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Monday, December 26, 2011

An unexpected beauty of Arkansas.

We drove to Arkansas for Christmas weekend. It was close enough to drive for a few day's trip, and I've never been to Arkansas. It surprised us as soon as we crossed the border...it had mountains (may be not high for West of Rocky spoiled folks, but great views for those of us from Texas!), pretty trails (with a taste of why Ozark 100 is so slow of a run), little gems of small towns with Bath Houses and hot springs and Historical Downtowns reminding you Swiss villages dating back to 19th century, and winding roads. It was peaceful. You should give a shot and discover something special right under your nose.

More photos to enjoy.

p.s. I reached 2000 miles for the year. That was my tiny goal once I came back to running, again, after a 6 months hiatus. It included a more than allowed per doctor miles a week before the trip (what threw my recovery a bit back), as well as a couple of runs on early mornings around parking lot of the motels near the highway...yeah, hmm, that was something. I don't remember running that many (not many) miles, ever since I started logging it in. In 2003 it was already 2215 miles. So...well. I intend to continue to be on a roll, no matter what, and plan on some laps around airport terminals and frosty-cold Moscow dark-street runs while my day-night is all upside-down. With that, I bid goodbye, and off to Mother-Russia (which is not the same as home-sweet home) for New Year's. I see y'all on the other side, in 2012!


Danni said...

I love Arkansas. We used to vacation there.

Thomas Bussiere said...

AT100 is a nice race for the fall. Hope you have a great time in Russia and wishing you a safe travel. Happy New Years to you and your family.

Larry said...

Twas a very fun time of discovery and to think how close it was to TX! I also changed your pic in the post since the one you used "died" (big "X" where the pic was) on the post for some reason.

Can't wait until you come home because our home isn't a "home" with you gone...

Sarah said...

Looks lovely!

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