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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ice cold water

I think I am getting into some kind of structure, finally. I'd like to believe it. Last week I can even call "training". I clocked 70 miles, with a long-ish weekend kind of thing, and that included real tempo run, real speed work (on a treadmill, intervals), real hill repeats and something of 15M Saturday and 24M Sunday. As good as it gets, you know. A couple of doubles, 4 hot yoga classes, twice weight sessions...I think I am becoming here a road runner, what at this point is not bad at all. I am not brave enough to run Hill Country trails in the dark of the morning in fear to twist my ankle - or to meet a snake or other wild creature - and surely not brave to get out there during a hot time of the day. Just not. So, at least on the road, I can focus on actually running and not letting myself into walking breaks. May be one day I'll remember I used to be a runner...

Hot yoga has been good to me, too bad the promo (10 classes for 10 bucks) is over. Haven't done it in such a long time, my hips are aching after each class. May be they are "opening up". May be they just refuse to:)

I might be slowly adjusting to the weather. Not acclimating, just adjusting. Anything sub-100 feels "good" and "oh, not so hot today". I freak out every time I actually say that. Next week should be mid-90's, hey, I may need a jacket! Crazy. I might be not enjoying it quite yet, but at least not hating it anymore. Humans are certainly weird things...

I also stopped laughing at Larry remembering how he'd call me from his long run and say "I am dreaming of ice cold water". Now I am dreaming about it myself. If my long run includes more than 2 bottles, I make sure to freeze the other bottles overnight and put them in my pack - this way when I switch, the first few sips are paradise! This usually lasts about 15 minutes, before the water becomes luke-warm at first, and then pretty much almost boiling. That prompted me to not use any kind of powder drinks, as I can't stand them warm. Just water and gels.

Sunday Larry drove us to Bastrop park for 24 miles. It was "looping" 3 times, what was good, considering we didn't have to carry more than 2 bottles at a time (emtying those we did carry to the bottom a mile before getting to the car). And then we get to the car and...dive into the cooler for 5 minutes...oh, my God. It's the best. Something to keep you going last few miles of nice rolling soft pine-needle covered trails (for a change, from usual rocks and roots). On the last loop I actually talked about that cooler, and iced-cold water as if it was the best thing invented ever. better than sex. Orgasmic. If you offer me $10k or a cooler full of ice, I wouldn't hesitate - I'd pick the sparkling icy stuff without a doubt. Funny...or not:)

School started for Stephen, and he survives his first week just alright. Made a few friends, joined football team and hasn't died yet during practices from 3:30pm to 5pm - this is exactly when the heat is in its prime. I know I wouldn't want to be out there running laps around track or even trying on the pads and stuff.

My massage school starts September 9th, looking forward to it. Now if only there were job openings...unfortunately, Austin turned out to be not any better than any other place in the country (or world) during this period of economy. Anybody needs help? I can do pretty much anything! :)

I've been volunteering for the Dark Series races every other Saturday while Larry is running and our boys are running around. It's always been fun to do that, love it. Locals are getting used to the accent - and to me shoving food in their mouth, massaging their shoulders and whiping their faces. Joe and Joyce are a definite fixtures in thsi community, and rightly so. I don't think ultrarunning would exist without them in a way it does. This weekend we are meeting yet again for a night full of fun, trails, stars and dreams of ice cold water...join us if you ever coming by!


Moogy said...

Yeah, Bastrop is a pretty neat place to run. Gotta love when your bottles start out ice cold and w/in less than an hour you are drinking a warm to hot liquid. But you get used to it. Reading this made me miss y'all even more. 8(
Are you doing the Bikram yoga? I went to four classes in Singapore and I don't know if it was a coincidence but I got really sick w/in a week. Maybe it was just my body cleansing itself?
Have a great weekend and give my love to everyone...including Joe and Joyce!

Brett said...

HA! I know the pain. Last week I did a semi-long run and was averaging 7 ounces of fluid replacement per mile. I drank 20 ounces the last 2 miles...and when I weighed myself back at home I had still lost 2 pounds.

I guess such is the life of 95F+ heat index running.

I hope people in the Mountain West know how good they have it!

Anonymous said...

You accurately describe the Texas heat. Fortunately the worst of the hot weather is over. It can only get better from here.

rustyboy said...

Good for you on the move! Oregon will miss you, but I'm glad you're finding your footing. It's only been 1 year since I moved to Portland - still finding that groove! It takes a ton of time...which is the fun part.

Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Really sounds like life is turning out great for you. I totally understand the boiling water - Boise is just the same, just without the humidity. I'm glad things are good.

Danni said...

Road running can be fun too :-)

Meghan said...

Hah, I can conjure memories of my years of running in Texas heat with your writing! Thanks for bringing those memories back!

Hope your adjustment continues to go well, and my do I hope you can get a job soon!


Sarah said...

Thanks for the update! Hope it cools down for you soon and good luck with that job search!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Life...sounds wonderful..so, so happy for you and Larry and the boys!

We will miss you both this year!


JeffO said...

All that talk of drinking water reminds me of the gross limestone water that comes out of the taps in Texas. I hope you have all the gadgets for removing lime and the bad taste. We're spoiled in Denver!

So glad you're adjusting! Sounds like fun! You're living in the best area of Texas!!

Bret said...

Gail and I will be down to visit once the monsoon hits up here. Used to have layovers in Austin, such a nice place in February!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that fearlessness is not an option; it is, in fact, required.


Julie B said...

Wow, Olga! I didn't realize you had moved to TX. Big life changes, I'm glad things are going well for you and you are getting a routine and structure! Enjoy your new surroundings.

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Sounds like your transition has gone very well- adjusting to the heat even! That's a big accomplishment by itself! And your attitude sounds great too.

Thanks for sharing.


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