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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The work is done

And it's taper time! While I missed going to races, I fell in some kind of a routine that I am going to miss as well. Doing that long run on a 5-mile loop over and over again was a scary thought at first, but with time it became comforting to be so intimately familiar with every rock and turn on the trail. All in all, between long runs and other regular outings, I must have looped there over 60 times. You can say I have a special relationship with Forestry Ridge Park:) It helps that this park is a mile away from home, cuts out time driving (or running) to it. My times improved, and my mindset as well. As I start on the first loop, with barely first steps I am already thinking: just this hill, this flat, that long hill, upper flats, long and rocky downhill, more lower flats and a great downhill finish - I am done with number one. Only 5 left...the tricks we play.

The weather finally got where I love it to be. It's mid-50's in the early hours, and I love starting all my runs in the dark. I am definitely not looking forward to a time adjustment! I like feeling how the darkness gives way to grayness, then to more light - and seeing the sunrise. It is soothing and feels like the world belongs to me, I am a loner. I am, though, looking forward the possibility of doing a few weekend runs with my friends next 4 weeks, when I don't have a specific plan or schedule.

In all, I had done 6 weeks of 80 miles, and each had a 30M long run in it (a couple had longer than that). Not sufficient by my own standards, but it will have to do. I am looking forward getting acquainted with a new race course, Cactus Rose 100, which is totally different to what I am used to and like. The longest climb there is about a mile - and a 1000 feet, but about half the course (consisting of 4x25M loops in washing machine direction, opposite every loop) is much rockier than I I saw - that is, until I've been to Hardrock, of course. This is going to be my mantra, as Joe P. (the RD) says - it ain't Hardrock, girl, go with it:)

I have some persistent issue with my right knee, beginning as far away as Hardrock itself, and it's not getting any better. May be laying low for a few days will help it - may be not, but one thing for sure, dumb knee never stopped me before. I just wonder why, since last time I did have this problem was rather a long time ago, somewhere close to 6 years. It's not fun getting old? :)

Larry is up and training for Bandera 100k and Rocky Raccoon 100M, so am I, technically, too, and once the Cactus Rose is over, I will fall into the plan I outlined for him (with a few/dozen miles more each week, since Larry is a low miles/high quality guy, and I am leaning more towards comforting feeling of making big weeks a prerogative). It's fun making plans for next year, which are pretty different from where I'd be if I were still single and in PNW. Looking on the positive side, so much new stuff to explore!


Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Good Job Olga!! ...

YES, the work is Done, Enjoy your Taper time!

Kick that Texas Trailzzz ASSS!!


6 weeks of 80 miles. That is fantastic! your knee will love the taper and I'm sure will be ready for the race. I'm just blown away by all of you who run 100s. Hats off to you!

Danni said...

All I know from seeing you a few weeks ago is that you LOOK fabulous, fit, skinny and like a runner chica -- I bet you're ready!

Sarah said...

I agree with Danni...you are in great shape. Believe it! : )

Dave said...

I wish I was coming to Cactus Rose...I was hoping to finally meet you at Palo Duro...put that one on your list...it's only 50 miles but it is pretty.

Alaskan Assassin said...

Have fun!!

My bud Dave (he won it last year) is out with an injury but he says that it is a super cool race. Cant wait to read about your experience.

sea legs girl said...

I agree with Danni: you look awesome! Such a great picture of you and Larry in the kitchen.

Thanks for the fun description of your 5 mile loop. And enjoy Cactus Rose! Can't wait to hear about it.

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge said...

Love the blog! Love the pictures, especially the one on the top of the front page. I am an avid runner as well and I am running my first half marathon this December with Team Challenge here in Las Vegas.

Emmett said...

I will be following you more here.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Run well Olga!!
Texas seems so great for you..
Give Mr. Larry a big hug from us

Larry said...

All the work is done for certain. Even the 100 miles! Way to go, Baby! Very proud of you and I knew you'd beat your predicted time. Come home so I can take care of you. :)

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

OK Olga get that race report up - LOL

CONGRATS on your race, 26 hours 10th place on a tough course -- Sweet Work Baby!

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