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Thursday, March 22, 2012

So that you don't think I am asleep...

I am sending you a link to an article in a Competitor online magazine. As funny as it may sound, I am squeezed between Geoff Roes and Rickey Gates. If you don't know who they are, you probably won't care:)

I took a "mental health day" today, the one that means "I don't want to see anybody and do usual stuff". I went to the gym in the morning with Larry, and then ran back home - in my newly arrived Altra Intuition shoes (no-drop, light-weight, good-cushion, cute blue color, wide forefoot). They felt good so far.

I took care of my next week's presentation, sent a kid to school and Larry to work, and went to a Bikram class. There were few things I had to adjust in (as I pulled ligaments in 2 fingers of my left hand), but I enjoyed the class without a rush feeling to be after work-get home to cook evening. Then I drove to a River Place Trail - which is a hot topic of a debate today on both HCTR and city lists. The trail's 0.5M piece is going through the Federal Reserve Land bought by the city as a Habitat Protection for a bird, and while the trail was built not by the city but by a development of the area (in short), that piece hasn't been approved, and now, many years later, it got shut down. Just like that. Smack in the middle, 1M from one end, and 1.6M from another. I am not going to be political here on my blog (because I am generally politically incorrect anyway), but there are many upset people, the situation could be resolved if city wanted to (we have another park/land for a habitat preservation, and access granted only by permit, which I have, and people are not allowed in groups), and we fear the law-makers will stick just for chest-puffing reasons (we all know reasoning and logic works rarely when politics involved).

Anyhow, the venturing to that trail was lovely and I met some great locals with whom I shared some chatting, as well as some alone time. I love this piece of Earth, and at least the best (most harsh for training) part is open (so far), so I can still pull some repeats on it 1.6M each way:)

Speaking of training, I am recovered more or less and plan to hit the trails for a real run later, around 6 pm. But in general, this season will likely be race-recover-run a bit-race again type of thing, as I jumped into it straight from zero running on injury. Then once the summer rolls around and I rest up (after hopefully finishing all my planned races), I will get into a normal training schedule back in August.

And last, but not least, at this past Monday's HCTR meeting the new board was nominated. We were supposed to have voting, but those who planned to go for Prez/VP pulled off when Joe and I submitted ourselves as  candidates. Yeah, we are that scary, especially together:) So, we were appointed rather than voted in (or whatever it called). The term starts mid-April for a year. Lest see if (per Joe) "we can shake this HCTR tree and what can fall off it".


Steve Pero said...

Congrats, VP King! :-)

Enjoy the shoes, I'm drooling over a pair of Altra's...currently wearing the Montrail Rockridge (on trails, Saucony Kinvara on roads).

Olga said...

I am still with Sportiva for trail shoe, and actually Kirvana was my choice for road for a year until this foot thing hit. So, the Altra that I got is the road version, while it is built as cross-over, I got it for the road runs.

Carilyn said...

Glad you had some fun, and different, training - the best kind. And congrats on being the new VP - woohoo!

Danni said...

Congrats! You seem like a natural leader.

Olga said...

Nah, I just stir the pot with passion and have no clue how to proceed officially:)

Olga said...

I prefer a traditional training, but lately life has been dictating its own rules. Can't beat that!

RunningWatchesReview said...

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mike r said...

Hmmmm..."FORMER biomedical research scientist"? Full time badass now?

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