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Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's not all about running.

While I am running again, it doesn't mean nothing else exists in my life, or that those hobbies I had reminded myself I used to have got dropped. Not at all! I still cook, knit, go to Bikram, and dream up all those updates on the house that need to be done. On a Sunday before Russian orthodox lent began we had traditional Crepe's Day. You know, before you start cutting excess foods out of your daily intake, you're supposed to indulge? And Russians do it in their old-fashioned way, by making thing-laced crepes with lots of butter, which you're supposed to eat with sour cream and preserves (or fresh berries and sugar), as well as ground meat, farm cheese or caviar. You will not believe how many various styles of crepe's ingredients there are, and also how simple it can be when a family is poor. I can make them from flour and water only, if needed! In Russia, it's all about few ingredients and variety of cooking. We have a story about a soup from an ax...you boil an ax, then an "innocent" visitor keeps asking the hostess if she's got a few bones...a piece of meat, a potato, a carrot, some butter, some onion...you got the idea:) My boys devoured those crepes until they were gone (the crepes) and their (boys') bellies were full.

I also kept my knitting up, and projects rolling. After the baby blanket and a dress, I made a sweater (there is a pattern in it too with braids, you just can't see it), a scarf for my girlfriend, a bunch of hats for the family (just because), and now I am doing something cute for the summer from organic cotton yarn, which is exciting.
My head is full of ideas, and I keep browsing internet for more. Larry claims I need to start a shop with branding my stuff. Actually, I used to knit for people per order - they buy yarn the want and briefly describe the style, and I knit - back in Russia, on my night shifts at the hospital, and on the bus/metro rides. That's how I am now, riding a bus (or watching TV) - and my needles are flying...

I am also figuring out my new professional webiste, which I keep postponing, but I am learning, and it's not urgent anyway. This whole thing is a path to my semi-retirement in few years, once Stephen is done with college kind of thing, but I want to continue dreaming and working towards my goals, all the while keeping up with my credentials (a new weekend for Continuing Ed class on March 18th, massage for athletes!) and my wonderful clients. Come check me out!

On the running front life's been good, even if some pain persists. My gym visits went back down to twice a week - to the point that regular goers ask me if I am still alive (after spending there an hour and half every day for the last number of months). When I have a hard workout, I nail it and keep besting my times, and when I have a recovery day, my body really sags and longs for that very recovery. I think as I am getting older, it is imperative to figure out a golden middle of my training. I am thrilled of the season to come, and have some really tough stars to reach for. In a meantime, this weekend is supposed to rain hard, but I am optimistic that it won't dampen my 50k effort, which scares the crap out of me - it's flat and boring! However, it makes me come out of my comfort zone, and I am looking forward just that!

p.s. OMG, how could I forget the main reason for the post! Today is International Women's Day! And while somehow here nobody knows of it (even though it originated in US, ha!), why not celebrate wonderful women in your life, beautiful, tough, caring, charming, those without whom your life would not be the same. My sweet honey showered me with flowers and dark chocolate, and I am swept off my feet by surprise of it! Now that I am OD-ed on 85% chocolate for breakfast, I tell you, even dentist (the visit that caused me to stop my post in the middle) couldn't shake my good mood. Not to mention Dr. Meek loves me to death (after initial turmoil first year of visits) and apparently I make him laugh with my sarcastic Russian non-nonsense down to Earth approach on life (shave this tooth off so it doesn't keep chipping kind of thing).

p.p.s. On the lent front, I am doing great, and it is unbelievable how easy it is to give up things once you make a commitment. There is a reason I never understood people having problem putting away that cake, candy, burger, coke, any other crap...it is so easy to manage! All you need to do is to actually think for a second, and in a week everything becomes normal, second nature. The only serious addiction I had was smoking, and once I won that battle - nothing comes even close. I vaguely remember how coffee and cheese taste by now!


Sarah said...

Happy International Women's Day to you Olga!

Moogy said...

Awesome job in getting Larry to cut the grass!!

Olga said...

Larry is the Yard Man, he needs no pushing on that:)

Carilyn said...

I wish I could knit, but every time I start, I get really frustrated - no patience here :). Love the picture of everyone in a hat!

Olga said...

I think it works as mediation for me - because every time I sit down and NOT do something it drives me nuts. Thus knitting is actually filling up my time otherwise wasted (I can't read on the bus or I'll puke, and we have family time for TV). I don't really need to knit (especially in TX!), but I am too paranoid of my life not been used wisely:)

Lanny said...

Hello there. I recently came across your blog from Jill Outside. You have a very nice site here, I really enjoy reading your writings.
And finally, a trail & ultra runner who knits and does yoga!! I haven't found anybody else who does all 3. I do trail run (not ultra, although I hope I get to that point someday), knit (+ a bit of crochet), and yoga. We are definitely a rare 'breed' : ). I can only hope someone out there would offer a trail run/knit/yoga camp, because I would be game to join ; ). Cheers!

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