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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life is spinning, but under control still

As you can imagine, it's been quite crazy. We signed the papers for the house on 19th, as well as reached that day our 2 year wedding anniversary. Nice present, huh? Oh, also my 18 months of clear lungs and 18 years arriving to US, against my will and very temporary. Nothing more permanent than temporary, right?

Since then, it's to the house every evening after work. We hired a company to remove and re-do popcorn ceiling, and it sounded all good, until it wasn't - they rushed, they did a sloppy job (one I could have been happy with had I done it myself, but not if you call yourself professional, and get paid fr it). So, today is their last day to make amends and make sure we accept it, or that 90% check is not reaching the owner (while his workers are paid by him already). Such is life. I am quite disappointed, to say the least.

Anyhow, tonight we start painting the bedrooms. That has to be done by Thursday morning, when the carpet people come. Friday is electrician and all his work to be done. Wednesday is also a fridge delivery. Money is slipping through the fingers like water, but it still feels cozy to do  - it is OUR HOME. After owning 3 houses, this is the first time I am really into it. Either I had finally matured, or I am doing it with the right person:) The amount of little projects and huge undertakings is growing on the list, but we keep telling ourselves we have time, and we shall (and will) take it one step at a time.

I had packed most of random items, clothes and some good glassware, and taken 3 car-trunks full of stuff to donation center. That's why I actually like moving - allows me to really look into what I need, and what is sitting behind forgotten and useless. We don't own much, yet the boxes fill up fast, it freaks me out. Thankfully, we only own enough furniture to sit on, sleep on and eat on, so the 10 feet U-Haul truck should suffice. Because Saturday we are going to move majority of all that in, before continuing on the rest of the stuff, little renovations, cleaning old apartment (key return October 10th) and unpacking/organizing. It's a trying time...

Obviously, both of our trainings took a back seat. Larry completed 90% of his runs last week, and this week it may come to 60% - but I know he is ready to make a great race at Ozark regardless. I did 3 gym visits with weights last week, 4 nights on SM, 2 walk-a-runs to work (6M a pop) and a trail hike of 7M on Saturday. The good news is I am enjoying my outside adventures. The bad news is my foot hurts beginning 1 mile in all the way to the end, and then most of the day (with ice and Vit I provided). The good news is, my pace when I do run is pretty fast yet feels like I am hardly moving, and I am not even breaking sweat (that resistance theory or general strength increase, Maffetone method?). The bad news is, even though it's finally seems that heel edema/post-stress-fracture is on the mend, the PF is back worse (or I feel the pain more now in PF area after the pain in the heel itself is lessened). So, my good friend Doctor Shannon put me on 10-day cycle of steroids. Lets all cross our fingers and toes it helps. I am pretty darn tired and pissed, and had it not being the house, I would blow off.

I plan (and on the way) to have 3 walk-runs to work this week (M-W-F) and 2 gyms with SM including after weights (T-Th). All early in the morning. Saturday and Sunday are designated to the move. I had 3 clients last week and 2 this week. I had to turn down quite a few people, and will do so all October, besides the regular who had been set up at least a months in advance. My apologies for inconveniences, but I have to make choices. A "real" job that pays the bills stays in priority (and has gotten on a up-span as well with workload and meeting next week), along with family, house stuff and such. I am staying aware of eating, but I did add potatoes, brown rice and fruits to my daily diet, and removed the protein shakes. I still do eggs and spinach for breakfast, cottage and tuna as snacks, tofu and lettuce as lunch, so not all is lost - just more of a regular dinner, with all chicken parts included beyond breast, as well as ground beef. I obviously filled up, and because there is no way a person can gain fat in a week, it is a great experiment to realize that on Paleo you loose water by not consuming simple carbs, and that what gives effect of being super-cut. My muscles didn't deteriorate, not did I get fluffy and fat (I don't even consume fat foods), but I looked more rounded and less defined within 3 days, literally, while scale stayed at +2lbs only. This is where I intend to keep it, at best ability. If you care to know:)

Of course, there are kids, throwing a wrench at most wrong times (when the times are right for this?), but all is being dealt with, and we'll make it through.

Until further notice - have a great time wherever you are, whatever you do!


Rooster said...

You are busy lady. Excited for you, Larry and the kids for the new home. It's a great way to bond, IMO.Sorry to hear about the foot. I recently changed my orthodics big time. My feet feel it and I have never had issues with my feet. I now have huge compassion for those suffering from anything foot related. You just can't immobilize them without crutches!

ultrastevep said...

The injuries sound like Grand Canyon might not happen for you! Tina said this weekend she is still interested. Deb and I are still planning on it, with a couple of friends coming along, one being Rob Andrulis. Beth said she's not going...Deb, Ron, my friend and I will be camping at Mathers. Do the right thing for you, your injuries and stress levels!

Thomas Bussiere said...

Congrats on the house. Remodeling is self-rewarding, and it keeps your mind off the injury. I know you will overcome this, one day at a time. You are too strong for this to keep you from doing what you know you can.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation with the new house! Very happy for you! May this year bring you happiness and satisfaction in everything.

Sarah said...

So busy! Congrats to you and Larry! I hope the steroids do the trick on your foot. Keep on keeping on!

kelly said...

I'm sorry about your injury, Olga. I hate to be down. Hopefully, you will be healed in no time. Congrats on your new house. How exciting to be painting and making it just your own! I'm so happy for you guys. Have a great weekend! Oh, and you know who never sent me back my money. I am so pissed off. What a thief!

JeffO said...

Congrats on the house and the years with Larry. He certainly is a real good guy, so no wonder you would care more about the house.
You two are really rocking life. Amazing people.

Carilyn said...

So exciting and stressful, but yeah for a new house! Congrats on the adventure! Sorry you are still struggling with the injuries - spent all summer in the same boat and it bites! Sounds like you're handling it all well!

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