for LT?) is 148, so i kept the rest of the run at 150-155. It actually felt quite easy, and I don't know whether it supposed to be. I never did any science training and need to read some books on it. I will let you know when I do.
My legs feel less tired than yesterday, what is good, I know I jumped back a bit obnoxious, but it's not like I am unfit to up the mileage, so heck with 10% rule:)
My head is not into training right now since my family is dealing with a few issues, so once it all sorted out, I hope to fully put into this my energy. Because mostly now it's a mental escape...


  1. I hope the family issues get all sorted out soon.

  2. Does the 10% rule even apply to ultra-runners? It seems to me that ultra-runners are always increasing their mileage by much more than that. Anwyay I'm starting to use an HRM this year too. I got tested on the bike and according to Jas +12 rule for running, I'm around 180.

  3. Your max heart rate can change as your fitness level goes up and down during the season (most often seen after the "off-season" although we know Olga does not know what an off-season is). Be careful what you call 'max' heart rate and what is your AT (anaerobic threshold - a much more meaningful number). Olga, your 185 number could be accurate (my AT is 184, but I have a max of close to 200). A more accurate way to measure is indoors (on the bike ideally as you can measure much more accurately inside and when the person is stationary - just legs spinning. Then you can chart HR vs. time and see where the graph stops being a linear function)

    Also, when measuring you really need to be COMPLETELY rested (no hard training and nothing in the last 24 hours), well fueled and rested (hours of sleep), and no big distractions (family or work) as these all effect your heart rate.

    Olga, I hope things get better with your family issues.

  4. they have kinesiology (KINE) classes for everything from soccer to aerobic walking, to mountain biking. im taking the aerobic running one where where we basically work on running tues and learn general health and fitness on thurs. its a short dist class rarely ever running over 3 miles. im taking a second one called fitness and conditioning where we lift weights tues and do similar running on thurs

  5. I love love love your header and new race pics!!!

  6. I love your openness and honesty Olga. And if you ever want to email about family & personal stuff, we can chat about how confusing and difficult it is. And I'm not saying that because I think I know what to do, I really feel like I don't have a clue sometimes, but I care enough to try. tenaya25@gmail.com