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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Short update and thanks.

I'd like to thank everyone for the kind words. I am blessed to have friends - you, guys, had replaced me family. I would also like to say I am no hero, and not even all that stupid. I simply didn't know. When I do (like at Angeles Crest 100 in 2008), I actually stop. So, I don't deserve praise. It just happened to be one of those days.

The doctor-radiologist read the images (before it was an MRI technician) and called in today. The hairline fracture is about 2 cm (less than 1 inch), on the anterial (front)/medial side of lower part of tibia (about 1 cm above distal end). There is also some soft tissue trauma, hematoma and tendinitis. None of those are huge issues (unless you run downhill on asphalt, of course:)).
I had dealt with stress fractures many times. I had 3 of those in tibia (first at Brooklyn half-marathon in 2003, then before first WS in 2004, and one in 2006), 2 in fibula, 1 metatarsal, 1 femur neck and 1 tail bone. I know how to treat it, how long it takes, what to do and not to do (and it is not nearly as bad as doctors say). In my case it means 2 weeks off running (it kind of hurt when I walked a mile, but other than that, during bending, and when pressing, and I do have a slight limp, but not all the time, go figure). These couple of weeks will be non-impact activities - stationary bike and no squats:) Then I add elliptical and later - stairmaster. In a month I can start going on trail runs, short and slow. And since it is over 100F, and my summer project involves cardio at HR around 135, I am all good to go. If it's ever a good timing - this is it.

I am still proud of my run at OD 100, and not for the fact I "gritted", rather for the fact I ran it smart, took good care of myself, and felt strong. Never had a sleeping moment (may be pain did have something to do with it:)), was on cue with salt, first time didn't even ask for soup (they did cook it, I just wasn't going to stop at AS long enough to be served). The weirdest thing is that I have no muscle pain in my legs. If you think about it, DOMS is produced by eccentric contraction, which is the one that causes muscle fiber breaking/damage. Since I wasn't running downhills (not in a good sense of word of it), I had no consequences. Not that I advocate to not run down - it makes you loose quite some time, especially if you are, like I am, a natural downhiller.

Looking back, I really don't hate the experience at all. The weather was awesome, the hills were lovely, I remember thinking "wow, it just rolls all together, the miles, the hills up and down, the snake of a road, the music, the aid stations, life..."I had great attitude. Despite the fact that I am in love with a single track, I didn't resent doing this run.

It was also a very interesting experiment for me to come to a 100M race with such a low weekly training mileage. Only weeks I had a 50M race managed to reach 60 mpw. My official "long run" was 2 weeks before a marathon on January 30th (24M, on roads, by the way). Between 50M races I haven't done more than 15 (wait, twice it was 18). I did a lot of weight lifting - not much more than usual, but more targeted (I don't know how to explain this part). I am also back to yoga more or less consistently after a good 5 years break, and back in my "golden days" I did yoga, like, 7 times a week (between taking classes and teaching classes). So, I am a strong believer in Bikram and overall health. I am also, finally, at a lower weight, and on a somewhat consistent basis too (like, not a week on, week off, but for the last almost 4 months steady). And, I just started to supplement for my low thyroid function.

All in all, good season behind. Sometimes life is overwhelming, physically, mentally, time-wise and emotionally. We all have things on our plates, and deal with it. I want to tell you, it is all possible. Prioritize, then focus, and just simply do it. Don't overthink. Plow through:)

I had decided I will have to extend my rpoject by 1 month. Not cancel, mind you, and not postpone, but take a bit longer. First of, hard to jump into it full steam when cardio and leg weights are not an option full throttle. Secondly, I am competitive - with myself - and I want to be my best. If I know I am half-ass prepared, I am mad, no matter results. So, I want to give this weird thing an honest shot, all out. So, all is good, and I am ready.

It is going to be a beautiful summer for all! And a heartfelt thank you again!

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.
Earl Nightingale


Meghan said...

Oof, injury. You have such a good attitude about it, though. I'm belated in coming by to say congrats on Old Dominion. Take good care of yourself!

Danni said...

Heal up Olga! You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

you are very inspiring, olga... from the very first time i met you when you were RD'ing PCT 50k/50mi and i was a newby to oregon... to now... so keep on keepin on... and keep up the positive attitude! :) heal fast and solid!

and good luck with your new project!
kristin (j) zosel

amy said...

Sorry to hear about the injury, but you have a great attitude about it! And happy to hear, that while it was painful, you enjoyed OD. I love that area! Congrats on a strong finish!

Eudemus said...

Rest well, Olga. I know your spirit is strong even if your body is temporarily weakened. Despite your protestations to the contrary, you are an inspiration to so many of us. Take care!

fitmacdaddy said...

Once again Olga, you're attitude is impressive. Heal fast. Are you headed to WS this year?

Rooster said...

Such an awesome running season for you. You deserve all the congrats you've gotten for sure! It's been fun to read about your races and all the success in all parts of your busy life, love it. Excited for you next adventure. Albeit quite different from the trails the dedication for success is the same. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline. I have no doubt you will be posting a picture of a trophy. Glad to hear the leg is not too bad, I guess.:)

kelly said...

Heal quickly, Olga. I'm so sorry about your injury. Believe me but I know how you feel. Hang in there, you will be out on the trails soon.

Sarah said...

Enjoy a little healing time. You'll be back and working on your next project in no time. I went to my first Bikram class yesterday. Loved it. Really surprised that the heat didn't bother me at all.

Dusty said...

Olga, well done at OD100. Sounds like your preparation was great! Sorry about the leg. Be kind to it and it will heal quickly.

Carilyn said...

Oh man! I've been so bad at reading my favorite blogs, I missed that you got a stress fracture! Sounds like you are handling it well - sometimes these forced breaks are the best (I hate them, but there always good for me). We are heading back to Texas next week, so you and I can spend the summer commiserating about the heat!

Ric Munoz said...

If I had even one one-hundredth of your toughness, Olga, I'd be very lucky indeed. I'll think often about your OD race report when I tackle -- for the first time -- the Western States course next weekend, especially when things start getting rough out there (and you know they will!). Your OD report was just sublime - thank you for writing it.

Bret said...

Bummer on the leg injury. You are so tough you run on it til it breaks! I wish I had your mental strength. Welcome to the low thyroid crowd. I have been on it for two years now. Hope to see you guys soon.

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