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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life at full force.

Just because most of us don't break Fastest Known Times on any trails (for example, like Krissy and Devon did with R2R2R, and you should definitely go read their account on it!), doesn't mean life stays still. Although, comparing to these feats, or Zion crossing, or Zane Grey race, or so many other things...well, lets not get sobby here and just try and squeeze out of what we have every drop of fun, busy-ness and positive fulfillness. Every day, we continue to make choices - and then make sure that stranger we face in the mirror (occasionally for some of us, more often for others) will look straight back at us and not turn eyes away.

I took 3 full days off after Oregon trip. That's in terms of training. I wasn't sore, but I needed a mental break and to recoup. Thursday, I went for a run...and things came full circle. My business is flourishing, probably due to the spring time, when first of all we all want to take better care of ourselves, and secondly, it is a midst of the running season, and muscles need TLC and injuries need healing and we are so much more aware of where we are...I am loving it and getting frustrated for not having enough hours in a day. And as usual, when things get tight on time, something has to give - and most often than I want to, it's my yoga practice, what I call "my time for me". I am sad, but for the past month I could only practise once a week. Summer, I tell myself, once my first-half-of-the-year racing is over, I will be back. I am just so afraid to loose hard earned results.

Hoggs Hunt and Rock Climbing
 Friday night through Saturday the week before I had 3 boys to entertain - Stephen, Harrison and Hesham, while Larry and Eman were getting ready for Hoggs Hunt races. They all were on their best behavior! I managed to get them up before dawn and shove them in the car before 6 am for a 3 hr drive to Huntsville Park, in time to see Hesham's mom and my best friend Eman finish the 25k in a new PR of 3:02, Larry finish 50k in 4th place in 4:17, and Meredith win 50k for ladies in 4:26. Speedy folks! I - simply had more massages to give:) and take kids (Harrison and Hesham) to run trails on Sunday locally - can't believe I am not finding pictures I took, and I ran them to the ground, and they did awesome!

That following Sunday I had taken a test and had officially become an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer. A passing, again! One more thing for my future "retirement plan" - RRCA weekend to become a Certified Running Coach - is on agenda for the last weekend of April in Austin, and I am so dreaming of all the things I could do! Not to mention, looks like we might have picked the place to do just that - Flagstaff, AZ, and we are going to visit it and do some backpacking and running on Memorial Day weekend.

Anyhow, this past week was my last chance to get some more or less serious miles in, as the following will be intensely occupied with massage clients (after regular job, of course) and that RRCA 8am-5pm Sat-Sun running clinic. So, I begged my body and the clock to let me do that. I killed the gym, ran trails and roads, did a hardest track so far and hardest hill repeats this season, or in Austin, for that matter (is it possible I used to do 2x45min hills back in a days?).

And today Larry and I found a new favorite trail in Austin! We heard of it, we talked of it, we envied those who used it - and now was the day we were able to squeeze it in! It was beautiful, tough, awesome, best built, lots of climb, great quad buster and agility teacher, and at only 6 miles round-trip, it is the best place to go to. And it's called "Staircase"!
Staircase trail

Late afternoon brought us to rock-climbing gym and for me - down memory line. Tomorrow - Bastrop park, 15M, next week more training, last long run, and off to taper for San Diego 50. I am getting excited for it, and weirdly enough, for Old Dominion 100M as well. While there will be no mountains I love (really, hills ain't all that), and lots of dirt road instead of single track, I can't wait for it to come - it is a special challenge, when there is lots of running involved, even more of heat and humidity, old history, local cheer with aid off the back of the truck, few runners and a sweet buckle at the end...

p.s. we are back from the run, and truly, as I say time and again, there is only one muscle that needs exercising - your brain. Running is all mental. You tell yourself to do it, and you do it. Everything in life comes from the head and from the heart, the physical limitations do not exist.


JeffO said...

You are as buff as I've ever known. Looks like this will be your healthiest year ever. And that with a busy, busy, busy schedule. You are a champ in this ultra-of-life. I don't know how you do it.

Mud Run MS Colorado looks like fun - and in my backyard. I think I know someone doing it. Maybe I can get a team together.

Sarah said...

You are insanely busy..but it's all good! And looking fantastic! Yes, your blog is for you, but it's inspirational stuff! : )

Love the last sentence: "Everything in life comes from the head and from the heart, the physical limitations do not exist." I need to think on that one for awhile.

Rick Gaston said...

Man that is awesome news about business doing so well. Me too, the last two years my freelance work took a dive and is only now reviving. Saving money again and continuing to get back on track.

You're flying - firing on all cylinders; running, gym, work, LIFE! Good to see. You are flourishing in Austin with the family.

Rooster said...

I think you thrive in a busy but rewarding arena. You sound like you are having a total blast building in all areas, congrats! Didn't Scott J. say in a interview recently when asked how he does it...it went something like this, Ultra running is 80% mental then 20% more mental. Has to be true in all parts of our lives. Keep up the amazing work Olga it's an inspiration to me.

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