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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PR for Massage Therpay

I had graduated Medical School majoring in Pediatrics in Moscow, Russia, in 1993. After that I had moved to US and due to limited (read: non-existent) knowledge of English and a heavy duty obligation to support a family I had not taken a National Medical Board Exam for my license conversion and instead joined the forces of Biological Sciences. I had worked in Academic institutions and Pharmaceutical companies in US for 17 years now...

However, my passion for helping help people "one person at a time" using the knowledge of Medicine and curiosity for discovering the reasons of pain, along with my personal athletic pursuits, had brought me to Massage School to become an LMT. I started attending Oregon School of Massage in Portland, and continued here, in Austin, at Texas Healing Arts Institute. In the summer of 2010 I had finished all the required "hands-on" internship and took a National Certification Exam for an LMT.

That said, here is the shameless promotion. I am a certified LMT (license # MT111478) with ABMP insurance. I still hold my full-time job as a Research Associate at UT Austin, but because I love helping people and am pretty good at it, I am offering the following:

I will be available for "house-calls" for massage sessions. That means, your house (please make sure you have a room with enough space to put a massage table in and be able to move around it), my massage table and work. I will be having appointments weekday evenings (after 6pm) and some weekends afternoon. I prefer to be emailed at least 1 week in advance to schedule an appointment. My rates are extremely reasonable (it is not my food-on-the-table job, it's my passion) - I will charge $45 for an hour and $60 for 90min. If the location is more than 10 miles away, there will be driving fee (applied separately) - I live in NW Austin.

Email with any question. Spread the word. I have had many a clients, and may be one day I'll put up a website with a feedback, bu for now you might just have to try for yourself:)

Thanks, and looking forward seeing you.


Eudemus said...

What's the fee for flying to the Bay Area? ;-)

Best of luck with this new endeavor!

Hone said...

Sweet. How much would it cost for you to drive out to Thousand Oaks? jk

That is awesome that you are following your passions!

Ewa said...

I second the Bay Area trip or maybe you can just move here. :)

Thomas said...

I've had a massage from Olga and I'd definitely recommend it. Money's tight right now, otherwise I'd be getting at least one a week.

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

ok, you've got at least three takers from the SF Bay area. How many do you need before you pay us a visit? :)


Julie B said...

Congratulations, Olga!! Way to go after the dream :)

Sarah said...

I guess I live too far away for a house call. :(

Mine was an "in-training" massage, but I would have paid $45 for that. People of Austin this is a bargain!

I wish you every success, Olga! : )

JeffO said...

One taker in Denver... LOL
When you come up to run, bring Larry and kids, I'll provide the cabin for a week, by Rocky Mtn Ntl Park. Then week of snowshoeing, sledding, shopping, and sitting by the fire.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Message – Wish I lived closer to TX.
Congrats on your last race. Still laughing about the rock!
It’s finally cooling down in the Southeast. Temps in the 80s, low humidity, and loving it.

tom said...

45$ for a full-service massage ?

jeff said...

congrats on your license, olga! i hope you have fun helping people and following your passion!

Ric Munoz said...

Ocheen harasho, Olga! I wish you unlimited success as you begin this new chapter of your ultra-interesting life!

Bret said...

I would like to set up an hour appointment. How much is your driving fee to come to Portland, OR?

Good job Olga!


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