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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My life in a nutshell.

You got me, Dirtrunner! And thanks for the warm welcome, guys.
Obviously, the life story is long, just as a life itself. I am not 15, you know:) I grew up in Belarus (a small part of USSR) and at 12 moved to Moscow. My dad was in a military, and it defined a lot of me. Life was tough, and that’s the way I liked it. I worked fields since I was 10, and as a nurse assistant since I was 14. At 16 I went to Med school, even though I contemplated a lot about been a detective or medical forensic. I put myself through the school by working nights and weekends as a nurse (we have this option back in Russia), as well as went to service Army for 3 months (an obligatory thing for guys is 2 years, but for girls it’s only if you are in medical profession). I believe all those little things like work camps in Siberia for 2 summers on building roads (and no, I wasn’t a criminal, it’s a way to make some money) or knitting for sale on those rare nights at home when not working to sell sweaters or selling books from inherited library so my kid has food on the table - that’s what brought me in to insane long distance running. I love the pain...No, but I love to feel a satisfaction after having worked hard for something. I’d say, if you haven’t suffered for it, how do you enjoy it?
Anyway, right after school we came here because my husband was invited for a scientist position. And we are going through same things the first generation of immigrants is going through, so you can ask your parents or grandparents...nobody is real American here besides a few in reservation, right? I never took a board exam for been a doctor as I always felt a need to provide for the family, so I worked in Research for 12 years, and just over last Christmas got enough guts to quit it. So at this moment I am trying to figure out who I am, besides a mother and a wife and a runner - all those things I adore, but need more for fulfillment. And what do you know - today I went to my son’s high school, and they need an assistant coach for their running team! Is it a faith or what? I am also checking out the nursing classes and personal trainer options. I did teach yoga for 2 years while in NY (we moved to OR 18 months ago, and solely because of paradise running), and I love to give. So keep your fingers crossed...
What else about me? I am a drill sergeant, but only to those I love and care for and know what they are capable of. Sometimes people need a push to discover what they are capable of. Me including. My coach is keeping me on my toes with upcoming race (Avalon 50 on January 14th) and requests only optimistic thinking. I’d say crazy thinking, but then again, I need that, or I’ll go all "it’s a training run for a training run for a training run and may be eventually I’ll race".
So here is the little bit about me, to keep me honest and when I put something like "I have an injury, but need to run a 50 miler" you won’t think I am nuts, yet when I say "I am hurting so I decided to skip" you kick me in that spot and send me running:)


  1. Wow, sounds so interesting!

    Many runners in the Tucson Trail Running group that I am a part of participate in the Avalon 50 - so you'll get to see a few people from my regular running group! (And actually, Johnny and I will be in SoCal that weekend, but flying home on Saturday...) Good luck in the race, and watch out for the buffalo!

  2. Hi Olga. I want you to know that I won't think any less of you if you have a bad day, month, year or life. Even many US born people live their lives thinking they are not worthy of acceptance unless they are working really hard and accomplishing everything within their potential. I'm not telling you to not go for your dreams, run hard and run fast! But I also want you to know that I and many others will still accept you even if you don't try your hardest. Take care, have a blast and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. Thanks for the information about the Inov-8 shoes! You gave me something to watch & prepare for with my new shoes.

  4. Hi Olga, welcome to blogland, where everybody is new. I've come from Rob's website, and I'm looking forward to reading more from you. I'm always fascinated and awestruck by ultra-runners.

  5. Funny how time changes everything. I was in the Navy during the "Cold War" and it was all about our country vs your country. I rode subs and chased type II type III victor class boats for fours years. We hated the USSR. I didn't know one person from that country and now I look back and realize that it was our governments that started it all, not the good people of our countries. I'm glad those days are gone and we are glad you and your family are here. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more.