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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Coaching: Rocky 100 special.

Now that my previous post set folks for the last few weeks before a 100 M race that is approaching fast - and int his case, most of the talk was somewhat geared towards runners preparing for the local Cactus Rose 100 put by Tejas Trails, although any 100 will have similar ideas - I'd like to bring attention to all the other 100 milers around the country, ones that are still far away, and for our local, regional runners - Rocky Raccoon 100 (same awesome race directors). This race is still full four (4!) and half months away, and at this point you only begin your training, having put in the base.

Lets train together.

Lets train right.

Lets make dreams come true.

And because I am local here, Rocky 100 folks are in for a special - first month of coaching gets 30% off monthly regular fee, and then you pick either normal monthly plan(s) or a 3-months one-shot schedule. You can find details of how it works and contact page on my Webpage.

A little bit about myself (for strangers): I have been coaching for over 5 years, and running competitively for 12. I don't possess any special talents, and all my success is purely hard work, dedication and smart planning. I have 2 jobs at the moment (for the last 2 years): 8-4 as a Research Scientist at UT and 5-8 plus weekends as a Licensed Massage Therapist. What it means for you is that I know how it feels to try and squeeze a workout, how to prioritize, how to fail sometimes, what is enough and what has to be made up no matter what.

I had good years, and sometimes life interfered and I took running training easier - but I always knew how to bring myself back. Year 2013 proved I can be in shape of year 2005, older, but wiser.

I also know how to over-do things. There were couple of years I managed to run myself into the ground, and I am especially careful with my clients to watch for signs of it to even appear on horizon.

I know how to stick with routine, and how to shake it up, how to run for pure joy, and how to make workouts happen when you don't have ability to wander in Rocky Mountains or magnificent Pacific North West, and all you got is a road in the neighborhood. I lead Bootcamp for a year and taught Yoga for 2 years, and I am also a certified Personal Trainer. Whatever your needs are - I can help.

Ultra and trail results (most of it but not all).

I have a few clients winding down their training as the goal race approaching, so spots are opening up. I don't set time limits, and don't have contracts. You sign up, you try and see if you like it, if coaching is for you, and if we are a good fit. I believe in not overpricing so everybody can give their dream the best shot it deserves. Lots of folks seem to have liked it (read here).

Dream big. Set the goal, focus on it - and give it all you've got. And if Rocky 100 is not on your calendar for 2015 - come train anyway. As you can see from the result page, I had done pretty much everything there is out there, location, terrain and elevation profile, surface and distance.

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