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Sunday, April 22, 2012

World's 100km race.

Today a World's Championship 100 km race happened in Italy, and yes, it's all road, on a 20km loop, and flat, but if you can not get inspired by amazing performance of best talents running there, you might be dead:)

I Run Far had given an outstanding coverage and an even faster results page than the IAU itself. I am looking forward the individual recaps by the winner Amy Sproston (who had just overcome DVP a month prior!), a 4th place Meghan Arbogast (a 50 years young! who broke her own 50+ record and was in the lead at 96km!), a 5th place Pam Smith ( a girl who ran her first ultra at the 6hr race I co-directed, along with her first 100M), along with any info we can dig out of the guys, and the post-race interviews that Meghan Hicks of iRunfar.com will be conducting.

Results from the  I Run Far: (Team USA Women took Gold, and Men took Silver)

Men’s 2012 IAU 100k World Championship Results

  1. Giorgia Calcaterra (Italy) – 6:23:20
  2. Jonas Buud (Sweden) – 6:28:57
  3. Alberico Di Cecco (Italy) – 6:40:30
  4. Asier Cuevas (Spain) – 6:44:54
  5. David Riddle (USA) – 6:45:19
  6. André Collet (Germany) – 6:45:48
  7. Jon Olsen (USA) – 6:48:52
  8. Michael Wardian (USA) – 6:48:59
  9. Dominique Bordet (France) – 9:53:21
  10. Joe Binder (USA) – 6:54:31

Women’s 2012 IAU 100k World Championship Results

  1. Amy Sproston (USA) – 7:34:08
  2. Kajsa Berg (Sweden) – 7:35:28
  3. Irina Vishnevskaya (Russia) – 7:36:01
  4. Meghan Arbogast (USA) – 7:41:57
  5. Pam Smith (USA) – 7:43:04
  6. Judit Földingné Nagy (Hungary) – 7:43:55
  7. Mami Kudo (Japan) – 7:48:05
  8. Yuko Ito (Japan) – 7:57:19
  9. Marina Zanardi (Italy) – 7:58:07
  10. Mai Fujisawa (Japan) – 7:59:03 (?)


Sarah said...

Amazing!! Can't wait to read more details too!

Carilyn said...

It is sooooooooo cool - it was giving me goosebumps following the coverage! Those women and men rocked it! Yay, Team USA!

amy said...

Thanks, Olga! I'm attempting to start a blog post, but it's a really tough experience to put into words. I still can't quite believe that it actually happened. An experience that I will treasure forever....

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