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Monday, September 12, 2011

Funny how life is.

We plan, we strive, we try to make things happen, but Universal faith has it's own destiny. Just as I was getting bored on my way to the final push to Figure show, yet buckling down for it, buying all those diuretics, swimsuits, tan sprays, colon cleansers, and may be even considering the fake eye lashes, some things came ahead with the house, and due to circumstances we are not able to control the weekend of the show now is taken by matters by far more important than parading on the scene while wearing a tiny bikini and flexing muscles. Sad? Took me a full 24 hr span to get used to this turn of events, and a wake up at 2 am this morning not being able to fall back asleep, a long conversation with Larry, and hearty chat with Eman, and a timely email from an OR friend Sarah "What was the ultimate goal, the show or the transformation?" sealed the deal. It is what it is, and it's for the best.

Not the first time I drop my athletic pursuits for family, as we should. I remember in the summer of 2006 I was geared up for White River 50 M championship, when on a short notice I had to attend a "life" seminar for my older son's boarding school program. I did, and during it managed to tear my hamstring. I was being delivered some message, which I didn't take seriously. I did cancel my trip to AC100 due to the injury, but entered a Rio del Lago 100 as a cancellation prize - and suffered drastically. Last year I was registered and had airfares booked for both CC 100 and P2P 100 when our new family faced things with Stephen that required my presence instead of running away (no pan intended). I stayed. Things got resolved - not right away, slowly, but I had never regretted not running those 100's or having money wasted.

Yes, I had gone through exactly 3 months of serious weight training, strict eating plan and exercise routine that wasn't bringing me any joy (being injured didn't help). Yes, I spent a crap load amount (for me) to pay for the program design and supervision. But, it's not wasted. First of all, I had achieved far more than I had ever dreamed of where my body stands, breaking all my barriers of what's possible. And in the end, it wasn't even all that difficult, it just took adherence and dedication. The Figure show as a goal was picked exactly because I operate better with an end goal in mind - and it worked. Secondly, I learned an insane amount of knowledge about what to eat, how to it, what works best for me, again, breaking ideas of what I thought I couldn't survive without. Third, I hope I had inspired many people to believe that it is, indeed, absolutely possible, no matter where you start. In 3 months (and I cheated, I got to be honest here) I had lost exactly 8% body fat. That is about 10 lbs of fat - while my weight as a number only changed by 4 lbs down. I had dropped something like 4 dress sizes (I can't find my favorite model even in size 2, yet alone see beyond that) and completely changed my body composition. I had learned the periodization in weight training far superior than when I took a Personal Training certification course and exam (duh!). I was pushed to do cardio that I don't particularly enjoy while on an injury break which otherwise could have put me out of shape - and into a complete emotional misery. I stepped outside the box. I had overcome the uncomfortable feeling of posting own "flexing" photos as a mean to see progress - and to be accountable. I had shared awesome times, day in and day out, with my son, as we went together to the gym, every evening, he - to lift and then swim, I - to put a second workout. I plan to continue with many of these - both our evening gym goings and my renewed eating ideas. It all had become my second nature, one I hope will keep me healthy and fit for years and decades to come. And if and when the time lightens up (and so will finances) - I will step right back up again, armed with the power of what I had gone through already. And if not - this will be a great experience to remember, one for the "bucket list":)

Per Kim's request (no swim suit posing though) photo comparing and stats:
Body fat from 19.8% to 11.2%, weight from 127lbs to 122lbs, widest part of behind from 93cm to 86cm, leg from 54cm to 51cm.
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