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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I got the rain for my birthday!

I woke up at 5 am with a weird sound. Something I didn't remember anymore, but the brain dug deep and let me know - it's pouring rain outside. What a wonderful sound it is...what a bliss. I made fresh coffee and sat down, listening to the sheets of falling water and looking outside the dark windows with glows of lightening. I contemplated whether or not to drive to the race start - and decided to go. Austin gets treacherous when it rains as the streets are covered in some funky soapy residue, and both driving and running is kind of not really fun. But what the heck, it is supposed to be a run "just because".

They did cancel the race, as I turned into the park where the start was to be. I was laughing. Thank God I wasn't gearing up for this one, many others were greatly disappointed. What a crazy development! What a mess! I met with Eman and we went to a Starbucks, sipping coffee and talking life. What can we do but smile when things get out of our control? So we did. And then I went for my free Bikram class - and they sang "Happy Birthday" song to me, twice, while in Trikanasana. That was silly and cute.

When I came home, and it was quiet. I love quietness lately, being alone. Stephen was still asleep, and Larry and Harrison went to clean up the old apartment to turn in the key. It's official. We are out of that. All week I thought I'd come by and say good bye, or something, and I never had an urge (was busy, too, but really, not even a twinge). And just like that, it was over. The house feels like we've been in it my whole life, comfy, cozy, home...

And so was my birthday, cozy and home. Larry made a gluten-free chocolate crust raspberry-lemon cheesecake from scratch - first time ever, mind you, but knowing him and his attention to details and a perfectionist's following of the recipe, it was awesome - the most delicious and beautiful cheesecake I ever ate. Seriously, no bull.
We also went out to our favorite Z-Tejas for Mojito's and seared tuna, and the boys at the bar took care of the drinks - nice to have a birthday and be a regular:)

And we just were. Being all there.All domestic:)
I am back to training, excited about my new goals and looking forward working hard. My foot hurts me, and by now I ran out of options what to do. So I just run. I drove to a trailhead this morning - the one that I used to walk a third of a mile, and then run for a mile to, but that's ok, only took me 7 minutes flat. Not bad all things considering. I had to wear a headlamp - haven't run with it since OD100 in June, 4 full months ago. Haven't trained on this loop in a dark since spring. It was awesome. The air is nice and relatively cool, wet ground still thankful for the Sunday's rain, navigating the rocks and all the technical stuff at this park was a blast. Made me re-live all my long training runs, looping for what seemed to be forever. I never went out of breath or pushed, but I was feeling free and careless, and bounding over the ledges. It boggles my mind how many people never get to experience it. How difficult it is to get up when your alarm gets off, put clothes on and make it outside the house. And how blissful it is a mere 20 minutes into the run, how elated, how wonderful, fulfilling, soul-clearing, re-charging and exhilarating...

Another year is around the corner. I want to make it count. I hope to make the best out of whatever it brings me.

Feels like my running comes in a spiral after making a full circle, and I am back to the roots, but at a level over. Not only WMGT got dismissed (basically), I let my membership at Hill Country Trail Runners laps and disconnected from PNW ultra list (I am still on the Listserve, but have to actually log in to see what's going on, and do it once a week to keep some connections alive). For the first time in a long time I am un-affiliated and feeling awesome about this aspect. Almost primal. Back to where it all began...solo and with eyes wide open.


ALM said...

Happy Birthday Olga! Another trip around the sun, a reason to celebrate. Interesting how things have coinsided with a new year for you. Your bday is symbolic of many things it appears. Sometimes finding simplicity in life is complicated!
Sounds like you had a great bday, I'm happy for you!

Pam said...

Olga...this is mac, not pam...it's REALLY hard to read your blog with the black text. please change it back.

JeffO said...

Happy birthday.
So they cancelled a race in Texas because of rain. What kind of trail runners are they?
I loved rain in Kerrville. They were always gully-washers, and I loved playing in the mud. I guess I haven't changed.
It is nice to start fading into some degree of anonymity, isn't it? Gives the soul more room to relax. Life in the slow-lane. But there's always a fear of losing touch with so many extraordinary people.

Olga said...

Ronda says hard to read in white, Mac says hard in black...you guys still reading it at all? :)

ultrastevep said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Olga....and maybe make the test pink ;-) I can read the white just fine, I love the new layout of your blog, great photos...and NO SPONSORS! (at least on the front page):-)
See you nest week...
Today is my and Deb's 10th wedding anniversary, 10 years ago today we were married on top of Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire!

Thomas Bussiere said...

Welcome back. I foresee a strong year in 2012 for you and Ronda. Better get that base up!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Olga! Sending healing thoughts your way.


fitmacdaddy said...
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fitmacdaddy said...

I can read it now Olga! Thanks a lot. Come run Peterson Ridge with me in April. First Ultra over 50K for me and I'm sure I'll be needing some of your inspiration :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Hope the foot pain resolves. Whatever happens I know you'll make the best of the coming year. I love how you can find peace and calm even within your busy life. Inspiring.

Backofpack said...

I haven't been by to comment, but I have been reading about all your adventures as well. Congrats on your new house!

Rob has not been blogging - he left it a long time ago. He is very busy with teaching (he's department head as well) and his family. He's been running some, off and on, but not as much as I think he'd like.

It was good to hear from you!

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