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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Asking Portland to help my son.

I guess I am kind of desperately in need for help for my son. I am not in OR, and that's all I can do right now. Below is my older son's plea for help from his facebook page of this morning. As most of you know, he had some serious things in his teens and served a year, but has been going to school (PCC) and extremely actively looking for work since last December. I pay for his school, books, bus pass and phone, and now that his food stamps expired, some for food as well. However, his living situation is really bad as he lives with some (while kind, but) serious alcoholics. He is not asking for free, he is asking for help finding a job. He needs work for many more reasons than simply money to get a room by himself. He needs experience, independence and a big step into a real life. He is ready. I haven't said those words before, and now I am. If you know of any employee (personally, not website, he had filled every application out there), please contact me or ask for his contact.

This is a cry for help, not to sound bitchy but its to that point. I stay at this dude's house that has two alcoholic potheads living in it soon to be another it seems. They're good people but they r literally driving me to the point of insanity. They do nothing but drink malt and smoke weed all day and I'm trying to stay off that shit for reasons of parole and personal choice. Ive been legitimately hard job hunting for the past month and it seems to no appeal. The market sucks these days especially for a felon. I feel like I'm the only voice of reason in this household and the others are too drunk and blind to listen. I really need the fuck out of here asap so I guess what I'm getting to is that I need all the help I can possibly get finding a job. Ive been living the life of dependency for too long and i need to start anew. Ive been busting my ass in school (thanks for all the help mom) and doing really well in it and trying to find a part time job on top of it. I know that it'll be really hard once i get work but life requires the hardships. I realized this too late and now I'm kinda stuck in this shitty position, hopefully not much longer, but god it hard out there. On top of it all a few of my homies just got an apt and I'm still stuck here living in hell, making my insanity double, and making it seem like a lost hope to keep going. But ill keep truckin' until I succeed. Please... if anyone knows anything about ANY possible felony friendly job prospects or opportunities let me know because I really don't know where to look anymore its driving me crazy. I need some real feedback. Thanks for listening whoever read this.
P.S. A parent's highlight and reason to parent?
"Thanks, mom, for not loosing faith in me and always supporting me. I am forever grateful. I can't and won't disappoint.


Backofpack said...

I wish I had Portland connections to help him out, but I don't. Hopefully, some of your Portland friends will come through. And, your PS brings tears to my eyes. It is a wonderful commentary on you as a mother. I've been keeping up on your blog, though I seldom comment. I'm glad to know you are happy and life is good for you. I wish I was close enough to visit you for a massage!

Anonymous said...

That last part--"I can't and won't disappoint"--sounds so much like you, Olga. Your love and parenting and hard work is making a difference. Don't doubt that.

I'm sorry I don't live and Portland and can't lend your son a hand. I'm sending you both my well wishes.



Dusty said...


I have no contacts for you or your son. I just want to say that I hope you can find some help for him. You're such a good mom. You are doing all you can. It sounds like he's trying so hard!

Keep us posted.


Carilyn said...

Adding my good thoughts to the other comments. Hope he can find some help soon - he sounds like such a strong, vibrant kid! Keep us posted!

Chris said...

I'm working on helping! Inquiring with my HR dept. about things and we are also two weeks away from merging with another major company and while things are not certain, we expect a big boost in MFG here in Portland. As I said before, Dave's Killer Bread is the most well known company in Portland that would likely be of benefit immediately.

Olga King said...

Thanks, everybody, greatly appreciated, all thoughts and attempts of help. As for Dave's bread, I emailed the manager, and she sent us/him through a regular online application as everywhere else (what he did) and said that there are many applicants and few positions. That's the thing, personal factor is what helps putting a foot in the door, yet missing these days of technology...nobody can even get to a hiring manager to speak with passion, things get lost in paperwork.

ALM said...

Olga-wish I knew people in Portland....If any one needs a break and a change it is your son. It certianly isn't easy to be in his situation but his will is a testiment to the impact of your love,support and faith in him. Wishing a speedy resolve from Seattle. I'll keep my ears open if I hear of anything in P-Town.

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