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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Show must go on - 7.5 weeks out

So, I tried to run, of course. On Sunday, I went on a 7M trail loop in my Hoka, promising to walk and shuffle occasionally. And for 2 miles or so it was actually working, I could do some light jogging on a very slight decline and power-walked flats and walked ups. Then, the constant aggravating of the heel where that injured ligament attaches did its deed - and the pain was settling in. Even with the rigid high shoe, I could feel it, and there was no way around it - or to shorten the loop (well, OK, I could do that, but it took me another mile to realize I am doomed, and then it was really half-way either way). So, no running, I told myself at least 2 weeks. I emailed Joe P. and took my name down from The Shoe 60k, and Larry stepped in for the 30k version, so I just could still come, fill my need to see everyone, and to serve medical at start/finish area till midnight shift. It's all good, I have no ill feelings.

In a meantime, back to my machines. Saturday was filled with an hour of Stairmaster, hour of spin class, and then 30 minutes of Jane Fonda butt kicks, side kicks and so on. I was actually pretty tired and sore! So, not all is lost. This development also made me to focus on my eating plan much more seriously. Since I was running, and pretty high miles, I could easily justify an extra egg here, an apple there (nothing threatening, just a touch). Now, I had gone through the weekend with the family, and survived just fine on strict adherence. It's possible. It's getting better and easier. It's becoming a life style, which is a fascinating thing in its own right.

That, and the body changes. I remember claiming I will never be able to "grow my shoulders wider and make my hips more narrow" because it is my natural built. Well, I was wrong. Everything and anything is possible. I am amazed beyond believe. Not proud, or boasting, but simply amazed at the possibilities human body can achieve. Just like in running further, and longer, and faster, you can train your body - and it responds. And it makes you want to try harder, aim higher, be better. All the images of workouts are courtesy of Coach Drew Moore, who has been a great motivator and instrumental in my success. Also, a tremendous thanks to my darling for an ongoing never-a-doubt support and inspiration, without which I would have not be able to focus with calmness, and for taking on a lot of new tasks which I'll allude to later:)

The Show was moved one week out - to October 8th - and October 9th is my birthday, as well as a day I am supposed to run a women-only half-marathon (for fun and chocolate). This is also a weekend we have to move out from our apartment to a new place. This is a real birthday Olga's style - never a dull moment. I am excited, anxious and looking forward to all the challenges life keeps throwing at me!

Oh, and on the weekend we took kids to the Barton Springs - a crazy-cold natural pool of water Austin is known for! I even got into the water and swam, as much as I dislike cold water! And we had barbecued at our local pool, and we watched the movie, and went to a new skate park, and hung out at Book People...and I think we're buying a house. I guess I am sticking around and becoming a real texan:)) Life hasn't been that whirlpool-awesome in some time!


cherelli said...

one word: ripped!!! sorry the heel is still giving you grief - but glad it means you can focus on your comp, the weekend of Oct 8th sounds like a lot of fun, heck of a reason to let loose post comp on your birthday!

Danni said...

That's a bummer that you can't run but best to let it heal. I hope you're joking about having to justify an apple or egg.

ALM said...

Of course you tried to run! I find solidarity with this post. I'm sorry about the heel, but I know one temporary set back for you means on to something else in the meantime. Your birthday could not be better timing, just think of how wild you can go when the show is behind you!

Carilyn said...

First of all, you look absolutely amazing! Way to go!! I'm sorry about the injury - totally sympathize. And yes, we need the Texas heat to give us a break! Yikes, it's hot!

Sarah said...

Sorry about the running! You'll be back before you know it. You inspire me to think about some of the pre-conceptions I have about my physical shape and abilities. Thank you!

RunSueRun said...

OMG Girl, your back and shoulders are beautiful!!


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