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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am ready for the schedule.

I think I am finally settling in to my crazy new life with practically two jobs and finding a rythm. It's not easy, but I've done it back in NY when I was teaching yoga 4 times a week, so doing massages 3-4 times a week is quite comparable. Of course, that yoga studio was half-way between (real) work and home and only 7 miles away, what meant I could squeeze it in, or run to/from, or take kids with me...and it ain't happening right now. My clients send me all over the place, and I am not running drugging my massage table around! Have you seen this thing? :)) Despite all that hustle - I am loving it. This is a transition time, time when I am committing to following my dream, and that is exciting in its own right. I love doing what I do, and time...well, it's life, right? I am also getting my booty to yoga classes twice a week (and most weeks trying for three) - and seeing the benefits of getting "stretchier"! Slow but steady. The time of jumping and pushing had gone, and I am getting everywhere at my own pace, to ensure I stay there for good.

I am guessing ya'll heard about Rocky Raccoon weekend with records being crashed, elites hanging out, and good times having been had by all. I, personally, had a blast. My boy had run a perfect race, and I am so proud of him! SpeedGoats Beth and Larry are my bestest buddies and we enjoyed each other's company. Joe and Joyce, along with Henry, Diana, Crash, Rob't and Kyle, put on a fantastic event without a glitch. I volunteered to be a "mean yelling one" at the start/finish, sustaining some kind of order there for runners to turn around, and hanging out with a few hundreds of my friends-runners and my friends-volunteers. Got to see lots of folks whom I "left behind" when moved from PNW. Debbie (the perenial volunteer as she crews for her hubby Claud), Erica (Prusaitis' daughter)  and I had a bunch of laughter "checking out the hunks". Yeah, we are like that, keeping spirits alive. I won't bore you with photos of "big names" - who cares, right? they are just people, although they are also quite alright:) Jurek hung out after his training 60M drop and helped out, as always - he misses it in CO where the races are sparse, unlike in PNW, where he always either ran or volunteered at every event on ultra-trails. He is my fav old-school guy, well, along with Hal (why nobody sings him praise for hanging out with Anton practically the whole 100???) and Karl (the dude is ansient and a Mountain Goat, have you seen what kind of race he put on?). Liza turned it on despite GI issues, and boy, the girl can fly! Todd Braje didn't surprise me with his amazing run, and it was neat to see Yassine for a chase. Yeah, I know, all are in owe of Ian's 12:44, but you've heard it all. What I'd like to point out though, if you check out his blog, the dude runs, like, short races and marathons and not much long runs - something I am coming to conclusion many of us may want to focus on. As in, once the base is on and I know I can plow through an ultra in my sleep, get to race in sub-30k distance and learn to be uncomfortable! Yeah, I was faster when I did it this way 8 years ago...I was also younger by 8 years, but it's a minor excuse:)

In the morning I was sorting the drop bags, and people, are you nuts??!! Are you going on vacation for 3 weeks, visitng every state from Alaska to Florida? Did you see sizes of 70% of those drop bags? I talked to Joe, and seriosuly, a bag bigger than a shoe box needs to be turned down. I took a picture of Karl's bag,and the photo doesn't do a justice (nothing was close to compare to), but just think about a simple grocery bag filled half-way and tidy squeezed: 40 gels and 4 Red Bull shots, along with 1 headlamp. Get real, folks! If you are not ready for the task, a huge suitcase will not save your ass! OK, I know, it's mean, and as we get slower than those crazy fast dudes, we do need some warm clothes for the night - but a wind jacket and a long sleeve should suffice, even in 30F in the mountains. So, please rethink your preparation - not only it'll save volunteers' backs (which I threw and now suffer), but it'll cut down your own time at the AS sorting through, not being able to make a decision and wasting time.

OK, I am done preaching. On Sunday Larry and I went for a little hike with the views, and I certainly made lots of fun of him walking gingerly and backwards. But it was a beautiful day...what I forgot to tell you, we had snow in Austin for the second year in a row, and this time it was lots! Friday the whole city shut down (don't laugh, why would they purchase equipment if it happens once in a blue moon?) - and we enjoyed a day off before taking on a road to drive to Huntsville for Rocky weekend. What a spin in a weather! I looked outside the window - it looked like home. I'll take snow in a winter over silly 100+F for 5 months of summer!!! But it's hard to complain right now, as we are blessed here in the months of November-March. I know, locals may disagree, as it's been 20F every morning, but boy, does it feel good and crisp...just dress properly!

And I am training. Yes, with the evenings taken out of my exercise routine (by either massage or yoga), and 2 mornings taken up by weight training (which is going great! I am upping the weight in every way, and adding some of the cross-fit style things, and all of it leaves me super-achy, what I love!), I only run 4-5 times a week (5 on a good week). And that's ok. I do try to throw in a 30-40 minutes of stair-climbing machine when I can, but common, I gotta also cook, clean and spend time with my family! Oh, and I study for yet another exam qualification, and taking CE classes for LMT license. So, today were hill repeats, left me crippled - this week was hard on me:) My plantar is finally healed thanks to Airrosti, and even what turned out to be a heel spur (and no digging could help it) got treated by a cortizon shot. So, I am like new (if only my back stops aching!). All of it, as well as NOT getting into Hardrock (damn lotteries with 5 thousand people applying!) had finally allowed Larry and I to plan the next 6 months of our (active) life.

Here is mine:
February 19 - Crosstimbers 50M, billed as toughest one in TX (of course, relatively speaking)
February 20 - watching Austin marathon from mile 22 AS owned by Hill Country Club
February 27 - CE for LMT (a whole day thing)
March 5 - own an AS at Nueces 25k/50k/50M (bunch of championships at every distance)
March 12-15 - family trip to OK to visit Larry's folks
March 19 - Grasslands 50M north of Dallas somewhere (last TX race I haven't run yet at this distance)
March 26 - taking belay certification at Austin Rock Gym
April 2 - own an AS at Hells Hills 50k/50M (with Texas Slam cancelled, I don't need to run it again)
April 10 - Peterson Rumble 40M in OR (yay, I am going to visit PNW trails and friends and see my son!)
April 16 - practicing those belay techniques at the Rock Gym?
April 23 - Helicopter ride!
May 14 - San Diego PCT 50M (Larry and I going together!!!)
May 27-30 - backpacking trip to Big Bend Park with Larry!
June 11-12 - Old Dominian 100M (yeah, I'll run one, just for kicks, old style)
July 1-10 - backpacking trip to San Juan mountains with Larry, yeah!
I thought I was supposed to find a weekend to run a short race...hmm, I am trying to squeeze it in, I promise! As we come back, I'll start working with a personal trainer for a Figure Competition, which are plenty to pick from in TX in the Fall (I guess, like, who wants to run through summer here? - everybody hides at the gym! Well, I plan to, so I don't explode like last year). What happens later is unknown and not important - it'll be something, for sure. Right now I just need to find a free weekend in a foreseen future to relax and kick back:)

p.s. Just gave a "once-in-3 month" presentation at work. Everybody was impressed, even the Big Boss. I guess I am still hired...and apparently, I have a sense of humor. Really? I guess it gets turned on when I am petrified of public speaking.


SteveQ said...

That's quite a race schedule, even if the only race I've heard of is OD.

12:44... even on a track that'd be awesome.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Glad to hear you two having a great weekend at RR! I really missed the race this year, and with all the elites toeing the line, it must have been a show to watch. This is such a great race and well organized.
Great point on drop-bags! I’ve seen some dump what looked like their entire closet in a bag – Crazy. All you need is extra batteries, light, socks/warm shirt, and fav gels. AS will have 99% of what you need!
Interesting concept on training! You got me thinking. I ran my first 50M in 9hrs on a hilly course and 95 deg (Old Dominion - could have done it in 8 but rookie mistakes) as I transitioned from marathons to ultras. I feel slower now.

Eudemus said...
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Eudemus said...

Sounds like you've got the beginnings of a great year mixing in lots of quality family time with some good racing. I like some of your comments on racing and training, but I'm not sure I'll be taking the recommendations. Right now, on my schedule, 100-miles is my shortest race. Most people think I'm being ironic when I say I'm too lazy to run shorter distances. The fact is, pushing yourself hard for 2-4 hours is so much harder than metering out the energy over an entire day (or two).

Sarah said...

Bummer for me...I intended to run Rumble this year, but now I won't be trained enough by then. : ( Looks like everything is coming together for you. Enjoy!

Larry said...

I better write this stuff down in my calendar so I don't forget. Thanks for training me on drop bags. :)

Rooster said...

Thanks for the Rocky rundown. The post cracks me up so you do have a sense of humor because I am smiling and giggling while reading.

Larry said...

Quit adding stuff! When am I supposed to take a nap?

Kim said...

Sounds like a great six months! Good to hear from you!

Julie said...

I'm so happy to see you are running Cross Timbers! I'm running the marathon and will look for you before the race and say hello!

Julie said...

And Larry's comments are hilarious!

BSH said...

You are the best! Such a positive attitude about life! I guess I should rethink my drop bag philosophy...I'd rather have it and NOT need it, than need it and NOT have it!
I miss you already! We will play in the San Juan's in July!

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

That's an ambitious schedule... you rock!

Rick Gaston said...

People always ask me why I'm limping. I tell them it's how I always am because I don't stretch enough. Ian is amazing. He runs a lot and he runs them fast. Last year I believe he was 9th at Miwok, 9th at Western and somewhere around there he was 23rd at Comrades. I know that the weekend after Miwok he raced the Quicksilver 50k on Saturday and raced PCTR's Redwood Trails on Sunday winning that 50k. I was a pacer at Q50 and a volunteer at Redwood. I don't read his blog but I think he does a lot of running.

Congrats on Larry's great race!

No schedule for me yet. I don't know, as I continue I'm less eager to commit to plans early.

JeffO said...

Doesn't look like we'll cross paths, unless we run into each other in san juans. Looks like a fun schedule!

Gretchen said...

Sounds like you guys may need to come out to Tahoe for some rock climbing in the Sierras? :) Good luck at your upcoming 50 - have fun!

meredith said...

I saw the luggage at the start finish, and couldn't believe those were drop bags!! It looks like a wonderful year of many adventures. Good luck on Saturday, and I will see you Sunday. I will be the one in costume and holding the 3:50 sign. I will run over for a hug :)

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