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Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Texas to you, baby!

Who would have thought? We spend 4 days running around Guads and Big Bend, parts in the blasting winds, parts in the snow blizzard, parts in a beautiful sunshine weather. Below is a sneak peak and a LINK to a full photoalbum.

First day's trip brought us to the 8750 feet - top of Guadalupe Mtn, tallest in TX. It was windy!!!

Next morning we ventured to largest caverns in US (I think) - Carlsbad caverns. It took us close to 2 miles to drop down about 750 feet and then make a 1.2M loop around the "floor" of the cave.
Next we were pushed out of McKittrick canyon by a driving rain - and this unfortunate event followed by being scared away from Dog canyon due to an ongoing snow blizzard and deteriorating road conditions.

So we turned around and went to Sitting Bull Falls - and found more trails with no snow, or rain, or wind!

Next day took us backcountry style to Guads for a long loop in over a foot of snow! With temps below zero it was fun and refreshing!

This is the view you get as you pop for the last 4M downhill. Worth struggling for.

Last day of our own vacation we spent in Big Bend national park. The night drive trough Davis mountains proved to be a huge surprise for the views and high peaks all over around - Larry had no idea (and I had no pre-judgment). As we approach the park, it was a "waste-land", boring dry hills. And then, you took a corner - and, oh, my, a huge mountain massive with so much lush green opens up!

We took a trail to the top of Emory peak, some 7832 feet - the tallest in the park (we gotta go for the biggest, right?). The whole trip, topped with a class 5 scramble (done twice, because we scaled the wrong "peak" first), was absolutely magnificent! Need to see more there, a must.

We got home - to a change of plans. Ski trip needed to be cancelled due to kids being sick (Stephen flew back from Portland today with a flu, and Harrison got a bad ear infection), so we are sticking around - but be certain, we will have fun and already have lots for local places to visit!

Happy Holidays, ya'll!!!


SteveQ said...

Nice of you to carry that pyramid to the top of the mountain! ;)

Guadalupe's on my list of peaks to climb, but it's low on the list. Your pics have me thinking of moving it up.

Dave said...

Awesome post...great pics...

Anonymous said...

Love the Big bend country- Guadlupe Mountians are beautiful too. At carlsbad I use to love ti hang out around at 7 pm early in the summer to watch the bats come out. I actually took a traing run down there once. georgie

Sarah said...

Who knew?...scenery like that in Texas? Some of those snow pics you look like you could be in the Gorge. What an awesome adventure! Some people vacation by lying on the beach or shopping or ?? Days of running trails and discovering new wilderness...now that's a vacation! :)

JeffO said...

I new BG was rugged, but I had no idea there were mountains! Very cool. I'll have to put BG on my list.
What a nice holiday adventure post. Most of us are sitting on our "burros".

If you ever want to plan a Palo Duro Canyon get-together, before the bugs breed by the billions, let me know. I think we're both one-days-drive away.

Anonymous said...

cool photos of running on snow. Love them!!!



Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Thanks for sharing!
May all your 2010 dreams come true for you Larry and the boys!



Great pics! I love seeing other peoples adventures- It give me ideas for myself! Thanks for sharing.

Eudemus said...

Happy Holidays to you and the whole family, Olga! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I hope to see you somewhere out there next year.

RunSueRun said...

*Wicked* cool, Olga! Loved the photos. Big Bend is on my Bucket List--looks like a spectacular destination. I know about the wind at Guadalupe: it almost blew my tent away... with me in it. ;-)

Happy New Year!!

Tony C. said...

Ya'll can keep the snow there in Texas =) ha, ha!

Olga, I hope you have a great holiday season and an even better 2010.

- Tony C

Thomas Bussiere said...

Happy New Years Olga and to your family! Looks like you had an incredible experience in TX – Love the pics. Glad to see your family doing well. My kids got sick over the holiday break also (cold and sinus stuff), shared it with me (thanks), but all is well now.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

CoyoteGirl said...

Okay, I've been outta the loop. Have you moved to TX? Anyway, hope you had a great holiday and a Happy New Year!

Sarah Elaine said...

Happy New year to you, Olga.

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