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Monday, June 18, 2012

Scott Jurek on a book tour.

Scott Jurek (do we really need an introduction here?) had stooped in Austin during his book tour for "Eat and run". After I had acquired a personal note for Joe and Joyce Prusaitis of Tejas Trails on a book, Scott went on a 5k run with 100 folks from Luke's Locker, and I hung out with Jenny catching up on scoop. At "Book People" where the reading and signing was conducted, the store ran out of books! It was not cool and quite disappointing to a fan population (and Scott).

I highly recommend a book, a visit with a down-to-Earth Scott, a hug with Jenny, and a "working hard' approach for your training and anything you desire in life. This guy is real. Not a one (or few) hit-wonder.


Anonymous said...

Wah!!!! I am so sad I couldn't go. Monday nights are just not a good night for me to head out. It looks like the book is really doing well! Great pictures.

Sarah said...

Scott is awesome! Hey, I noticed after the fact there was a group from Austin at Beacon Rock 50k this past weekend!

Ronda said...

I love the book so far! It's just like Scott and such a great motivational read.

Thomas Bussiere said...

On my radar the next trip to book store.

Carilyn said...

So great you got to hook up with Scott, Olga! I keep missing his signings, but hope to get to one soon!

Jessie said...

We just had the honor of running/meeting him here in Lansing MI. He is a great guy!

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