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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have an amazingly blessed life. I really do. It's not that it's without its hardships, and it's not that I don't get into a funk and feel bad at times, and even cry. But overall, I am truly happy...

Trillium's are blooming full out. About a month ago Gail pointed me that they started showing their buds off, and the last couple of weeks they are just everywhere in Portland. I was stopping to "smell the roses" - or trilliums in my case - on today's morning venture to Forest Park, thinking how blessed I am. I walked a lot, simply because this is what I wanted to. After a single run on Friday that was resembling training, the rest of my runs this week are just that - contemplating on life. Being happy.

Alex visited 3 times over a week's period, and that was happiness. No, it's not like wheels turned around, but talking to my son as we drive (I read just recently this is when best conversations with teenagers happen, likely because they are not intimidated by adult "hovering" over them) brought me to so much peace. Stephen finished his 3rd quarter, and while there are things to work on, he is a great kid, and we talk a lot - in the car, by the way, is the best, as we drive home from boxing. Oleg had a birthday yesterday, and I got to meet his girlfriend, a wonderful woman who I felt connected to in an instant. We all met at a mutual friend's house, Katya, who is yet another fantastic person. I talked to mys sister a couple of days ago, and she is my biggest friend and support. I have my health, a job with a paycheck, a desire to become a professional where I can bring happiness to other's lives, a roof over the head and food on the table. I have a passion for trails, whether it's running hard and doing well - oh, just stroll and enjoy. I have an unbelievable community of friends, just can't say enough about them. And I have met someone, given a second chance, who I can't picture to live without, and who is the most understanding person in the world, who makes me feel safe and cared for.

I am blessed. Yes, I will have more bad hours, bad days and even bad weeks. Yes, there is more to wish for, but right now - I have enough.

Having enough, whatever your definition is, is a bliss in its own right.

Stephen and I are about to head to the movie, and then I'll pack for Zane Grey. It'll be my 3rd embarking to this race, by far I am the least prepared for, but I will get to see Angie, to spend time with Larry and see him succeed, and to enjoy those crazy rocky trails up in high desert. Isn't that a bliss? Larry is at the boy scout camp with his son Harrison to get that advanced patch (pardon my lack of knowledge of definition, I think it's "wolf"?), and I would love to be there as well to see Harrison thrive - last week I was at his scout meeting and it was total fun! And tomorrow - tomorrow I am off to the Gorge with Monika, my "sister by heart", my darling, and we will be inhaling the beauty of the most awesome natural setting I will never seize to love. And - it's 80F here and sunny!

What's the post about? I am not sure. Feelings got so overwhelming, I had to let them out. I hope you don't mind:)

p.s. you gotta see "17 again"! You will laugh, and you will cry (I did, both). And it's a great one to take your kids to.

p.p.s. The outing was awesome!We had a great time with Monika, and at the end ran into Gail, Liz and Kamm. Gail turned back with us and we spent another few miles, the Three Amigos, with my best girlfriends, and my heart was singing because they are absolutely wonderful! And the weather couldn't have been better, absolutely not!


Backofpack said...

Good to hear the happiness in your life Olga! And so glad for two things: one, that you got to see Alex three times (I totally understand the bliss of that) and two, that you and Oleg have remained friends - so important for you, and even more so for your boys. You are blessed and it is great!

Rick Gaston said...

What a happy post. Did you just come back from a great run:) The sun is out, summer is around the corner, it's a great time to be enjoying life. Have fun at Zane Grey.

ptanes said...

Your post is one ALL should read- It's sooo important to take the time to reflect what we HAVE in our life, not what we don't. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to value what truly is important in life!

Evan said...

Love reading upbeat posts. Life is beautiful!!

JeffO said...

My son is 15. I'm very lucky. He is beyond good. More than i deserve. Of course, he isn't grown YET! Still a chance to throw me some curves. But so far he has only a couple times given me any gray hair.
Having kids is great, huh? Gives us something to focus on and a reason to not give up on ourselves because someone needs us.
Less than a week to Zane!

Larry said...

Being thankful for what we have vs. always wanting "more" definitely changes our perspective in life and what is important. A lot of people never figure that out in life, which I find sad. This weekend, if you find me on the side of the trail sitting on a big rock, promise to pick me up and take me with you. Ok? :)

CoyoteGirl said...

What a beautiful post! I think lots of us have been contemplating how lucky we are and enjoying what we have rather than constantly grasping for what we think we want, but really don't need. I hope to meet you 'in real life' someday soon at one of these races!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am alive. So busy and life is good for me too just too hurried. Running is so-so, feeling slow and tired. Too many projects but going to Bend this weekend for nothing but fun.
Still can't get myself to get myself to let the lawyer go on the Divorce. I can always make up excuses. I know I will do it soon.

Love Ya

Enjoy the Heat


Donald said...

Beautiful post, Olga. Life is good, even through the tears sometimes. Have a great weekend!

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