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Sunday, August 19, 2012

On a lighter foot.

Since normal people prefer to read and hear about good things happening, easy thinking involving pleasant feeling (you know, when Timmy Olson posted on iRunfar.com about his former addiction, he got a lot of kudos, but that was, well, "former", and it's easier to offer congrats than sorry), and since I really wasn't asking for help or advice (no worries, we're handling it all just fine, I was just trying to sort through some things through my writing and also trying to share...guess no more), we now return to a regular broadcasting. (It's America, silly, everybody loves a happy ending!)

Last week was all quality squeezed in, and no extra power-walking or easy running added due to various demands. But that still left me with a solid 40+ miles week and sore. I am handling my prescribed workouts much better and need to begin upping the paces.

On Saturday the WHOLE family went to run Georgetown Running Club organized "Vern's No Frill 5k" series. You can't find a better deal if you want to get in shape and quickly be humbled. As an ultrarunner and a trail runner, we forget how hard it is to go on a road, line up with a bunch of high school and college kids (or simply fast adults) and push for some 20-30 min at the red line. This is my second venture to this run (they do it 3rd Saturday of each month throughout the year). Last month I was about to have died at mile 1.5 (because I went at a mile pace?) and was simply elated by not taking a walk break (it is a flat course, by the way). I finished 3 and half minutes slower than my best time from 10 (?) years ago, and thought I was going to pass out. That's out of comfort zone for ya! Not to mention being passed  by youngsters and people with strollers! However, I got 10th, and I challenged myself.

Anyhow, all agreed to come with me this month, even Stephen. Larry was the only one scared as he fully understood what this short race means. Kids claimed to kick our behinds. Ha!

I surely paced better this time. Passed Harrison at 0.5M when he began his walks, then Stephen (who decided to keep up after Larry for the first 0.5M!) at 1.25 (he kept taking slow walk breaks, then would sprint for a bit...and that went on till the end). Felt better, more evenly (not really fast, not to mention a 4-mile tempo inside 6M run on Treadmill on Thursday night and an 8M hilly trail run Friday night), and had a tiny kick. Ended up with 10 seconds better time - but 13th female! Still first old chick (over 40), as did Larry (he was 11th overall and quite unhappy with his time, which was only a minute or so off his one and only 5k previously).

How can you write so much about 5k? Piece of cake! It was a blast! Stephen said "Never again" and "I am out of shape". Harrison wants to join a track team in his middle school (he's got his work cut out for him, lots of work). Larry soaked in his humble pie (the one I was granted last month) and I think got over it. I am ok with this marginal improvement and want to get another 30 seconds off by October:)

Went on a long road run today. As my training now is focusing for a road marathon, I am enjoying a change of pace, literally and figuratively speaking. Trail runs are just for fun these days - as they should be, with heat and humidity not leaving the state of Texas for another month. Quality goes on Dreadmill - because in these temps if I am to be on the track, it'll be about suffering and not teaching my leg a quick turn-over. So, I am at the gym a lot - and I don't mind, for the first time.

 My road runs took a progressive extension, as if I am new to training. No reason to show off and prove that I can hop a 20. I also did for the first 3 of those the flattest route I could find. Flat runs are HARD! No change of muscle that is working, and monotony and the need to keep pushing is not inspiring. But this week, today, I picked a hilly route - thankfully we live next to Great Hills neighborhood of Austin, and it has its name for a reason. I am always treated with views, and the hills are so much fun, so much easier mentally - and yes, even physically - to run! It is slower, to some extent, but not by much (I also took a touch more relaxed approach), yet always entertaining. The hit of my morning was suddenly run into a guy with an open car trunk - and realize it's my sweetie Larry came with fresh ice and water for me! Yeehaa! That's love! He was on his way to a trail run, and figured I could benefit from it rather than make my usual gas station bathroom stop. Heaven! Loved it! Thanks!

Anyway, life is rather calm at this moment. Both kids made themselves (each their own) breakfast as I am sitting and typing. Larry just walked in. Stephen got a job at McDonald - looks very professional and serious  in his new uniform! I got 15 (!) running clients to tend to with their weekly schedules - thanks for letting me help you reach for your goals! Love the overcast, although I soaked on my run the most I ever did, I think, and lost 5 lbs on a 16M run. Sadly, those pounds will be back in no time. Looking at my own pictures from the race is not the most desirable yet most profound way to get a grip:)

As for the happy ending - we'll get there, not to worry!

‎"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." -Maria Robinson


Danni said...

A family affair! AWesome!

Carilyn said...

I don't think I could run a 5k if my life depended on it :) I hate speed, and have to force myself to do it because I know it's good for me. I'm so impressed that you race the short stuff for speedwork. Maybe someday I will toughen up and give it a try!

ALM said...

A 5K? That sounds so hard! A great family experience. I love this quote at the end by Maria Robinson. I guess when we think there isn't going to be a happy ending....we can start today and make a new ending! I could read anything you write Olga....it's interesting and I can always find something to relate to!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the family 5K! I hope to be doing them very soon. It also sounds like you stepping up the road runs. That's great! Not much longer until the fall marathons start and you will be ready!

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