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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Interviews and sponsors.

I had been interviewed by a couple of places last week, so check out one of the webistes which already posted my views on Texas running: RunPals.com.

Another story is going to be in May issue of Inside Texas Running (website and magazine) per Joe Prusaitis request (from Tejas Trails). I'll let you know now that I shared I used to be 184 lbs, what I love to run and why, what my favorite gear is (LaSportiva and Drymax!), who my real-life inspirations are and a couple of stories my readers are familiar with but which have quite a place in my memory lane.

Also, a shout out that Wasatch Goat Team is alive, their website is revived, and we are going strong on our 4th year! The affiliation of the team with best companies we love and support (and you know me, I never brag unless I believe) continues! Since inception, we have our main sponsor La Sportiva shoes with many varieties for all kinds of terrain (and they have a blog as well), we have Drymax to keep our feet happy, Patagonia to provide us with this year's "skins", First Endurance for fueling and Backcountry.com for general outdoor stuff discount.


Thomas Bussiere said...

Congrats on the sponsors and well deserved.

Mike said...

Good luck and have fun out in Oregon. I just caught up with your most recent few posts and now I'm extra motivated. Now it'll be extra hard to take it easy today and tomorrow leading up to Sunday's 30k. See you next week!

Sarah said...

You're an inspiration Olga! I've been watching your "ode". Wow!!!

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